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How to unite the people? Secret of bread - the sun of

walking with the friend Once - the Englishman in the Chinese city of Suzhou, I saw the Uigur family which baked flat cakes directly on the street. The Uigur flat cake is similar to the Uzbek. I was captured by instant pleasure. I wanted to buy and taste rather hot bread and told about it to the friend.

On his face the disgust grimace appeared. It waved hands. We stopped in the middle of the road, and I listened to the story that in Brunei here also the friend bought carelessly on the street flat cake. Without knowing about anything, bit off a piece and long could not get rid of nausea. It was awful! Bitter from surplus of a curry and some pro-rancid oil. I felt disgusting taste of that, Bruneian, flat cakes and desire to experiment right there was gone.

And still next time when we passed by that ill-fated cart, some force attracted to it again. I wanted to try, but I muffled a rush. The voice of prudence held me some more days.

That significant evening we were at a concert of classical music. Planned to have supper at the Mexican restaurant which was in other part of the city. But when we left the hall at a quarter past eight, it became obvious that already late to go where - or. On foot went to the nearest Singapore restaurant. Made the order and received the overdried rice and tasteless spinach. There were both restaurant almost hungry.

Our way passed by that cart with flat cakes. Time came to night. Around crowds of people scurried about, and near the cart there was a brisk trade. The tandoor burned and exhaled magic aroma.

“I want to try at least one!“, - povinuyas to internal call, I resolutely declared to the friend. To my astonishment, he did not state any objection. After inedible Singapore brands of flat cake seemed not such terrible poison.

Without delaying minutes, I approached Uyghurs and bought flat cake. Right there broke off a piece and was surprised - a yum-yum! My surprised friend read delight on my face and carnivorously stared at flat cake. He could not believe that this bread can cause so many positive emotions. Slowly bit off an edge, and his face lit up! Without stopping, it continued to eat. I returned to Uyghurs and bought one more. Until we reached the house, ate up all bread. Exchanged glances and understood each other. We could not wait to come back to the cart and to buy still at least on one.

To our arrival in the tandoor the new grain sun kept up. The cart was surrounded by about ten Chinese, steam of Hindus and the huge Black. All patiently waited in line. Crowd it is bewitched observed how harmoniously there was a work of bakers. Uyghurs made the accurate movements as street circus actors in well fulfilled representation. With only one difference that did not entertain, and fed public. Likely, in it there is some drive - to bake bread at all on a look.

And devices at them were, as at the wandering circus actors. Tin cart similar to a big box. In the right corner - the tandoor with an opening from above. On the left side of the cart as on a finishing table, the test spheres covered with cellophane were in a row spread out. The transparent film was appeared through by barmy Koloboks. Spheres rose from heat of the burning furnace. Coals in the tandoor shone and caused a stare of passersby. Persons of observing were inspired, how at ritual execution.

Bakers was two young guys and absolutely young Uighur in a long national dress, dark trousers and the scarf tied on the head. One of guys watched the furnace. His workmate thinly rolled spheres, shifted flat cake to the holshchevy convex circle similar to a big glove. It held with one hand a tray, and another evened the edges of the test, forming an equal beautiful form. Then punctured the middle with a mortar with needles, strewed with damp sesame. Greased back part of flat cake with water and accurately molded to a furnace wall.

When flat cake kept up, that which watched the furnace hooked it a tin scraper and, holding with a spike, tore off flat cake from a wall. Then clung and pulled out the magnificent beauty from the burning den. Here such wonderful transformation happened at me in the eyes. Bewitched by an unusual show, I stood in a circle of the diverse people united by modest flat cake...

Bread - the only product which people use, irrespective of their main preferences. Meat eaters and vegetarians - everything love bread. It is a product which all people have in a diet. And recipes of its preparation practically do not change since emergence. The relation does not change to it also.

The subject of the Uzbek flat cake, as well as value of any other bread, is inexhaustible. She reminds someone the childhood, to someone years of youth, and someone will remember the native earth with its generous gifts. Bread keeps unique secret of pleasure and a unification. Fragrant newly-baked bread is capable to give pleasure and pleasure to tasted.

Pleasure is not an award for virtue, but virtue; and we enjoy not because we conquer the passions, but, on the contrary, because we enjoy, we are able to conquer the passions “, - Spinoza in 42 Theorem of “Ethics“ wrote.

The pleasure exerts positive impact on a physical and mental condition of the person. Bread satisfies not only hunger. It is a respect symbol for many people, the embodiment of traditions and ceremonies. In bread there is something magic, not giving in to an explanation. People look for ways to pacify passions, try to find means to unite the people. And bread from time immemorial carries out this function.

And there is a wish to tell: “Eat with bread! You look how it is done, a postoyta in line for flat cake. Let this turn will be from different people. And flat cake will be identical to all - fragrant, excellently tasty, reconciling and calling to a consent!