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We choose a floor covering. What should be known?

Each house, the apartment, commercial rooms - offices, hotels, medical and educational institutions can function without many household items, but without floor covering - in any way.

If there is a need for the choice - there is a need for additional information which will keep your budget subsequently, and also nerves, time and energy.

The term of its service, performance of its functional mission, preservation of the acceptable appearance depends on the correct selection of a floor covering in each zone of use for 90%. It is therefore important to know that a floor covering for house use and for contract application in rooms of high passability differ approximately the same as cargo and automobile cars.

Practically the gradation on a wear resistance class is actual for each type of floor coverings. It is the European classification which divides floor coverings on household and commercial, according to indicators of resistance to attrition and the general wear resistance.

Most often the class of wear resistance is considered, buying a laminate, linoleum, carpets (carpets, a carpet, carpet paths), and also wooden floors (a parquet, a parquet board, a massive board).

For the house it is 21, 22, 23 class, for coverings of commercial level - 31, 32, 33, 34, for industrial floor coverings (production, warehouse) - 41, 42, 43. If you buy linoleum for the factory, the cheap house covering 23 classes of wear resistance unambiguously is no good, as if the contractor did not assure you of opposite.

Many buyers tempted by reasonable price of these or those floor coverings lose sight of the fact that generally the price is the generalized characteristic of a product. Commercial or household coverings at the cost more than 15 - 20 c.u. have long service life, keep normal appearance longer, and it means that you, first of all, save:

time for search and purchase of a new floor covering;

time and funds for search of masters - stackers;

time and funds for purchase of construction chemistry and additional accessories for laying;

mass of nerves and energy.

And still, unplanned repair of a floor threatens with a stop of work of your office or enterprise. Well, and if it is repair of a floor in the apartment - that moving to neighbors or relatives.

However the class of wear resistance in itself and decent cost cannot guarantee quality and long service life of your floor. If upon purchase you are guided by quality of a product, but is not exclusive on the price, you also should pay attention to the producer of the attracted type of a floor covering.

At all respect for residents of Celestial Empire the floor coverings, whether it be a laminate, a parquet or linoleum made in China still leave much to be desired, even despite superlow cost. The rare exception is made by the coverings made on technology and under strict control of the European experts on the hi-tech machines brought from Europe.

Environmental friendliness of coverings will also be an important point. Cheap coverings from Third World countries even at quite good operational indicators can bear in themselves threat in the form of formaldehyde and other not palatable additives. The coverings made in the countries of the eurozone without fail pass the most strict control of compliance to eco-friendly norms.

Other question - authenticity of documents on floor coverings. Today dexterous businessmen easily are able to forge this or that untwisted trademark of the producer as it practices with clothes from Armani and Versace who hastily is cooked up in the basement, next to the market. From here the recommendation - not to buy floor coverings worth more than 15 c.u. in market booths.

Examine with referents - a leaf of the seller - success of the done work will best of all convince you of responsibility and a class of the company of the seller.