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How to pick up spirits? Once again about widespread errors of

we Continue to consider the most widespread mistakes which are made, choosing and using perfumery.

Not all that gold

As can estimate perfumery means which you were going to buy? In the most different parameters, first of all - on appearance .

Packing always will be issued accurately, regardless of whether author`s it is work in “company“ shop, or own development of the “network“ company. Inscriptions are printed accurately, is legible, exactly, without grammatical mistakes (here you should learn foreign languages...) . For example, in French the word “perfume“ is written so: parfum , but at all not of parfume . And in English of perfume , but again - not of parfume . Be attentive!

If on packing there are “magic“ words “London - Paris - New York“ (or something like) - safely pass by, it is a garbage .

The structure of a perfumery product will be printed accurately and readably. Always there will be an inscription “Made in“ (with the indication of the country where the product is made). If the perfumery is made for sale in Russia - so on packing there has to be an inscription in Russian - structure, producer, it is obligatory for TU or GOST.

Remember, on packing of the “real“ perfumery there will be no stickers ! Neither on a box, nor on a bottle! All inscriptions are put in the printing way including on glass bubbles. By the way, on a small bottle bottom usually print serial number. And so, and this number has to be printed, but is not pasted. The only exception - “number of aroma“ at distribution of the number line by the “network“ companies. In this case, if spirits are on sale anonymously, being called, suppose, not “Opium“, and just “No. 13“, this “No. 13“ can look as a plastic, not paper sticker on a bottom.

In a box. Generally speaking, the box, as well as a bottle, has to look qualitatively and is solid . You already learned to distinguish the Chinese cheap stuff from the “real“ things? How you do it? Da Bog ego znayet, simply at once to see cheap stuff...

By the way, the box is, as a rule, packed in cellophane - the wrapper has to be accurate, not puff up, not be blown up bubbles, without glue potek. But keep in mind that some very solid and expensive brands initially in cellophane are not wrapped so a wrapper - not always a quality indicator.

If the seller allows to consider a bubble (and if does not resolve - you pass by) , pay attention, how densely and “accurately“ it is closed as far as without efforts opens. Whether the cap in itself flies? Whether inscriptions on a bottle were erased? Whether gilding is an oblezla from a cap? Whether there are no cracks?

Make out a flakonchik on a gleam - glass has to be uniform, without bubbles, without blackouts and to that similar. Stir up a small bottle - you remember how in Soviet period chose drinks in shop? Shook a bottle upside down and examined whether floats that inside. Here again - be attentive whether is not present in what fragrant liquid of hairs, flakes or a similar dirty trick. If is - give back and go to other shop.

At last you decided to try spirits (if do not allow to try - go to other shop) . Know, to smell caps from bubbles it is useless. The jammed paper stripes scented last New year will not bring you advantage too. I wrote about tasting of spirits quite recently - re-read as it is necessary to try spirits. Re-read? Here and do, do not give in on a gloomy physiognomy of the tired seller, on muttering of the hungry satellite or squeal of the children delaying you to the next show-window computer disks. Have respect for yourself, and then you will be respected by others!

Everything is good in its season and the place

Is already a style question. The matter is that there are smells which are initially intended to these or those age groups, for example - konfetno - luscious children`s “spirits“ , fruit and flower smells of youth , aldegidny aromas for advanced age . It is not necessary to confuse and use “not“ the“ smell, will not understand...

Equally it is also necessary to consider smell “sex“. Emancipation emancipation, but smells of skin and tobacco do not go to young girls, and the man with might and main exhaling fruit and sweet east aromas in our to culture is perceived by not absolutely as the man.

If you like to save and got used to share toilet water for two with the spouse, think of a possibility of the choice of perfumery of the category “unisex“. A unisex - the term designating a thing without the expressed sex. In perfumery perfumery products which can apply with identical success of both the woman, and the man so are called.

A unisex - not such a rare thing, and similar is quite widespread in our culture. You sometime wore t-shirts? Aha, and now you carry? And jeans - classical, without glamourous modern frills? And sneakers? This list it is possible, having pulled the socks up, to continue, but an essence, I think, is clear. Now in many areas of life the things equally suitable for both men, and women are applied - here it, an opportunity to save, having bought one bottle for two. Only you remember that the expense - that will increase...

When using perfumery it is necessary to consider, what you are engaged in . Some professions exclude perfumery, doing it senseless of - for abundances of foreign smells, for example - many rural professions. Admit, there is no sense to spend spirits, going to a poultry farm - hens will not estimate...

Some professions disapprovingly belong to perfumery as the fragrant worker will irritate clients. For example, very carefully should apply perfumery hairdressers, stomatologists, children`s doctors, culinary specialists - in general, to all who by the nature of the activity close contact to people or foodstuff.

The perfumery is not necessary and where it will disturb the worker, I mean such professions as the diver, the seaman - the submariner, the pilot. Otherwise: if someone works, being constantly in the close, closed and badly ventilated space - do not give it spirits, pick up something another better...

The term “carry“ is sometimes applied to qualitative perfumery . That is “are smothered“ by spirits not of - if it is, of course, good spirits, - their “put on“ and “carry“ . Caught in what an essence? And the essence - that that there is a sense to pick up perfumery for special cases, for the house, for work, for rest - approximately as you select the clothes.

Perceive perfumery as a component of the clothes, the suit. It will involve certain costs of time for selection, but in exchange you will create the style.