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How to prolong youth of joints?

Mobility and flexibility of all joints - a necessary condition for preservation in mature and old age of youthful ease and flexibility of movements.

“It is easy to tell and to make difficult“, - you will think and you will be absolutely right. Even the easy crunch can become a signal of the beginning aging and thinning of an articulate cartilage. And therefore, paraphrasing popular wisdom, it is possible to tell: “Protect joints from the youth“. As prevention and treatment of joints at early stages of manifestation of changes can significantly slow down process of their destruction.

What main reasons for injury of joints?

An infection (inflammation) - local or the general, at the same time the reason of damage of joints can become any its center in an organism. The infection can extend in a joint cavity through blood or a lymph and to settle in sinovialny liquid of a joint. Damage of joints in this case the heaviest, with the subsequent serious change of joints. The similar reasons cause infectious arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and secondary arthrosis.

Injuries - the closed injuries of joints - bruises, stretchings and gaps kapsulno - the copular device, damage of intra articulate educations, intra articulate changes can become the reason of development of arthritis.

Heredity (congenital changes) . The people who were born with a joint dysplasia (from Greek dys - violation and plaseo - I form), are in risk group of development of arthritis (osteoarthritis) from - for bad biomechanics of a joint. To some people defect of one of the genes which are responsible for formation of a cartilage is descended. It leads to formation of a defective cartilage that, in turn, causes fast wear of a joint and as a result - arthrosis.

A metabolic disorder , excessive completeness leads to increase in loads of joints of extremities and a backbone, and the general impact of metabolic violations (in a metabolism in an organism) - on function oporno - the motive device in general. Excess body weight causes pathological changes in cells of a cartilage, as a result cartilaginous tissue loses the elasticity and in it cracks are formed - and it leads to development of arthroses of knee and coxofemoral joints. The metabolic disorder can cause gout, a coxarthrosis (osteoarthrosis of coxofemoral joints) and gonartroz (osteoarthrosis of knee joints).

Overcooling - disorder of functions of an organism as a result of action of low temperature. Overcooling is possible not only at very low temperature, but also at moderate when wet weather. Resistance of an organism to overcooling decreases at physical exhaustion, starvation, alcoholic intoxication. Consequence - various arthritises.

Gipokineziya (Greek hypo - below + kinesis - the movement) - the restriction of quantity and nature of the movements caused by a way of life, features of professional activity or a bed rest in the period of a disease plays a large role in development of pathological processes in joints and is one of essential factors of violations oporno - the motive device.

Development of medical technologies in certain cases allows to solve the arisen problem with health forever. But you should not hope for it in case of an illness of joints - such illness requires to itself daily attention. And sceptics in general consider that process of aging to treat is useless. However the international experience shows that what began prevention and treatment earlier, the it is more than chances to keep mobility of joints.

As prevention experts advise properly to eat and observe the adequate motive mode - it reduces excess weight. Reference points in food very simple - reduction of reception of animal fat, replacement of fat meat on fast, and is better on fish and a bird, reduction of carbohydrates - sugar, flour products, salt reduction.

And, of course, it is necessary to follow simple and well-known rules in everyday life:

transfer of weights needs to be distributed on both hands, it is better to use a backpack;

it is harmful to span to sit a leg on a leg, it is better to lean back on a back of a chair, legs to extend and cross;

sitting at work, it is necessary to strain and relax serially muscles of hips, shins, buttocks;

when performing homework needs to use kitchen ware with convenient handles, a soft small pillow for cases when it is necessary to kneel, and a mop for mopping;

the chair has to be with armrests, slightly over the level of knee joint high that it was easier to rise with a support on hands;

the footwear has to be convenient, it is desirable from natural materials with a steady wide heel 3 - 5 cm

for One and all, and especially to those who had first symptoms of a disease, it is necessary to watch a condition of the joints, to carry out special exercises which promote improvement of blood circulation in joints, formation of a good muscular corset around a joint and to mobility preservation. Besides, at an initial stage of diseases it is necessary to use the preparations exerting beneficial effect on a cartilage, improving its structure and prolonging his youth is the products containing hondroitin (differently hondroprotektor), a glycosamine, tseladrin and metilsulfonilmetan. Besides these preparations kill or reduce joint pain.

Proved the efficiency in fight for mobility of joints the methods promoting improvement of microcirculation and food of the cartilage and circumarticular fabrics is both medicines (vascular preparations, venotonik, antioxidants), and non-drug methods of treatment (physical therapy, manual technicians, balneotherapy, mud cure, hydrosulphuric and radonic bathtubs). Orthopedic correction is of great importance (insoles - instep supports, special orthopedic footwear, etc.) which allows “to unload“ a sore joint and to reduce loading.

By the way whether you know that scientists learned to reveal arthritis long before emergence of symptoms, by means of simple blood test? Several years prior to emergence of the first symptoms of arthritis in blood of the patient the level of certain proteins from group of tsitokin which are developed by cages of immune system increases.

The possibility of long maintenance of joints in working order leans on an integrated approach in prevention and treatment of these diseases. Experts recommend regularly (at least two times a year) to be checked at the doctor that will allow to reveal changes at early stages, and also to stimulate cartilaginous tissue with physiotherapy exercises and nutrients that it could regenerate as long as possible.