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Russia Day: what do we celebrate 20 years later?

the holiday - are younger, and here to what served as its reason - all 20 years, round date. It is possible to treat Russia Day differently, but it is already our reality, as if we disagreed.

On June 12, 2010 executes years exactly 20 years from the date of acceptance by Congress of People`s Deputies of Russia “ of the Declaration on the state sovereignty of RSFSR “. Become as consider many, as some kind of sign milestone in the course of collapse of the USSR and emergence on ruins of the Union of the independent states including Russia.

20 years later an event it looks at all not as at that time. Then on a wave of the enthusiasm caused democratic (at that time - without quotes) changes, it seemed to much that can be combined incompatible (to put “a horse and a timid fallow deer“ to one cart). Allegedly sovereignty of Russia could be combined with preservation of the uniform Union State (“and families of fraternal peoples“).

To be fair it is necessary to tell that collapse of the USSR began in other places slightly earlier and absolutely. Historians argue on what became the first stone which is broken from a roof of the huge Union State: whether Alma - atinsky disorders of 1986, whether the Karabakh conflict, whether events in the Fergana Valley. But, anyway, one is obvious: as soon as M. Gorbachev slightly released nuts of dictatorship of CPSU, on all suburbs of the immense country separatist fermentations began at once. They had especially mass character in the republics of Baltic.

Then why on June 12? Only because Russia for the first time declared itself. Including about what it has own national - the state interests. Before RSFSR was only of the federal republics which did not have own full-fledged bodies of authority and management. Not Councils, but the Communist Party were the principal power organ in those already far times. By the way, contrary to that, the old Constitution. Russia had no national Communist Party - such unexpected paradox. As there was no Academy of Sciences also. Why so “equipped“ the USSR - a question to the previous governors though the answer is clear. From the point of view of Stalin - yes, it is reasonable and under control, but at the end of the 20th century defects of a state system of the USSR had already seriously an effect.

After adoption of this Declaration - went - went. Cracked on seams, crept away, tore. And under the flag of “parade of sovereignties“ self-interests and ambitions of regional elite were often realized - in human community it is natural.

Surprisingly, but the Declaration on sovereignty was adopted almost unanimously in spite of the fact that people of the most different political views took part in vote. Nearly only document which went off with a bang on all other questions there was a fierce fight.

Legally new state this day the political will as then liked to speak was not born, born. Actually on June 12, 1990 creation of the new state which was still entering the USSR was proclaimed. At the same time it was for the first time told that laws of Russia have a priority over the allied legislation (in the territory of Russia, certainly). Besides, “equal legal opportunities for all citizens, political parties and public organizations“ and “the principle of division of the legislative, executive and judicial authorities“ were approved. What from this “came true“, everyone can define.

After adoption of the Declaration process developed promptly. We remember what was then - both military episodes, and Belovezhsky agreements. It is possible to judge a role of politicians of those years, but not to do without fierce disputes. For many all this sick and live, directly related to today`s life.

It is impossible to find the general point of view on this matter. It divides, but does not unite most of people. Nevertheless - a public holiday. And on a holiday it is accepted to tell good. What good can be told on this holiday?

Russia is live in spite of the fact that it was strongly frayed by all political and economic storms. Also other countries - the former federal republics are live. With the problems, at all not without it, but live - rage.

Whether there was more freedom? Probably and. At least “freedom of speech and meetings“ is almost equal “to freedom after the word and after meetings“ (if to paraphrase an old pre-perestroika joke).

Whether borders, “as gate of the Kremlin“ opened (according to V. Vysotsky)? For that who have material resources the invitation to work and other - whether yes.

Develops private business? Waited for bigger and waited for all and everyone, received what is. But, nevertheless, the possibility of chastnopredprinimatelsky activity is live, despite all bureaucratic and corruption canopies.

Whether the culture remained? Here “the patient is rather living, than is dead“, at least, everything already not so terribly as could seem a few years ago. Speak even about the Renaissance of theater and cinema. Exhibitions and concerts too more - are less available.

People privatized apartments - can, it also will halloo sometime some tax law, but for many it became the first and nearly only private property.

“About sausage“ in shops - it is obvious. There is a sausage, different types for all sizes of salaries and pensions. However, pieces - too the different sizes, happens, as in a homeopathic dose.

There was even “an automobile revolution“. On our well-known “roads“ there are more and more iron horses of an extreme variety of brands. Roads were unprepared. A lot of things were unprepared, and all of us perfectly know it. And collapse of the USSR on destructive power and force of influence for many became frank surprise. Losses were terrible, but something also was found.

There is a wish to believe what further will depend on us even if the trifle. And not only it is the holiday in the history shown initially “with tears in the eyes“. French celebrate capture of the Bastille with great pleasure and how many blood it was shed in that revolution...

Perhaps, a lot more good words by a holiday will be typed though all of us understand that unresolved problems much more. But the holiday is a holiday. And the final mark to an event will be put down by history 20 years ago (though it is not excluded that our today`s disputes will continue our children, grandsons, up to “the seventh knee“). To us appointed a holiday, and let it will be. It was given by expensive price. Let there will be a Russia Day - before it was not. Also good words have to be typed - “we“ are living.

Vividly, by the way, and our communication, despite the new frontiers dividing us. Including - and on this website.