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What will we offer progress tomorrow for the sake of? Such habitual things...

These times already came. And we are their bitter or happy witnesses, depending on as far as we adapt to the come changes. We are ready to them or not, but, oops, they already here! Before our eyes disappears, and tomorrow what we were so habitually attached to and without what did not think of lives absolutely will disappear. Let`s say goodbye to gratitude.

Mail . Let`s be going to live without post offices, mail carriers, envelopes, brands (poor philatelists, change a profile). E-mail, FedEX, UPS, DSH completely amputated legs at post department. Post service of the USA state. Having arrived from the Union, I did not cease to be surprised that mail works from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening, and on Saturday only till 12 - 13 o`clock. But here all state departments so work. The last years twenty mail feels such financial shocks that brands and tariffs rose in price in tens of times, and the question of the transfer of work of mail of the USA to a five-day week is now considered.

Mail has nothing to do. Everything that we can find in a mailbox today - dzhank - a mail, and is very rare - accounts. Once mail was also fed with these accounts. On average the person received and sent up to 30 accounts a month. Now bills are made out and paid electronically. Dzhank - a mail too slowly runs low: all know why mailboxes have garbage tanks - without departing from cash desk, without reading the addressee sends them to a garbage can. City scrap services in tons get hold of raw materials for paper processing. (Even it dread to think, as paper will become unnecessary soon!)

Checks . Once, in kind post times, we wrote out pieces 100 checks a month. A third from them was sent by mail, the others paid off in shops and a services sector. Several years as I forgot what is checks - is not present them at us. Everything is paid or electronically, or a plastic card. France already began fuss on elimination of a paper form of payment by 2018. The USA does not even reflect to withdraw officially checks - people understood long ago. Povymerli by itself was also buried under themselves mail.

Newspapers . Look around: whether you know people of younger and average generation much - subscribers to newspaper editions? Our young people in general do not read newspapers! And the more so are not subscribers. They recognize news either by the TV, or on the Internet. For the mature part of society accustomed to full newspaper giving of news, the Internet also opened artful embraces: love news - be going to pay for them! Today`s free access to the virtual newspaper is similar to the first free inhaling marijuana. Sat down? Aha! For a long time all leading publishers of newspapers and magazines entered a little advertized arrangement to Apple and Amazon, leading providers of mobile communication, for the purpose of development of model of a paid subscription to the news websites. Well, we paid for paper newspapers too. And not only money, but also woods of our planet. I see more pluses - paper is not necessary!

Books . Only do not say to me that you never renounce the paper book, sacred for you! I told the same when appeared downloading of music with i - Tunes. Clung to the CDs. Aha, shank, last at the priest! Money talks more loudly, than our nostalgia: I can have tremendous, the last releases musical albums in general halyavno or at the ridiculous price. Here and with books will be! And already occurs! I can download the book in the form of the digest, I can download completely, I can download the whole shop. Also it is not necessary about sacred awe of the fingers which are leafing through pages - as soon as you are in a book subject, the nostalgic rustle of pages is quickly forgotten. And the rustle saved green or red in a purse sounds stronger than a rustle of paper pages.

Farewell, favourite paper books, thank you from all mankind. But we do not say goodbye. We communicate with you, but at the new level. And I believe that it will be sometime possible to buy the chip of “War and peace“ and to install it directly in a brain in audio - video - a 3D format, and “reading“ will happen at the subcrustal level. And my chip will be able to communicate electronically on god knows what telecommunication with the chip of the same name which is built in to Mischa Gruzdev. And our chips will communicate among themselves concerning the worlds and wars. Whether still there will be, however, Mischa? Already call?

Our linear phones ceased to call for a long time. Someone else holds them just because always it had a home telephone number. But doubly nobody will want to pay. Farewell, wire phones for which many in Russia did not wait. Thanks and to you. But the market of providers is so big and still there is such drachka for mobile leadership that in the majority of the companies calls between clients of the same company in general are free. Give now for a minute we will imagine as we earlier - that lived without our mobile phones?! Sirotstvovali somehow... And I am struck by ease of parting of mankind with wire telecommunication: here you see, the little fool - and you was afraid!

Music - the most sad part of our losses. Music alive, music on carriers. The world musical industry suffers crash. And not only from - for illegal downloadings. From - for greed and populist bribability of businessmen from music. Not only that the musical culture experiences creative crisis (and what the newcomer was born in music of years for 50? Well-?). But also palm off on us only such musical goods which are pop popular and familiar to consumer crowd. Go and buy Mahler`s symphonies or the Georgian polyphonic man`s choruses...

I see rescue only in one: deep music education from young nails. You do not say that from animals we are distinguished by ability to think. (Our dog thinks oho as! The rat opposite thinks moreover and collectively!) MUSIC distinguishes us! Ability to create and understand it, ability to open that unearthly in themselves what Darwinians - our divine origin and divine appointment argue with. Music - our last communication with the become deserted paradise heavenly and paradise sincere. I do not say goodbye. I just will not give... Mine! Ours!

My lovely things ... Bookcases, supports for newspapers and magazines, albums with photos, telephone little tables, tablets with stamps, old record libraries will disappear. Will demolish libraries, mails, telegraphs, philharmonic halls.

Whether to grieve? To take for granted? To shout hurrah? But it is not important - you will not be asked. It already came, time of changes. Also give us god to fit into him without serious consequences, without losing at the same time the most important - our memory and gratitude.