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How to reduce sugar level in blood? We treat diabetes folk remedies of

Diabetes a significant amount of people is ill. At the majority of them diabetes of the second type - insulinonezavisimy. As a rule, this form of diabetes occurs at elderly people, especially at those who have excessive weight and does not observe the diet corresponding to age.

In traditional medicine saved up a wide experience of decrease in level of sugar in blood by means of preparations from herbs. Quantity of plants which can help diabetics, considerably and, many of them meet everywhere and do not cause special problems at preparation and independent preparation of preparations. At the same time you should not forget that there is no recognized natural panacea from diabetes. At treatment by folk remedies, even those that will seem to you very effective consultation with the doctor - the endocrinologist and regular control of level of sugar in blood is necessary.

It is natural that in parallel with application of folk remedies it is desirable to refuse alcohol intake and smoking, to observe a rational diet in which there have to be many vegetables, fruit, nuts, dairy products. At food of diabetics there have to be a cabbage, cucumbers, bean (especially haricot), beet, a radish, onions, garlic, spinach, parsley, salad, unsweetened apples and pears, a citrus (especially grapefruits), berries of blackberry, a guelder-rose, a mountain ash, bilberry and cowberry, walnuts, cereals, grain bread, low-fat fermented milk products.

It is desirable to use fruit, vegetables and berries crude or at the minimum thermal treatment. Even it is better not to cook porridges, and to prepare from the grain which is filled in with boiled water and sustained before swelling. By the way, as an independent curative preparation it is possible to use two tablespoons of the buckwheat crushed in the coffee grinder on a glass of low-fat kefir. To accept in the morning and in the evening in 40 minutes prior to food.

From herbs most often apply to normalization of level of sugar in blood an immortelle, Veronika, a St. John`s Wort, a plantain, leaves of wild strawberry, bilberry, cowberry, blueberry, blackcurrant and blackberry, bay leaf, a clover, a wood louse, a nettle, a wormwood, a field horsetail, berries of a hawthorn, dogrose and elder, roots of a burdock, a dandelion, a wheat grass, the mountaineer bird`s, a girasol and chicory, a kidney of a lilac and a birch, aspen bark, young leaves and partitions of walnuts.

There is a set of recipes of preparation of preparations. The elementary option - juice of potatoes, a white cabbage, girasol or red beet which is drunk on a third of a glass in 30 minutes prior to food in the morning and in the evening. Instead of cabbage juice it is possible to use a brine.

The usual onions are widely applied to decrease in level of sugar. The tablespoon of onions juice is accepted twice a day to food. From onions it is possible to prepare infusion. For this purpose the bulb of average size is small cut and filled in with a glass of boiled water of room temperature. Maintain not less than 2 hours, drink on a third of a glass three times a day for half an hour to food. By the same principle prepare infusion from green feathers of garlic which should be crushed previously, and it is better - to pound. If does not arrange a smell, the bulb can be baked in an oven (not in a microwave). The baked bulb is eaten once a day, in the morning or in the evening, for half an hour before meal. Besides, from onions prepare tincture on vodka (1 to 10) or alcohol (1 to 5). Tincture is accepted twice a day on the teaspoon divorced in water.

Most often make infusions of the herbs which are applied to decrease in level of sugar in blood. For preparation of infusion it is possible to use inflorescences and leaves of a clover. The tablespoon of the crushed raw materials is filled in with a glass of boiled water (about 200 ml), insisted not less than 3 hours, accepted on a third of a glass three times a day to food. The same principle of preparation and reception of infusions from dried bay leaf, shutters of pods of haricot, birch kidneys, a St. John`s Wort. Mountain ash berries, a grass of a field horsetail, leaves of a nettle and bilberry are taken on two tablespoons on a glass of boiled water, and roots of a dandelion and burdock - a teaspoon. Drink these infusions on a third of a glass.

Veronika, a sushitsa, barberry fruits, flowers of black elder for infusions take on a tablespoon on a glass, accept two tablespoons three times a day. Lilac kidneys make a tablespoon too, but accept all on a teaspoon three times a day.

At preparation of infusions complex collecting from several herbs is widely applied. Their ratio can be found in reference books, but it is possible to make independently, having taken quantity of the raw materials applied to preparation of infusion from each species of plants as a basis. For example, on two tablespoons of a horsetail and leaves of bilberry, on one tablespoon of a clover and shutters of pods of haricot, one teaspoon of roots of a burdock on boiled water liter. Ready complex collecting can be bought in a drugstore, as well as sets of separate herbs.

From the herbs promoting decrease in level of sugar in blood it is possible to make fragrant tea, and from roots of chicory to prepare coffee substitute. The St. John`s Wort, flowers of a linden, berry of a dogrose and hawthorn, a clover, leaves of wild strawberry, blackcurrant and cowberry well will be suitable for tea.

Much less often than infusions are applied broths as at their preparation the part of useful substances is lost. But from some plants prepare broths, for example, from aspen bark. For this purpose the tablespoon of the crushed dried bark is filled in with a glass of boiled water and maintained on a water bath or weak fire not less than 20 minutes. Accept broth on two tablespoons three times a day to food. Sometimes broth is done also of roots of a burdock, leaves of blueberry, oats grains.

Curative broth turns out if within 10 minutes to boil thoroughly dried pears, berries of a guelder-rose and a mountain ash on weak fire. It is possible to use berries and frozen. Such broth is drunk during the day instead of compote.

It is possible to find various options of drawing up collecting and preparation of preparations from herbs in reference books and the Internet. Do not forget that before administration of drugs, prepared according to recipes of traditional medicine, it is desirable to consult to the doctor. It will help to pick up optimum structure of raw materials, a way of preparation of preparations and a course of treatment.