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How to pick up spirits? Traditional ways

you sometime tried to pick up spirits and so that they suited you? Well and how progress?

Abundance of perfumery production in our shops, salons, on trays and counters of any manner - embarrassingly. With involuntary nostalgia the Soviet years when there were spirits “Red Moscow“, “Red poppy“, “Dzintars“ and, maybe, still a two-three of names are remembered. Colognes also calmed imagination not - a variety - “Threefold“, “Shipr“, “Carnation“ and so forth.

Choose to yourself a smell (and do not limit in anything yourself) and use it though all life, thank God, standardization in Soviet period worked: the smell created in old post-war did not change up to reorganization. In those days with affection articles about scientifically - technical progress in the Science and Life magazine - well were read and that that news those were age in several decades, in our country and it never before did not see before … to

at us Now - a “market“ era. In other words, in relation to a situation - everyone “self-expresses“ as he is able. The range in outlets does not give in to calculation up to that tens of options of perfumery with the same name appear. Unless you could assume sometime that, for example, fifth “overcoat“ happens French, Dutch, Polish and so on … It appears, happens. Tempted - and even the ordinary person - without effort will feel a difference between them. Another thing is that to it, the consumer, it will be pleasant - the original, the frank fake poured in a gate, or the license copy .

By the way, tendencies of the European Union in the perfumery industry do not please fans of aromas. Smells which part “allergenic“ components are will be forbidden soon (if it did not happen any more), they will be replaced with synthetics with the corresponding result. Fortunately, our country is not included into this doubtful company yet. An exit from this situation quite simple - we will buy the “versions“ of perfumery intended for consumption out of the European Union. For example, many Asian countries love natural, original versions of spirits - and at the same time very well pay. So - not all is lost, the “real“ spirits will be made, despite intrigues.

Every year in the market several tens, and even hundreds of names - the real qualitative perfumery appear. We do not talk about the “klopomor“ sold in cheap supermarkets.

Despite huge efforts of masters - perfumers, on expenses of money, time and forces, not so each aroma will remain in the market for a long time, only units will live more, than two - three years, and only the chosen masterpieces will get national recognition (for example, fifth “Chanel“, “Fiji“, “Opium“ and so on).

Most of consumers are subject to certain stereotypes in the choice of perfumery. One of the most widespread - “the best spirits become in France“ . In other words, it is enough to write on a bottle “it is made in France“, and the success at the inhabitant is provided.

Really, the world center of perfumery culture - France. Here the cult aromas which are smelling sweet during generations were created and created.

But production of spirits in France - at all not the most mass in the world. After development of aroma (if, of course, everything turned out properly and the smell went to “production“) firm - the developer operates his some time - usually a two-three of seasons then he or sells somebody the license, or begins serial circulation by means of subsidiaries - producers.

Also it is not necessary to be indignant! Unless producers of consumer electronics, cars, cell phones - yes you never know still what not also arrive. Judge for yourself, if the developer is engaged in mass production - yes at it neither time, nor forces, nor desire for anything another will not remain! And so - “cream“ is skimmed off from the new name, and let somebody will be engaged in satisfaction of public another. The developer will receive license assignments and to create new masterpieces. Division of labor, you understand …

of Shop, making perfumery, is in the countries of Europe, in the Middle East, in Egypt. However, as also experts, recognize the further from France located production, the worse quality. And so, bulk of the “French“ spirits sold at us - such is (I repeat, we do not consider liquid of not clear origin, perfumery not being at all, and more likely carried to klopomor or, perhaps, to the chemical weapon …). To find the original products made in France (let even not the developer, and - it is simple in France), in England, even in the USA, it is possible only in large, luxurious and expensive shops and boutiques.

Other stereotype - advertizing . Impact of advertizing on minds of the population - separate and very big subject therefore we will stop as spoke once, “ęîđîňĹíüęî“.

It is obvious that it is impossible to transfer a smell both in printed materials, and on a TV set - especially on radio. Advertize style , character - as the creator of advertizing understood it, - firm - the producer or the developer. Advertizing recommends us an image which someone decided to connect with these spirits. It is unclear? Yes where is clearer. Remember a roller - the star walks through a suite of rooms, on the run undressing and, eventually, remaining the naked child at all. Or the known deodorant - in a roller the guy who used it becomes so seductive that turns into a chocolate, and unscrupulous fans bite off from it pieces …

Often advertizing has very little general with the valid product. Concerning one fashionable youth drink it was noticed: the unique advertizing campaign allowed to make cheap, in fact, swill one of the most popular brands in the category.

In the world of advertizing - as well as in many other spheres, - money predominates. The most beautiful, intelligible (persuasive) advertizing not at that product which is the best of all, and at for what paid more. Moreover, I noticed an anti-tendency: than dryanny goods, especially advertizing, persuasive and aggressive at it.

Conclusion: the choice of goods only on advertizing, especially such goods as perfumery - absolutely unreliable enterprise if, of course, you want to choose perfumery , but not a beautiful flakonchik or a color box .

The next way - to choose according to “descriptions“ spirits. You met such things and in any female magazine is: “You were born in morkovkino Shrovetide? Then your stone - a cobble-stone, your color - it is gray - the drill - crimson, and your smell - marsh or musty“ .

To esteem such (as it is correct: articles, notes? The devil only knows!) records it is entertaining , is rare - is amusing , and never you benefit from them . The real astrologers, for example, know that splitting people into twelve groups and the offer to each group “a horoscope per day“ - full profanation and charlatanism, actually everything is much more - much more difficult. Keep in mind, the presents astrologers on a TV set do not act and forecasts do not publish in newspapers.

In the same way - “this aroma is intended for natures vigorous and active“ . Listen, I am sure that even Manilov considered himself by business nature. Or - “a smell of the charming, desired woman“ . You are familiar with the woman considering herself not - charming and not - desired? Moreover that publicly admitted it? You do not make laugh me.

Some firms - distributors in the form of additional service offer of “description“ of spirits . In that case you receive the description of an image which, according to the originator , would owe suit these spirits. As a rule, this image turns out from impressions of the originator of aroma or according to the taster. In other words, all this only subjective opinion of some person even if and considering himself as the expert, and this opinion can not coincide with yours at all. It is not much more advantage of similar descriptions, than from “astrological“ recommendations unless for your calm: you to yourself “chose aroma vigorous business - vumen“ - and what from the fact that you sit the housewife already quarter of the century? You will declare where - nibud on a visit that here such spirits - and at heart it is pleasant, and, besides, the conversation to keep up...

Sometimes it is possible to meet recommendations - to read to structure spirits, and already from the list of components to draw a conclusion. It is interesting that you will tell about taste, a consistence and appearance of a dish, knowing that are its part flour, eggs, milk and oil? Pancakes? Fritters? Rich pies? According to similar recommendations, all this is same … Besides, admit, you know how smells ilang - ilang? And in combination with musk and a wood moss?

So also this “way“ turns into empty concussions of vozdusy.

How to find the spirits suitable for itself? How not to sell too cheap, to fall into a trap unscrupulous advertisers and not to throw out money for rubbish? About it is next time...