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Who “parents“ of a ball pen and where place of its birth?

Ball pen. It would seem, well what in it it? The most ordinary office accessory. About which existence, on a crest of a general computerization of all country, we even somehow began to forget slowly. And what to remember if it can be bought in any booth? Without being distracted at the same time by exchange of a paper banknote of the smallest face value. What for? the Metal trifle that constantly jingles on pockets, for this purpose - has enough.

But in that is continually that this obyknovennost - only seeming. And actually history of the invention of a ball pen is twirled in such surprising detective plot that it deserves to stop on it in more detail and in details.

And everything began on October 30, 1888. This day John Laud , the resident Weymouth that lies in the State of Massachusetts, in the east of the USA, patented “the automatic handle with the rotating tip“. The invention of the American could be worked as a marker when drawing tags and inscriptions on packing from such materials as a sacking, a cardboard, boards. Externally this handle strongly looked like present roll-on deodorants, and the ball located in the top part of a tuba with paint and densely adjusted to its walls was its main detail. Densely, but not tightly. Under pressing writing a ball easily turned in any party. And as it was turned by one of the halves to the tuba filled with paint, turning, the ball surely left well noticeable inscriptions and tags on a packing basis.

, It seems, everything is rather simple. But this simplicity was deceptive. For the next 30 years Patent department of the USA gave 350 (!) the documents confirming copyright of inventors of the handles similar on a design and the principle of action to that that it was patented by John Laud. On ball pens.

But any of these handles did not begin to be made in more - less decent industrial volumes to become goods and from the only patent sample to turn into the subject available to much.

Everything rested against ink. If they turned out too liquid, what is quite natural, flew, soiling pockets sometimes not of the cheapest shirts and jackets. Or left blots, smudges and blots on paper. Well, and too dense prevented free rotation of a ball. Respectively, that or tore thin paper, or the ink “mark“ left on it stopped being continuous.

But even when the composition of ink seemed optimum, it all the same did not guarantee normal and steady work of a ball pen. A lot of things depended on temperature. If the most part of the writing accessories of this type behaved adequately in the temperature range from +18 to +25 degrees Celsius, then as soon as stem of thermometer left for the lower bound of range, ink became more dense, got thick, and the handle instantly got littered. And if temperature became higher than +25 - it began to leak.

And here so all 30 years. Not one, so another. Not another, so the third. Well, and the world remained nothing else how to continue to write with fountain pens. Even without suspecting that somewhere “ball“ is already near.

Did not suspect about it and Laszlo Biro`s . And not to suspicions to it, 18 - summer, was. Just World War I ended. Behind shoulders remained with Laszlo avstro - the Hungarian army to which he got from a school bench and from which he was safely demobilized. And all. Besides shkolno - army experience - it is more of nothing. And it was necessary to live somehow further. And to live - to earn. Well, at least, on a piece of bread. And so, generally, it would be quite good if to bread plus and still something. Well, for example, boots. And that army, though are considered at Russians “eternal“, but here … Already and porridges ask.

What Laszlo was only not necessary to try to earn not only on a piece of bread. He studied medicine, was fond of painting and hypnosis … Tried just a heap of professions! But any of them did not lay down to it on soul, did not interest so over time to become specialty.

And journalism in 1935 Biro was engaged purely incidentally. Well, here so it turned out! Who then could know that once … with

Once when Laszlo on the working affairs glanced in printing house, his attention was drawn by the working rotational car which at the exit is “spitting out“ newspapers … with almost dry typographical ink. Dry! Any comparison with the main object of the labor of any journalist. With this damned pen, from which - one troubles! That will begin to flow in a pocket. That on the important document will put a blot. That …

A if … And if to fill it not with usual ink? Here! Typographical paint. No sooner said than done. And Laszlo filled. But, alas … The first experience showed that it - not option of a solution. Typographical paint too dense. If to fill with it the handle still somehow it is possible to manage, then to give this type of ink from filling capacity to the main working detail - a feather … No, it is impossible. The thin tubules giving ink were almost instantly hammered with dense typographical paint. On what process of the letter, respectively, at once also came to an end. Finally and irrevocably.

In life the negative result cannot be counted as the performed work. What such work if there is no result? Marriage, sorry, is not paid! Especially, if it - through your fault. But it - in life. And the scientist has Luda or there at inventors, the negative result is result too. It means that here specifically there, it is better not to be put. Deadlock there. But! If there - the deadlock, then the road, so has to be somewhere in other place. The question not in that, is it or not. Is, it is obligatory to eat! The question only in that is where?!

If quickly drying type of ink cannot be applied in a fountain pen, then can be it is worth thinking of how to change the basic working element of the mechanism that it became susceptible to more dense composition of the writing substance? It is necessary to change a feather! But on as how?

And here Laszlo comes to the rescue the brother - of Dyyord . Which, it is necessary to tell, unlike the journalist, casual on life, was a certified specialist. And not someone there … Chemist! Very necessary specialty for carrying out experiments with this or that type of ink.

And two heads … They - it is much better, than one. Generally, work began to boil. And at its certain stage the thought comes to brothers to mind … Ingenious thought! That which in October, 1888 was patented by John Laud. But where that Weymouth? And where Hungary? So there is nothing surprising that Biro`s brothers absolutely independently arrive at idea that it is advisable to replace the basic writing handle element, its feather, with a round ball. Also do it. Change!

Even without suspecting that they only 352 - e in this long line of inventors of a ball pen.

The last, become the first. And not only because here good luck specifically smiled to them. Yes, the element of luck takes place to be in destiny of brothers. Not without it. But the main thing everything - - their persistence and persistence. Thanks to Laszlo and Dyyordyu Biro`s which managed to arrange commercially production created by them in 1938 the first prototype of a ball pen. But it will occur a bit later. In several years. And - not in Hungary which brothers did not manage to glorify the invention.

And who and when begins to bathe, if not in money, then in glory beams, about it further...