Rus Articles Journal

In infinite search of of

to be not such as All... Means, to be special? Showing signs of the identity, not to pay attention to popular beliefs and views.

One on one million. Hundreds of eyes turned in your party.

K to what to dissemble, it is only illusion of the majority... General aspiration to glory. Success, admirers, recognition. To deserve recognition - originally as end in itself, later - habitual combination of circumstances. to Expose

on court the works. To derive pleasure from the process, paying attention to each assessment, perceiving criticism and leaving time for self-development.

I Move off in searches of inspiration... Idle dreamer. Heats thought of the forthcoming experience, to make up for lost time. Thoughts do not keep up with actions. To refuse to believe in completion of process. It is infinite... I Feel by

a certain isolation from the world, I hurry to tell, by all means including love in the creativity. Emotional involvement into disclosure of process of knowledge. I know as, I know why. We speak about emotions rather. They are not so persuasive, however, demand the disclosure, without being distracted by something else.

Happy memoirs and the sad moments because that time goes...

the State of mind is so changeable, subject to recessions and rises. It is impossible to subordinate him to himself, but it is important to learn to operate the emotions.

Often I think of the future, of what waits ahead...

We are not always able to affect some events. To stop time, to trade places days... Learning lessons from the past, we try to leave from these mistakes in the future. There is a belief that we can control the life. To think of nothing for several days ahead... As often the surprise takes unawares, is capable to bring out of an equilibrium state. I Know

precisely that important now. Definitely is what to aspire to...

to Succeed in the favourite sphere, to break through, come forward... To go down stream, giving in to pleasant accidents and unexpected turns. To achieve a main goal, avoiding barriers.

“Yes, it can be only one chance from ten, but it is“, - I say to myself, and it forces to stay afloat, trust and not to be given.

Your lucky star will visit once, and you will not be able to afford any more: to be someone another, to lose faith and to refuse dream. Now the long way to self-perfection, search of, disclosure of the potential and infinite serenity is necessary.