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What it is possible to look in vicinities of Sopron at? Fertyoboz Telling

about vicinities of Sopron, I somehow already mentioned the small settlement of Fertyoboz that lies near Lake Fert, almost on the border of national park of Fertyo - Hanshag. But all this so … Trifles. And settlement really interesting. And, as it seems to me, deserves to tell about it it is more detailed, but not a two-three of offers.

Though, if at first sight what it is possible to look at in settlement where there live … 274 persons? What here and to tell about - that?!

And here is about what. Well, at least how Fertyoboz such came to life. It on the last census, 2008, 274 persons. And in 1930 - m, one may say, only one generation ago, in the settlement of inhabitants was 2,5 times more: 682 persons. And where all of them...? There, where also many Hungarians. Yes, across Fertyoboz if there is such desire, it is possible to study the contemporary history of the country. And not only it.

In 90 - x years of the last century the tendency when the youth in search of the better life, and first of all - works, in large quantities migrated from rural areas to the cities was characteristic of Hungary. Fyorteboz did not become an exception to the rules. And it there left the part of youth.

In 60 - e years from areas, boundary with Austria, forcibly moved Germans. Well, and from Fertyoboz to that border … Consider, on it, darling, and costs. Here settlement Germans also got under the general distribution.

But most of all settlement collectivization of 1952 - 53, of course, knocked down. And related dispossession of kulaks. Nearly 300 people were deported then in Hungarian camp. On copper mines in Matrakh. Or the closed labor settlements in Hortobadi. And who and to us, to Siberia. Though, not all from them were fists. Or just prosperous owners. Not all. Just at Hungarians, as well as at us, Russians - “the wood are cut“ … Totalitarian systems, they though in Russia, though in Hungary, though in Burkin - Faso. Everywhere and all - on one block measure:

- Ah, collective farms to mean, not the most effective system of agricultural production?! Knit, Imre, flippers, to him, a reptile!

Also these “flippers“ knitted. To almost every second fertyobozets.

Reminds of those terrible events of a little more semicentennial prescription established in Fertyoboz a monument . Before the low stenochka put from local limestone that earlier on the majority of the Hungarian farmsteads carried out function of a fence, there are three trees . From which there were … one trunks. All branches - boughs were chopped off by ruthless collectivization. And without them, as well as without strong country farms, what fruits? What production? There are also they. Naked. But live. Because on each of trunks - a memory inoculation. Several memorial plates. And on them - names and surnames. Surnames and names. It is a lot of them … Those fyortebozets that against the will in 1952 - 53 was left by native places. And to each of them there was a town on that trunk from which the ruthless hand of system once chopped off them.

And it is only one of those monuments which are in the settlement. And which it is possible to look, photograph and leave in the memory. But … For a start it is advisable to reach Fertyoboz!

It is possible to make it in two ways. The first - on a narrow-gage railway from the estate of a family of Secheni in Nadtsenke to the settlement. And if you choose this road, then as you will leave at a final stop, you do not hurry to the settlement. Station - absolutely near mountain of Gloriyett . Though this mountain if it is honest, one name … In vicinities of Sopron locals understand as mountains more and more - hills, less decent by the size. But an essence not in it. Whether Holm of Gloriyett whether the mountain, but it is necessary to rise by it.

In 1800 from top of the highest point in Fertyoboz`s vicinities the Austrian duke and, in combination, the field marshal Imperii - Yozhef Nador admired the amazing panorama which opened before him. And in two years on that place on which there was a duke already the count Ferenc Secheni constructed the rotunda which received too a name, as the mountain - Gloriyett. This example of the Hungarian classical architecture costs also today in the same place where it was established at the very beginning of the 19th century. And the view from it opens not less fine, than then, more than two hundred years ago.

It is possible to climb to a rotunda or a flat footpath, the serpentine rising by the hill among grape lanes, or an abrupt, steep ladder. The second way is much shorter as - on a footpath to Gloriyett`s top to stamp not less than a kilometer in any way, but forces on rise on it will leave in any way not less. So, maybe, to reserve this option for descent?

And even if by the facilitated option you will feel that there is no force left on rise any more - do not hesitate, stop. Especially, and the occasion is. Somewhere approximately halfway from the settlement to top, on a hill slope, the small church comfortably was located . Her predecessor was constructed in such 1732, far from us, but at reconstruction of 1903, alas, completely burned down. The only thing that the local priest could take out from the burning building is an altar. As soon as the father ran out with the rescued relic from the church filled with a flame, its arch at once failed! What, however, was apprehended by local flock as Lord`s providence and a sign … It is necessary to restore supposedly! On the same place.

The people and made. Began to restore. And the count Bela Secheni allocated money for this charitable business. Also checked that in decoration of a church interior, lists of walls and a ceiling not only the best Sopron artists took active part, but also Eduardo Lozano is the master from such far from Fertyoboz Madrid.

These lists and interiors in an integrity and safety to this day. So it is not necessary to hurry and run at top speed by church. Come, look how real masters worked. Also take pleasure.

And as enjoy with all the heart and a picturesque panorama that opens from a rotunda, and a small fertyobozsky churchlet with its colourful lists … Here then it is possible to come back to the settlement. To look both Fertyoboz, and those monuments which make his deserved pride.

What?. “Rise, descent … It is so much forces!“. Really already got hungry? Anything terrible. In Hungary still nobody died of hunger. Here not only are able, but also like to cook. And when the dish is prepared with soul … Even the full stomach and that to it rejoices. Well, and hungry …

However, the last is already from area of an unscientific fantasy. Hungry in Hungary you will not be left. And in Fertyoboza - too. Even do not doubt! Here such cool small restaurant … “Bozi - rozi“ is called. If not most, then one of the most tasty institutions of this kind in vicinities of Sopron. And prices … To the European measures, is cheaper - not to find. Though … Who knows, maybe, and to find.

Well, and that who does not know - I will prompt. One day in a year in Fertyoboza it is possible both to have breakfast and to have dinner, and even to have supper absolutely free of charge. Freebie, sir. “Manya“ - is not necessary.

Here that really is required, so this good mood, desire to enjoy life and those people who surround you. Without it in Fertyoboza on that holiday which in the settlement designate Day of Elder - there is nothing to do...