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How to pick up spirits? Tasting of

We discussed various ways of selection of own aroma and explained shortcomings of these ways. For some reason everything described was “wrong“. So to do? Really there is no sure method to define whether aroma suits you - or it is necessary to choose blindly?

the Most successful case if you make the choice of perfumery by means of skilled of the consultant . He could prompt quickly to you the direction of searches, define what family of smells would suit you better, would help to estimate perfumery products correctly.

But it - at best. If the consultant is inaccessible to you, it is necessary to work. And so, that it was not necessary to be sorry about the thrown-out money for nothing spent for expensive, but absolutely improper small bottle next day you have to adhere to the following simple principles.

Go to choose spirits, having specially adjusted for this purpose. No right choice is possible if you dropped in in a perfumery shop “on the way“, burdened by pood bags and tired with bustle on the neighboring markets. The aroma choice - process to some extent meditative therefore it is not necessary to fuss, hurry, to make tests “between times“ - so you will choose nothing good, only in vain will spend money and time.

In advance be defined: today I will go for perfumery! - choose time and go. Only not after the intense working day - as what the choice if all thoughts of that, as if to crawl to a sofa and to fail on it … do not choose

At all perfumery after the use of alcohol , after excessive smoking , after sharp, spicy food - pepper, garlic, other strong seasonings change perception of both taste, and a smell, you receive absolutely not that it is necessary for you. Even after coffee make a pause at least in a half-hour.

Avoid of vanity . Find an institution where to you will suggest to sit down where there will be no crowd and hubbub of crowd of buyers, the situation has to be semi-intimate - the benefit, in the cities of perfumery shops there is already a lot of, is what to choose from.

If you ail , cold or a headache - postpone purchase, you will not be able correctly to estimate a smell.

Be independent and are responsible , do not make the choice only because you are prompted by the girlfriend or your boyfriend advises. Perhaps, he was simply tired and wants to come back home quicker, to the TV? You remember - you will use spirits, but not someone another and to choose only to you. And in general, try to go shopping alone, without advisers and assistants. The cheerful company - the bad help in so responsible choice.

In serious shop will offer you the scented paper strips - “samplers“ . If to you put in a stopper nose from bottles - here it is not necessary to buy. But keep in mind - on paper you will hear the third “basic“ note, that which will sound most longer.

When you decide on the choice of a “basic“ note, pass to decisive tests - apply with spirits to yourself on a wrist . Yes, if in shop do not allow to cause spirits for test - go to other shop.

Do not pound at all the caused spirits! So you will only spoil composition! Let they will dry!

It is not necessary to smell at once - pungent smells of alcohol and easily flying components can distort impression. Wait 15 - 20 minutes, let the smell will ripen and the second, “warm“ note will open.

You apply spirits only on clean skin , without cosmetics (like creams and lotions). Places of causing spirits have to defend enough from each other. The following places of drawing are accepted: inside of wrists , inside of elbow bends .

Anyway for once it is not necessary to put more than three versions, you will not be able to estimate bigger quantity!

You should not choose from too large amount of aromas - you will get confused, will be tired and the high-quality choice will not happen. Estimate at first 5 - 7 paper stripes - samplers and choose from 2 - 3 smells on skin.

Here also the help of the consultant who, previously having communicated to you would be required, would define your preferences, your prevailing perfumery “image“ and would offer those 5 - 7 strips - samplers, would help to put correctly skin tests and would entertain conversation of 20 minutes while there is a maturing of a smell. The good consultant will not estimate a smell - to solve, it is good to you or not, you have to.

In the absence of the consultant it is necessary to you (if, of course, you seriously decided to choose for yourself a holiday) to repeat choice procedure several times, and selection of your, best spirits can drag on for months and years. Therefore we strongly recommend to use services of consultants. In serious shops it is absolutely free, so to speak, is included in the goods price …

A in order that you also alone did not lose face, we also publish these articles. Next time read about widespread mistakes of users perfumery production.