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Stuffing for pies. How to diversify it?

Toasted, fragrant pies Each hostess has in a stock several types of stuffings for these pastries.

The most widespread is a mincemeat with onions, cabbage with egg, the mushrooms fried with onions, rice with egg, mashed potatoes with onions, cottage cheese with sugar, jam.

But, having shown the imagination, stuffings can be diversified. I want to offer several new types.

For example, try for these purposes to use beet. It needs to be extinguished, added the fried carrots and to salt to taste. It is possible to prepare also sweet stuffing. To add apple jam to stewed beet pieces. Or to the crude beet grated on a small grater - several berries of a cranberry and sugar to taste.

Instead of traditionally sweet cottage cheese stuffing prepare salty. For this purpose it is necessary to cut small garlic, to add fennel or parsley, to mix with cottage cheese, to salt, season with sour cream. It is ready.

Instead of jam and jam it is possible to put fruit caramel in sweet pies, having shattered it into small parts. Also the zephyr or halvah cut on pieces is good.

And here recipe of a proteinaceous stuffing. Beat egg white with sugar before formation of steady foam, add shredded nuts. Very interesting taste turns out.

Instead of habitual mincemeat with onions fry a chicken liver with onions, it is possible to add to a liver mushrooms - dry or fresh. And the option from heart with onions and carrots still very tasty turns out.

It is possible to use a greens stuffing in the spring. Also fennel with parsley, both a sorrel, and even a nettle will approach. The main thing - greens has to be much. And, of course, it is good to add to it boiled egg.

Pumpkin too well is suitable for pies. Boil pumpkin, having cut it in small cubes, add fennel and black pepper, it is possible to mix with the fried mushrooms and onions. Or make a sweet pumpkin stuffing, having added sugar and vanilla with cinnamon.

It is possible to prepare a difficult stuffing: rice, forcemeat, mushrooms, cabbage, the onions fried with carrots. Or such: the boiled or fried meat small to crumble, add a boiled cauliflower, chopped eggs, the fried onions, to rub crude potatoes on a small grater, to add several spoons of broth for juiciness. One more option: to cut fat with cubes and to melt cracklings, then to fry cabbage, and on other frying pan to fry polished onions, carrots, onions, beet and garlic. To mix everything and to salt to taste.

If at you mix of the frozen vegetables was overlooked, use it. Bring contents of a package to readiness in a microwave or on a frying pan - and fill pies.

Tasty pies will turn out with a sauerkraut stuffing. Wring out juice, extinguish a little, add sugar and salt. Boil dry mushrooms, fry them with onions and mix with cabbage.

Try tinned fish stuffings. Boil rice, add a saury in oil or the sardines in oil kneaded by a fork. Instead of rice it is possible to prepare cabbage, stewed with onions and black pepper.

The following option - from sausage or sausages. Small cut sausage, it is possible to fry together with onions and to add the grated cheese.

Dream and you create, think out the stuffings and please the relatives.