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Jennifer Lopez and Alex About Lakhlan in the comedy Plan B. Definitely I do not know a response on the movie

Ya why to beautiful girls so on heart sellers of cheese. I have an assumption that similar divchina since the childhood adore eating cheese. Look through holes in slices at this world and smell, smell this product. Even if cheese with a mold - they it all the same adore! This love is transferred in the future to guys. I do not represent what good can be found in the mouldy guy - the seller of cheeses, but the heroine Jennifer Lopez by the name of Zoe found in the movie “Plan of B“.

Zoya has a problem: it would be time to become the pregnant woman on age and attitude. At external data Zoe / Lopez this is not represented a problem. At its “buffers“, at its figure and at her original person it is worth whistling and crowds of oplodotvoritel will run from around the world to wave before it “daggers“. But the director Alan Poul and scriptwriters of “the Plan of B“ decided to cock at the girl in this desire “snook“. Well, and it is good! Otherwise we would not receive the romantic comedy “Plan of B“.

So, Zoe asks the guy to give it a man`s seed. And that is an infection - clamped! The greedy person, probably, estimated that on him will hang later care of the baby and reasonably went to refusal. The girl had to address to clinic on artificial insemination, and the old doctor impregnated it. Well, artificially. And after it suddenly to it the seller of cheeses Stan failed.

I would not tell that Lopez draws my attention only with the forms. I remembered its not bad transformation in the difficult girl with such sumasshedshinka in character in “Anaconda“. And its actor`s game always remained at a certain good level. Lopez did not disappoint in “the Plan of B“. Again it is good, and again with a sumasshedshinka. Besides - courageous! Not any maiden will go for artificial insemination. And Zoul decided!

However, here I see a disagreement in the movie. I repeat, it is strange that it is difficult to such beauty to find the real guy / husband. It would be more logical to take then for a title role a certain plain woman. But we will not be to measure a film world by usual everyday arshin.

Somewhere to a half of the movie, and even it is more, Lopez`s partner - the actor Alex O`Lakhlan and his character Stan look obviously blankly against Zoe / Lopez. But, then we see that it is not simply brawny small, but human, acute. On a game its freedom and cheeses if you want. Whether it will potter with other people`s children, or well them on figs? It would be more logical to run from such prospect, but, I repeat, Stan is not so simple as it seems. There is on the actor Alex O`Lakhlan a certain raid of romanticism. And this raid together with sumasshedshinky Lopez creates in places the cool comedy (on this word - with a scratch) provisions.

I nevertheless would choose in Jennifer Lopez`s partners of the guy slightly larger. However, sellers damp such different! “The plan of B“ - an easy picture with far-fetched problems of heroes as it often happens in the marked genre. Especially I will allocate the successful, though expected ending. How authors beat the last scene - big to them plus.

the Movie will be pleasant to fans of a dinner together by candlelight, attempts of philosophical conversations between the man and the woman and other trifles in love lovely to heart. There is an opinion that “the Plan of B“ - typically women`s cinema, but I do not agree with it. The man easily can stay until the end of a picture, slightly dozing, but periodically coming up from yawning and exclaiming:

- From gives, the she-devil!

Your young lady will be completely agrees with you and will even more densely nestle on your dozing body.

An assessment of 6 of 10