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The aerographics on a car and motor-

the Aerographics is a type of the fine arts in which the picture is created by the special tool - air brush. The air brush is such airbrush. Spraying paint, the artist creates the image. In this article we will talk about an aerographics (images on the cars created by air brush). Can draw on the car anything: flowers, animals, people, landscape... Any whim for your money! The simplest drawing will manage thousands in 5, and the limit of cost of difficult images does not exist at all. The matter is that simple drawing is just the picture, and for big money to you can make such image which will seem live, behaving on a miscellaneous depending on the level of lighting, a point of view and speed of the movement of the car.

Today all car makers produce any model at least in 4 options of coloring, and is frequent also in 10 - 15. But it is a little simple to people to have the car of unique color, bigger identity wants to them. And time is demand, there will be also an offer.

The offer initially appeared in the USA for the bikers dissecting on Harleys. In 20 - x years of the XX century the aerographics removed from the Harley Davidson motorcycles on racing cars. And fans of an auto racing transferred idea to paint cars on the personal cars. To 70 - m to years of the last century almost every second car in the USA was noted by this or that picture. Then the aerographics began to appear on cases of computers, refrigerators and other objects of use.

On what the aerographics would not be applied, the technology of drawing the image almost does not differ. The artist working with air brush uses liquid or powder dye. Dye under the influence of the pushing-out force which is created compressed air is applied on any smooth surface. At cars usually paint a cowl and lateral surfaces.

Usually, the owner of the car, having decided the first time to order an aerographics, asks to make small drawing. But eventually such small drawing to it becomes a little and he orders or couple more of drawings in different places of the car, or asks to make the available small drawing part of big composition.

What would not be drawing on the car by the size, it allows to allocate this car from a number of identical and monotonous cars. And, as the statistics shows, cars with an aerographics are hijacked very seldom. And the owner of a car with an aerographics is afraid not of a carjack, and damage of drawing on it more.

So, you decided to decorate the car with an aerographics. What to do is farther? How to carry out conceived?

It is originally necessary to find all services rendering services in drawing images on cars. Ask about them at friends and in car showrooms. Look for their advertizing in local mass media. Ring round these services and learn conditions at which they work.

Having decided on terms and the prices, you can understand what image to you on means. With the concrete image or with idea of drawing visit the service for drawing an aerographics which is most pleasant to you on a car. There will examine your car, will look at your drawing and will make to you recommendations as to realize everything in the best way. After a small advance payment to you will create the sketch showing how your car with ready drawing will look. If everything suits you, then you approve the sketch, make final settlement and the master begins to work with your car.

At first on a surface on which drawing will be applied all defects (dents, chips, cracks, scratches, poles) improve. Then, the surface is processed a nazhdachka or peskostruy. Only on such, whole, smooth and smoothed out, a surface dye will lay down ideally. Then the master puts drawing with air brush. Ready drawing becomes covered by a varnish which protects drawing from mechanical damages and from fading on the sun. Besides, modern automobile varnishes give to drawing volume. After varnishing , the surface of the car is polished.

All work on drawing an aerographics on the car takes no more than a month. It long enough, but usually is worth it. “Usually“, because sometimes the customer does not like what turned out as a result. The turned-out drawing can differ from the sketch. And, difference can be very essential. The master in operating time can be fond so of creativity what not to notice that he already strongly deviated the approved sketch. And the mediocre artist who, for example, is able to draw animals can just get, but is not able to draw flowers. Such nuances usually separately make a reservation in the contract for performance of work on drawing the image on the car. Therefore, you have to be ready in advance how to take over not absolutely such work as you ordered, and to advocate the interests if to you did not decorate, and spoiled the car.

At the price the aerographics can exceed the cost of the car easily. At the same time, also additional expenses can be required. For example, many owners of a car with an aerographics after emergence of drawing on car body surfaces, want to change as appropriate and a car interior. And it is additional expenditure for exclusive covers for the car, overlays for a wheel and the forward panel etc. of

If you were solved on an aerographics, then it is necessary to go all the way - to do beautiful drawing and to change a car interior. It demands expenses of time and money, and sometimes and nerves. But as a result you will become the owner of the unique car which will draw to itself(himself) attention of people around, so - to please you.