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Why at the airport an etamayzer?

the Plane - a fast, convenient and safe type of transport. The statistics claims that it quite so in spite of the fact that most of Russians adheres to other point of view. High safety is ensured by many people, from designers and pilots, to organizers of flight and ordinary technical specialists.

The main task of staff of security services of the airports - to make everything depending on them that nobody prevented airlines to fulfill the obligations for transportation of passengers and cargo delivery.

Acquaintance to security service begins with examination before flight. That examination took place with the highest efficiency and the smallest inconveniences for passengers, various technical means are applied.

Perhaps, the simply and habitual - a cabin - the metal detector, a frame in all growth through which some should pass several times until in pockets there is any metal subject about which the owner simply forgot.

Contents of bags and suitcases are examined by means of introscopes. From devices more abruptly - an etamayzer and a vaypertrayser. Services had to get expensive devices with unclear names effectively to prevent a bringing of explosive and other dangerous substances aboard the plane.

Before change an etamayzer train, allow “to smell“ dangerous substances. The calibration sampler with particles of explosive and drugs is placed in the device, and he remembers smells. Further, if the subject containing molecules of the substances “sniffed“ by the device gets to a chamber the alarm system will work.

To define whether the passenger had a contact with substance, it is necessary to carry out on hands by a rag of special fabric, and then to survey a working sampler in the camera of the device. It is possible to check the person even without his presence. It is enough to wipe with the same fabric locks and handles of suitcases and bags from baggage. Traces of the explosive which visited hands remain on all objects which the possible terrorist after contact with it touched.

The facilitated portable option of an etamayzer - the vaypertrayser - for researches tightens in himself air as the vacuum cleaner.

It is capable to determine potential danger of liquids by LQ - the test. For the analysis of liquid it should not be filled in in the device, and it is not even necessary to open capacity, the sensor into the corner of a vessel is enough to drive.

In an arsenal of the employees ensuring safety there are a lot of means. Sometimes they bring upon passengers trouble which to prevent quite on forces to passengers. For example, often it happens that the foreigners who visited our edges for the sake of hunting forget cartridges in hunting equipment.

Ammunition is withdrawn, the relevant documents are processed, it is necessary to pay a penalty. As a rule, indignation of “victims“ does not have a limit. Bunglers do not reflect that if the unfortunate boss was found not on examination of security service, and customs officers, then a penalty business would not manage, smuggling - a penal crime.

Other “hunting“ problem is based on distinctions in the legislation. For example, in some countries hunting knives are not considered as the weapon, but if to find a knife during examination our security guards - it is necessary to reconcile to punishment.

Be attentive.