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Crocodile pear - a miracle - a fruit of

So it for fruit such and from where it came to us?

is an avocado for an extravagant type of the fruits, deserved a nickname - “a crocodile pear“.

Avocado this subtropical plant of family laurel which came to us from Central America. Its homeland Mexico. The word “avocado“ comes from language of ancient Aztecs from the word “ahuacatl“ that “the yaichkovy tree“ means - most likely from - for forms of fruits which hang on trees in couples, reminding of man`s anatomy.

Fruits of avocado appeared on our counters rather recently, and not everyone knows how to use them and what from them can be prepared. Now avocado can be bought during the whole year, the chief supplier is Israel. to Buy

, it is desirable, soft fruits, but even firm perfectly ripen within 2 - 5 days if to wrap them in a newsprint and to leave at the room temperature. In the refrigerator it is better not to put unripe fruits, they will darken and

Scientists will deteriorate and botanists carry avocado to fruit. It surpasses beef meat in caloric content twice. In 100 g of pulp about 200 calories contain, it is the most nutritious fruit in the world! BUT saturated fats no more than 20%, and other “good“ fats. But, what bouquet of vitamins and minerals! Salts of potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium and phosphorus, vitamins - A, C, D, E, K, P and group of vitamins B which help to protect our liver from harmful substances, to clear walls of vessels of cholesterol, increasing their elasticity.

Oil of avocado is applied in medicine to treatment of diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, at gastritises, at a hypertension, diabetes. Leaves and peel are used as a helminthic.

In the cosmetic industry oil is used for preparation of creams and lotions.

In house conditions it is very simple to prepare a face pack and a hair:

is Enough to knead pulp of a mature fruit to a condition of gruel and to apply on the cleared face skin or roots of hair for 15 - 20 min. Then to wash away warm water.

Especially well a mask is suitable for the dry and dehydrated skin. This mask fills skin with vital energy, does it smooth and looked younger.

The pulp of avocado almost does not contain sugars and fruit acid, has pleasant taste of a walnut.

of Avocado very useful and nourishing fruit, and in itself already an entertainment, is only enough to knead pulp, to salt, pepper and smear on bread. And if to add the hard-boiled egg and it is a little mayonnaise, fine paste for breakfast will turn out.

A in combination with shrimps, chicken in salads, sauces and soups of avocado - just objedeny!

Eat avocado, usually, crude because it contains tannin, from - for whom at thermal treatment - tastes bitter.

As pulp of avocado quickly darkens, it needs to be sprinkled juice of a lemon or lime. There is one more surprising way to force avocado not to darken: it is necessary to return a stone to already kneaded pulp of avocado only.

Here several recipes from avocado.

Glaukomole - sauce.

To crush pulp of avocado, tomatoes, chili pepper in the blender, to add greens, salt, pepper, garlic. Well approaches meat, chips.

Avocado soup.

2 avocados, 100 g of low-fat cream, 450 g of milk, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, salt, pepper.

To crush pulp in the blender, to add, milk, cream, salt, pepper. Who loves

more sharply, it is possible to add the Tabasco sauce. To cool in the refrigerator, to give, having strewed with small cut green onions.

Avocado grapefruit and shrimps salad.

1 avocado, 1 red grapefruit, 100 g of the cleared and boiled shrimps, salt, mayonnaise.

To cut avocado in half, to take out a stone, accurately a teaspoon to get pulp, without injuring skin. Pulp small to cut, add a shrimp. To peel grapefruit of skin and partitions and to crumble small. To salt, add mayonnaise, to mix and lay out in avocado halves, or on a pillow from the crushed lettuce leaves. To allow to be drawn.

Avocado strengthens a smell of a fresh cucumber therefore it is possible to add a cucumber, grated on a grater, to salads.

In spite of the fact that avocado a high-calorie product, the diet for weight loss exists: in 3 days - dumping 1,5kg.

Breakfast: ½ avocado is filled with skim cheese.

Lunch: ½ to cut some avocado pieces, to add boiled egg, a small cucumber, green onions.

Dinner: 90 g of slightly fried beefsteak, ½ avocado with cottage cheese.

In the conclusion I want to tell that avocado leaves - just champions in absorption of harmful impurity and, especially, carbon dioxide! Therefore I advise to put an avocado stone at home. The tree quickly grows and will please fans of house plants.