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How to operate the reputation?

Each person (as well as each company) has the determined cost in the market.

This cost (the value, recognition, a demand) is formed under the influence of various factors - beginning on behalf of (name) and finishing with banal gossips (rumors) which dismiss your neighbors and competitors (fabricate).

For warm-up , tell, who was a world champion in swimming 10 years ago ? 5 years ago?

You do not remember? It is not surprising! Nobody remembers

former “, very famous only “ fresh “ celebrities.

your reputation = your income

How to increase the recognition and a memorability, the cost, the capitalization, and, respectively, the income?

I Suggest to look at this a question, sharp for all, from the point of view of your personal “ of reputation “ - in other words, an established opinion of people around about you.

For this purpose it is necessary to answer himself right now, it is only honest, on three simple questions.

1) “What reputation at me?“

For example, I wrote about myself so - rigid, reaching, rested, powerful . If we do not know ourselves, the parameters (qualities, habits, traits of character), then how then we will be able to operate ourselves? It is very important to learn himself, to understand itself. And making a start from it, already to build (to form) the business, the reputation, the brand, the way to desirable value and level of the gained income

2) “What reputation you want to have?“

Whom you want to become? What qualities to possess? For example, open, friendly, the leader helping others to achieve them the objectives . Thus, we planned a final point of our travel, a desirable point our new I.

3) “In what your uniqueness?“ Wonder

- What distinguishes me from others? What in me it is difficult to copy? What characteristics allocate me from crowd to me similar?

this feature is also your personal brand! I would tell about myself that I am distinguished my by personal mission - “ to help millions of people to become more successful and richer around the world “.

By the way, I corrected recently the mission which sounded more modestly “ earlier to help thousands of people to become more successful and richer “. My materials (articles, books, trainings, audio and video - records) were seen already by more than 100 thousand people therefore to speak about thousands already late, it is time to come to more courageous level.

By the way, my courses buy already not only Russians and inhabitants of the CIS, I went out of the former Soviet Union! everything began

A only several years ago with definition of my personal mission!

How to determine the size of the reputation?

Pay attention that there are three absolutely different points of view on these three questions.

In - the first, is that you think of yourself. In - the second, the fact that other people think of you. In - the third, the fact that you think how people around think of you!

Remember that your “brand“ is that, that people when you left the room speak about you .

Sil Vashego of a personal brand about two indicators - on your name and by the form are measured of activity . Hammer

into search engine of Google. with com my name “ Alexander Evstegneev “, and now hammer the name. Estraznitsa?

What gives of Google. com when you enter the usual kind of activity into inquiry - on what line from above is your personal website?

A on demand “Kiyosaki`s - club “ my Club is on the first the place.

So, find the unique answers to these three simple questions, and then you become that person who is remembered, about whom speak.

Also remember that everything begins with your intention to become the Person from Capital Letter !