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How to pick up spirits? Equality and aroma of

One more “national“ way of a choice of perfume is reduced to “obnyukhivaniye“ of the acquaintance. “Oh, what charm!“ - the visit of shop behind purchase is also right there undertaken. Mostly similar acquisitions become dusty on shelves subsequently. Why - now you learn.

Yes will know to you that two identical people are absent - what there was muttered by the politicians forcing us to think of “equality“, that is of similarity and monotony of all people.

Not here - that was. On most - that business all people different, and distinctions begin with the most important - a set of genes, that information which is put in us till the birth. Genes define who you are are a man or the woman what race, a hair color and eyes, what growth and a constitution - and so on.

The last researches mentioned in yellow rags allegedly even found the genes which are responsible for a drinking habit and to drugs (as it is convenient to drunks - say, I such was born, and here you will do nothing) . And talk on “hereditary memory“ lasts centuries (still Jack London wrote on this subject) and where here the truth - nobody knows.

In what all agree - so it that the set of genes defines “low-level“ structure and functioning of an organism, that is our constitution, speed and features of a metabolism, tendency to these or those unusual (allergic) reactions. For example, when we will see seven fat men - the grandfather, the father, the son and the grandson, I will have the right to think that thickness at them is descended (read - genes).

That the hair color and an eye is put in a set of genes already nobody doubts, but these are qualities constant, they cannot change, and are taken for granted. About a constitution still grieve, taking the most mad steps to change. As spoke earlier - with energy, worthy the best application … But not in it an essence.

Using the beaten and jammed example - a set of genes at all, unique how fingerprints (and where here “equality“?) and therefore - features of a metabolism at all differ, let in slightly - slightly , but nevertheless differ.

I conduct it to the fact that at all at us the different, in particular, structure of a skin secret - is included into it sweat, skin fat etc. And if the different structure then and different began to smell it, and ability to react with other substances.

It is known that the spirits caused on skin change the smell. By itself, in hot day moreover if nearby there is no shower, even refined aroma will be muffled by sweaty armpits, but also without it, at careful and faultless respect for hygiene, spirits all the same will change a smell. Some consider that similar change testifies to quality perfumery - not absolutely so. Any will change, it is even juicy - tear means, just aromas of qualitative perfumery are thin and refined, and it is easier to find their metamorphosis .

Change of a smell of perfumery proiskhoditiz - for the fact that the substances which are a part of fragrant means react with a skin secret: at once after causing spirits numerous and most difficult chemical reactions of interactions of spirits and skin allocations begin, as leads to the fact that at you these spirits will smell so - that, and at the girlfriend - at all in a different way. Even what you had dinner today, can strongly change a smell - try - to try couple Zubkov of garlic, and then to cause some spirits. Only do not smell - ask somebody to estimate result...

A conclusion from all this idle time. Namely: each person - unique, each of us - identity, and what well to one, at all not necessarily will suit you or someone else. So to do how to pick up to itself aroma? You do not hurry, you surely learn it.

Next time we will talk about subtleties of “structure“ of perfumery, about what you, probably, did not pay attention to yet - and it would be worth turning .