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How to pick up spirits? Widespread errors of

After tasting we will begin the review of the most widespread mistakes which are made by unsophisticated users of perfumery. So - what should not be done to

, choosing and using fragrant production. Porridge oil you will not spoil

the National recipe: in order that you were given way in public transport - especially in the summer, - it is enough to use several strong, saturated smells bought at a bargain in the next stall. But it is obligatory at the same time! Not bad the combination to smells of household chemicals - hairspray, laundry detergent, cheap soap works. At last, it is the best of all to use perfumery, without washing and without washing clothes - on that it and a deodorant that to clean smells, correctly? Effect stunning and tear.

Laughter laughter, and similar “consumers“ are enough. Do not assimilate to them, and take into consideration here that. Most of producers of cosmetics and perfumery makes so-called “lines“ of the products united by the general notes of a smell. It is possible to use spirits, to wash soap of the same shade, to apply cologne and a deodorant - and nothing will be beaten out from the general sounding. There are deodorants and other means deprived of a smell. And laundry detergents are flavourless too. To the word speaking, “fragrant“ fragrances of laundry detergents - one of the main reasons of a household allergy. Be simpler than

- and to you will stretch

Sometimes there are ridiculous cases when some consumers who are not quite possessing information on what is good and that is bad at the choice of perfumery (and not having taste), try to self-express in the one and only way, clear for them, - to buy more expensively and it anybody does not have of that .

It must be kept in mind that when you are “on public“, using “creative author`s aroma“, you risk to fall into the same state, as well as the person who risked it is thoughtless to buy something on author`s fashion show - and to carry bought. Many couturiers expose on podiums something that any person in senses and in a bad dream will not try on - the main to that the reason as he to me is thought, achievement of scandalous glory.

Agree that if the couturier exposes, suppose, a strict three-piece suit, accurately and exactly sewed, and under it - the ironed white shirt and a monophonic dark tie - yes who will write about such grief - the couturier in newspapers?! Unless it is indulgent - handed over, say, such - that, turned sour, there is no creative thought... And similar clothes are bought, such clothes are worn, this set is offered by etiquette.

Therefore many fashion shows - no more, than scandalous show for considering themselves by intellectual and esthetic elite, no more, than corporate advertizing - the developer of clothes. The successful fashion shows which caused the greatest number of responses in mass media will bring the couturier whose name is written on labels, considerable profits. Here the effect of “the naked king“ about which, perhaps, we will sometime talk is frankly used... Though, certainly, there are also displays of “normal“ clothes - but, you see, they use much more, much more smaller “glory“. Absolutely similar situation happens to

also in perfumery “haute couture“, not without reason many names are applied on brands of clothes and perfumery at the same time - strategy is identical. To strike, shock “experts“ (quotes here - not accident) with something “such“ and, thereby, to earn glory (sometimes and cheap, undeserved).

In other words if arranges to carry you the spirits which are “smelling sweet“ as dirt, a mold, still some rubbish - forward, in “exclusive author`s boutiques pro masterpieces“ haute couture.

But you remember: nobody will understand you and will estimate those multiple-valued sums which you will spend, buying a very expensive “author`s exclusive“. You will not explain to all with the attendee that it not in the car at you gasoline flows and the dress soils, and the perfumer had such idea...

Morals: not all that is good that is expensive also in the single copy.

you would not pursue low cost

Other extreme much more widespread among our compatriots (and what to do - life such) - a pursuit of what is cheaper. Here, perhaps, you should not zloradnichat - our valorous governors and heads as cast the country into poverty in the seventeenth year, so there and left and who tried to emerge - diligent heated... Well it is fine, not about policy the speech. It to the fact that views of Post-Soviet people - as if what to save. But at the same time - to convince all including ourselves that we live - that actually richly and in a big way.

In relation to a situation: the Post-Soviet person has a tendency to buy everyone... miscellanea “occasionally“, on pribazarny trays, in station booths and in the back streets of grocery stores covered with a web. And how - it is written “France“, costs little what else it is necessary? On a fence too which - that is written and a lie appears...

How to distinguish good perfumery from frank “garbage“ - a subject of the big treatise and not one. Main and obvious differences such.

First of all, good never happens very cheap . Puzyrechek of the spirits made - is not present, of course, not in France, and in the civilized country, according to the civilized license - such puzyrechek has to cost not less than one and a half thousand “wooden“ in any way (for the end of 2009 so if it is necessary - do amendments to figures). And if in France - that one thousand three and more, approximately - about five thousand a tree . Of course, a lot of things depend on various factors, first of all on volume, I consider standard packing in a floor - ounces (in 15 ml).

The concentration is weaker, the perfumery will be cheaper, but “weak“ toilet water volumes has much more so also the price will be approximately in the same framework.

What I want to tell: you never and anywhere buy the French and even “real“ license perfumery means for hundred - three hundred - five hundred “wooden“. And if to you trade similar - safely spit in an ugly face to the seller...

is said Sometimes that - the good perfumery is on sale only in big specialized shops. Allow not to agree. Very large and known retail network of cosmetics and perfumery (to avoid judicial proceedings, I do not tell the names, but the similar network, in my opinion, at us one) pushes to the people a frank garbage and does not hesitate of it.

The good perfumery will be sold to you more likely in small little shop where you with convenience settle down, will talk about that about this to the benevolent selling assistant who does not strain you foolish “What you wanted?“, where it is silent and cozy...

Recently there is a tendency to extend qualitative perfumery out of shops - by means of free sellers - “network sales managers“. There and the price will be not so impressive as in shop, and you get advice, and will be able to talk. Another thing is that many, the “network“ companies especially long ago existing extend frank klopomor and toxic chemicals , giving them for quality perfumery - that, the risk is, but it is even less, than in shop. Eventually, the seller - “network sales manager“ is interested in you as in the client and if he was not deceived, then and he does not have a reason to you to lie, risking to sell one bottle - and to lose the regular customer.

Be continued.