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Advice to the beginning copywriter. How it is necessary and how it is not necessary to write articles?

So - you decided to become a copywriter. That is - to write texts and to sell them. Today this profession is in the increasing demand, and time others can why and to you not to try?

At once there is the first and main issue - what to begin with? It is possible to order on the Internet some course on a copywriting. In their network it is enough now - masters of a copywriting (as they think of themselves) with pleasure impart experience with “younger generation“ at the same time earning from sale of courses. But here it must be kept in mind two important points. In - the first, on the Internet there are many free grants, video lessons, and articles of a copywriting. Get acquainted with them, esteem, look. Perhaps, to you there will be enough free information to begin to write most, or opposite - to throw this invention. In - the second before ordering a paid course (and to spend the terribly earned), it is desirable to collect as much as possible information on the course and on his author. At a present stage of development of the Internet when all is known of all, it does not make big work. On own experience I can tell what among paid courses is really good and useful. But is also absolutely empty for which it is a pity to spend not only money, but also the place on the hard drive.

And - here you at last wrote the first article. Not the fact that you will be able to sell it. At all not because you something it is worse than others and if for the first time it did not turn out, then any more it will never turn out. No, of course not. In - the first, as we know, the first pancake always a lump. Ability to write texts (as, however, and any other ability) comes not at once and not in itself and as result of long and persistent work. It would be a little self-confident to expect that your first article will be a masterpiece. In - the second not any, even the qualitative text is at once bought. I will not concern rules of work at the exchanges of a copywriting and specifics of this work, I will note only one. Even the skilled and highly skilled copywriter, having offered article for sale, does not foreknow, will buy it or not.

Nevertheless how to write texts that they were bought? It is obvious: if well written text can not be bought (but can buy!) badly written text will definitely not be bought! By no means apart from myself the large expert in a copywriting, I nevertheless decided to share the, still brief experience. I hope that my councils will be useful to the beginning copywriters. So: how it is necessary and how it is not necessary to write articles?

1. The first and indispensable condition - literacy. That literacy to which we were taught at school: “æè“ and “øè“ write with the letter “and“ and all something like that. All right, if you somewhere forgot to put (or put superfluous) a comma is still half-troubles. But, if your text is a mash from typographical errors and spelling errors - you simply nobody will perceive seriously. Even if article in itself is written remarkably. Generally, if literacy at you limps - use Russian textbooks, spelling dictionaries. Besides, the editor of texts the Word has the built-in spelling. She does not guarantee absolute reliability, but - preserves against gross blunders and typographical errors.

2. Try to do without filler words. In informal conversation we, being not able to formulate accurately and it is clear thought, sometimes we begin to mark time. And here to us filler words, type to the aid hurry: “here“, “means“, “so“, “thus“, etc. In informal conversation it is more or less tolerant. All of us not Tsitserona. But, when such words are much scattered under article, it becomes similar to a dump where among mountains of verbal garbage useful thoughts occasionally come across. There is no wish to read such article. To buy - especially. Of course, absolutely it is impossible to do without such words and turns. Often they allow to formulate more accurately thought, or to smoothly carry out transition from one subject to another. But, if a similar turn can be cleaned without serious consequences - clean! For example: in the “So, Misters, Today We Begin a Copywriting Course“ offer - the word “so“ obviously superfluous. It is quite possible to do without it: “Today, misters, we begin a copywriting course“. Without filler word, the phrase became clearer and accurate.

3. If you do not write the treatise on some especially scientific subject, then try in - the first, to avoid special words and the turns clear only to a narrow intimate circle, and in - the second, not to turn article into the page from the textbook or the encyclopedia. If your text is similar to something, it seems “... from the point of view of banal erudition each concrete individual has the right...“, chances to sell it almost zero. If you enter special terms into article - try to explain them to the uninitiated reader in the most available form. And still. Your immediate goal - that the reader did not fall asleep on the course of reading article. From there is conclusion: do not write the texts in dry encyclopedic language, you enter non-standard turns, unexpected associations, proverbs and sayings. For example, I could begin the article about a guillotine approximately so: “A guillotine - the mechanism for implementation of the death penalty in which the edge falling by gravity cuts the head of the convict...“. They are to eat - from purely encyclopedic definition. Instead, I began it with the description of an illyuzionistsky trick in which “the main character“ is the guillotine. And, in my opinion, such beginning of article is capable to interest and intrigue the reader much more, than dry definition in which, by the way, and needs - that is not present any. Really: what is a guillotine - the reader knows also without your explanations!

4. Articles for the text exchanges cannot be written from the first person. In articles for the personal blog or for “School of life“ it is quite admissible. But, in texts for sale, such turns, as: “I think“, “in my opinion“, etc. it is necessary to avoid. As a last resort it is possible to write: “according to the author of article“, etc.

5. Article size at the exchanges is determined by quantity of signs (without gaps). Article should not be more, than 6000 - 6500 signs. If she too long - hardly anyone - that buys it. Generally, in a copywriting as it often happens, brevity - the sister of talent. But, of course reasonably. The text which size less than 2000 - 2500 signs too, most likely, nobody will become interested. So, try not “to speak in a circumlocutory manner“, devote article to one, concrete subject, you do not seek to embrace immensity. If article all the same turned out too long - try to break it into two articles. If you have a reverse situation - it is impossible to fill the minimum quantity of signs in any way - be engaged in collection of information on a subject. Rummage on the Internet - something will be always.

And - the most important: write. Maybe yours the second and third articles will be not so hot masterpieces too. But you will get the hand to yourself, will begin to see own shortcomings. Having written the text - read it to somebody (whose opinion you respect) aloud. In - the first, you receive an assessment of the work. In - the second, reading article aloud, you (I know from own experience!) you will notice those stylistic and grammatical errors which missed when just ran the text eyes.

So - write. And everything at you will turn out!