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How to avoid the biggest mistake?

the biggest mistake of many people are in what they consider as if if they all life work hard and to earn every year more and more, then sooner or later they will grow rich.

Once long ago I also so thought …

But as you already for certain understood, now I am absolutely sure - it is the way, leading nowhere .

Than are so bad money?

Perhaps, the fact that we know nothing about them? Why many people suffer a constant shortage of money?

Practically all people try to learn to earn money.

I think that it is enough to be free and to succeed.

But look around. How there is a lot of around you people who by fifty years began to earn in 5 - 10 times more, than they earned in twenty five?

They became more successful? More protected? More confident in the future? Now they cannot work for the sake of money? They are available for them in enough?

Of course, no! Any person for the life earns hundreds of thousands of dollars, and at times and several million dollars.

But by the time of retirement at most of people from this money almost nothing remains! Look once again around yourself. Whether much you see the smiling pensioners? How you think, they are happy with the today`s life and the size of the received pension?.

Alas, times changed!

what was considered progressive only 20 - 30 years ago became already hopelessly outdated today.

The majority of those to whom now for thirty, got used to live according to the following scheme:

- to Graduate;

- to Find prestigious, highly paid work;

- to Promote;

- to Provide itself by an old age with good pension …

So us was brought up, taught. Such algorithm of actions knocked us into the head - at school, in higher education institution, at home … Any alternatives to this traditional scheme of achievement of success nobody and ever offered

to us.

I do not argue, this approach perfectly worked during the previous era, during an era of an industrial civilization.

However it not only is not effective today, but can lead the person adhering to it to the most catastrophic consequences!

The diploma about the higher education does not guarantee to the university graduate of automatic receiving good work and a highly paid position any more. So was in Soviet period when together with “crust“ about the higher education the graduate received distribution, a position, and it is frequent also the apartment.

Today, having gained the diploma on hands, the former student is provided to itself.

Without having experience and communications, it can almost not settle to work in (I do not say any more about at once to get a highly paid job). It is necessary to prove long and persistently everything that you something can, and, becoming exhausted, to clamber on a career ladder …

Even having good work now, you have practically no warranties that you will be able to reserve it long enough.

Earlier very many people, having arrived at once after the termination of institute on this or that enterprise, could work on it to the pension (prestigious was considered to have only one employment records, and those who had them much, jumping from place to place, contemptuously called “flyers“).

The large enterprises collapse, their workers can not get paid for months or in general are sent on forced leaves. Private firms arise as mushrooms after a rain, but it is frequent - promptly burst or appear on the verge of bankruptcy.

In the modern world nobody can guarantee to you permanent job on one place!

Besides, to work at the enterprise or in firm means initially to put itself in a dependency from the administration, circumstances, laws and rules. Receiving a cheap salary for the work, the hired worker is extremely not free, dependent, limited in the rights and opportunities.

All life it is forced to work for a salary which hardly is enough for maintenance of life at least at so-called “average level“. Retiring, the person faces face to face loneliness, poverty and oblivion.

Any pension plan not can guarantee you a provided old age

hardly will be enough

of Pension in 3 - 5 thousand rubles for food, utilities, medical expenses (which only increase in an old age). Having worked all life on someone, receiving pennies for the work, with retirement you appear with a chipped washing-tub at all!.

Purely formal study, a monkey business from eight in the morning till five in the evening five days a week, a sad old age - here destiny of the average representative of the “middle class“ continuing to cling for for a long time the algorithm of life inherent in an era of an industrial civilization which became obsolete, sunk Into oblivion … is the most regrettable than

the fact that 99,9% of people continue to cling to old fruitless stereotypes whereas rules of the game already changed!

Whether you know that 95% of people want to become the rich because they constantly lack money?

I that only at 5% from all people on the planet everything is all right as they are already rich?

And you know why so occurs? Because these five percent of people know a two-three of things, which all others do not guess …,

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