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June 10: Birthday of a ball pen. How many years to the birthday woman?

B 1938 Laszlo Biro by means of the brother Dyyordya created the first prototype of a ball pen. But this date did not become day of its birth. As well as it did not manage to brothers to glorify the invention the country, native for them, - Hungary.

No, did not smell of World War II yet. After the well-known Munich events Europe sincerely believed that it entered a strip of an everlasting peace. In any case, many European politicians went on about it almost on all corners. Well, and they - that have to know! How not to trust them?

But here in the political life Hungary was guided by Germany more and more. And as Nazi treat Jews, the people already knew. There were in ignorance concerning it also no Biro`s brothers.

And Laszlo goes to France... Exactly there he takes out the first patent for the invention. But also this date is not considered to be as birthday of a ball pen. France did not become that the country in which Laszlo Biro remained for a long time. In transit through Spain by the end of the year it appears in Argentina. Why exactly there? There is an interesting version. So it or not - I do not undertake to approve, but to tell …

generally, brothers on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea had a rest somehow. Quite perhaps, in the same Spain in which Laszlo appeared after France, without suspecting that it is only the next transit. And on vacation … What only does not happen! Here and to Biro`s brothers it happened. They met some elderly mister. And as it sometimes happens, like met each other mutual sympathy. Conversation was struck up. Little by little, brothers also tell the stranger about the invention. And not only tell, and show and show.

And the little man take … Take and light up. As will cry: “Yes you what here you do? Only you waste time! Europe it … Bog! Here at us, in Argentina …“.

The little man - that not idle time appeared. Called him Agustin Pedro Justo . And till February 20, 1938 he was … the president of Argentina.

Well, and presidential invitations (let and byvsheprezidentsky!) as - then it was not accepted to be scattered. Laszlo also waved to Argentina. And Dyyord so far in Europe remained. Why at once to cut all boughs? You never know, affairs in South America will not go?

But they, strangely enough, took and went. Whether with the byvsheprezidentsky help whether itself, but found Laszlo of the investor ready to risk and invest money in the project on production of ball pens. Also called this crank who believed in inventive fairy tales, Juan Meyn . And when there is not only an idea, but also money under its realization … It is necessary to work! To roll up sleeves and to work. And additional pair of hands in total with a lucid mind superfluous will not be. So in 1940 - the m moved to Argentina also Dyyord.

And to 1942 - m to the Argentina shops began to come the first ball pens which partners, without puzzling in vain once again, and having just taken and having united the surnames (Biro and Meyne), called of Birome . Ball pens call “Biromami“ in Argentina to this day.

Here so Biro`s brothers and, to a lesser extent, only one letter - Huanmeyn, remained in memory of the grateful Argentina people. Though could and not remain. Not to deserve such honor. There were to that prerequisites.

The matter is that the first ball pens which were available for sale “bit“ at the price. In addition were more expensive than the good and already become habitual peryevy analogs. The unfamiliar and not cheapest goods were on sale inertly. And partners already began to think concerning that - “but whether not to cover a shop?“ As suddenly … Suddenly it became clear by

that the handle of new type has not only the buyer, but also quite extensive segment of the market. The handle was “tried out“ by pilots. It turned out that “ball“, unlike “feather“, does not flow at the rise on height which is followed according to all laws of physics, falling of atmospheric pressure … Moreover, “biroma“ write in any situation. Even then, when writing is below a sheet of paper and it is necessary to write from below up. Well, and … Ball pens can be loaded much less often than peryevy.

Having attentively listened to enthusiastic opinions of the pilots, having carefully weighed all pros and cons, the license for production of ball pens without excess delays and delays is bought by the Royal Air Force of Great Britain. And already from the English pilots their American colleagues learn about a surprising novelty.

Literally the following, 1943 - m, year the State Department of the USA recommends to the businessmen to pay the closest attention to new type of products regarding the organization of production of ball pens in the territory of the United States. And the Eversharp firm (Eversharp) decides to risk. For 500 thousand dollars it acquires the license from Biro`s brothers and begins to prepare for a gain of the market. For a start - American. And then - why is also not present? - it is possible to think also of world.

Here only … Not always it turns out as you plan. While “Eversharp“ bought the license, studied the Argentina technology, arranged production of “ball“ already in the USA … So far that and syo, one more person paid attention to ball pens. Milton Reynolds . The direct-sales representative from Chicago. In 1943 on some affairs it got to Argentina. And purely incidentally in small manufactured goods little shop bought couple of “birom“. Bought and … Became interested!

At once on return to the USA Reynolds inquired in Patent department. Also found out that handles of a similar design in 1888 were patented by John Laud. And not only to them. But! Period of validity of all earlier granted patents … expired!

Reynolds, without thinking twice, one in one copies a design of a ball pen of Biro and on June 10, 1943 makes out on it the patent application.

Strangely enough, this date is considered birthday of a ball pen today . Though it was invented not in the United States. Not in 1943. And not Milton Reynolds. But … Here as is.

I told at once that “ball“ - not usual and ordinary kantstovar. It is the whole detective story. Which, by the way, does not come to an end on June 10, 1943. And does not even enter the finishing phase. With it, this “ball“, still you know how many will be all and different?!

And now … Now that “this truth you will not strangle you will not kill“. Well, at least, in separately taken country. Yes, birthday of a ball pen is attached to the person who has to this invention no slightest relation. But all Argentina, even without knowing names of inventors, upon each purchase of ball pens, remembers Biro`s brothers - Laszlo and Dyyordya:

- Give, please, to me here that “biry“. Krasnenky. For 25 centavos …

I still. At birthday of Laszlo Biro, on September 26, all Argentina annually celebrates Day of the inventor. Probably, it is the best memory to the person thanks to whom the subject which over time became so widespread that without it we simply do not represent today our life was issued.

And therefore … Perhaps you should not wait till September? And to remember Laszlo Biro and his brother - Dyyordya - already today? At birthday of their invention. It would seem, the most usual ball pen …