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How to reform army. Full outsourcing or “Bang! bang - and by!“?

Purchase in France of the Mistral helicopter carriers, certainly, will protect our country from attack of Georgia. And the quicker we will buy them, the better.

It is difficult to present that will be if the Georgian army does not allow us to hold the Olympic Games in Sochi. Only the French ships will protect us from artful the Georgian. Both Israeli UAVs, and Italian armored cars.

If our rockets do not fly there where it is planned in the General Staff, then it is necessary to buy rockets where they are able to be done. This elementary logic of military for some reason does not find a response in the hearts of simple citizens. They want that the Homeland was protected by products of the Russian industry.

But we lives during a globalization era. If in France is cheaper and more qualitative why to spend money in Russia? And who knows it there how many he at us remained normal arms after 20 years of continuous disarmament... As unforgettable Popandopulo in the old comedy “Wedding in the Robin“ spoke:

- You know how many at us machine guns? Seven! No, … and the seventh I in confidence from the ataman exchanged six here for these panties.

And if our homebrew fighter costs to the country dearer, than the mercenary from Third World countries, then, maybe, and to make army completely hired?

You represent, Tajiks or Uzbeks on the Italian armored cars are at war with the Georgian special troops for independence of Abkhazia. And over a battlefield the Israeli UAVs fly and transfer the picture to the Russian General Staff. Perhaps in it there is also an essence of military reform?

And it is even better to take some foreign army on outsourcing.

“The term “outsourcing“ is borrowed from English (“outsourcing“) and is literally translated as use of others resources. In other words, outsourcing is a transfer on a contractual basis of non-core functions to other organizations which specialize in concrete area and possess the corresponding experience, knowledge, technical means“.

For example, we agreed with Republic of Belarus. And in exchange for free gas the Father promises to protect our country if something happens. It is favorable to all parties. We dismiss army until she herself ran up, and we save to the country at least 5% of GDP. The father Lukashenko conducts the people to the bright future based on free energy carriers.

Or it is possible to hold the tender on the website “State procurements“. Who will give the smaller price, that also will protect our Homeland.

Here it is necessary to provide one more immortal phrase of the aide-de-camp of sir ataman Gritsian Tavrichesky (sudya po vsemu-umneyshy byl cholovik) Popandopulo:

- Feels my heart that we cost on the eve of a grandiose chickie.

I do not doubt that the idea of full outsourcing will gradually seize minds of our generals and admirals. It is not necessary to think: “Mace“ or as usual flies. There are our submarines to coast of America or rust near piers. And how many we will save on rent of Sevastopol - the cities of the Russian seamen!

The new, new view on reform of army is necessary for us. What is done now by the Minister of Defence Serdyukov - extremely insufficiently. It is necessary to solve once and for all a problem of protection of our homeland though from somebody.

So, it is necessary only to select army which will protect us from overseas aggressors on a competition. Or will be as at cinema:

- Tube 15, sight 120. Bang! bang - and by!