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How to reduce barley from an eye? To the one who does not see this world...

only the one who passed through these torments Will understand me.

At first - awkwardness in an eye. And you with melancholy understand: there will be barley. Then - pain when blinking, a slight itch. And at last, blossoms damned in all beauty: the redness, the hypostasis running approximately, a headache, temperature, in an eye “pulls“, itches, it is difficult to blink … In unfortunate mirrors of your soul without tears you will not look.

“the acute purulent inflammation of a hair sack of an eyelash or a sebaceous gland of Tseys“ against weak immunity is caused by a bacterial infection. However, we will lay aside the theory and medical terminology. How to get rid of this misfortune - here in what a question.

There was time, barley tortured me - there are no forces. Will not manage to descend from one eye - appears on another. As the fighter against an experience I will dare to consider various ways of eradication of barley. Perhaps, it is useful to someone.

Way first. We take the enemy on a fright

the main thing Here - effect of surprise. It is necessary that someone, having glanced in your not clear eyes, simply spat in them. Barley has to be frightened and “sit down“. By the way, once on me this way worked. However, another time I began to wait for a miracle spittle, and a fright already, by itself, it did not turn out. So the method, to a great regret, did not work any more.

Way second. We burn out red-hot iron

Well, not iron, it I was enough. Some recommend prizhech barley at an initial stage alcohol (vodka, cologne), brilliant green or to put garlic (certainly, a fresh cut). Personally never helped me, barley all the same appeared and in addition from garlic the burn was formed once. Though, perhaps, I was guilty - overdid, overdid for greater effect.


Way third. Aha, burns!

Still hunters are to put to a sore eye something warm - svezhesvarenny hard-boiled egg, for example, or baked onions. I warn: this way is very artful! Such experiments are pertinent only at the most initial stage of a disease, here it is important to seize the moment, the abscess was not created yet. And if the moment is missed, and you will begin to soar already ripening barley, unreasonably inflated eye will be result. It is checked on itself.

Way fourth. We uproot

to me advised to pull out Once that eyelash which hair sack is inflamed. I do not undertake to comment because did not decide to test a method. And thank God, I think. By the way, do not take in head to squeeze out also from barley pus - it is fraught! It is better to touch in general a sore eye less.

Way fifth. We fool barley by fine words

In other words, we try to tell fortunes. You will laugh, but it helps! Something in barley is mystical: for example, at me once it appeared after one “good“ person of minutes five admired my eyes, fixedly in them looking. Maleficiated, in a word. So, here an example of plot from barley.

It is recommended to do as soon as the first symptoms of a disease appeared. A ring finger - if barley on the left eye, the right hand if on right, left, - we lead round an eye counterclockwise three times, sentencing: “Let you will have no name, as at this ring finger“. Then three times the same finger the sore point should be crossed and to spit out three times through the left shoulder. Procedure needs to be carried out three times. Strange, but works perfectly.

Way sixth. The medicine will help us!

Here everything is simple and clear to

- any miracles. Several times a day we drip banal albucid, and for the night densely we impose an antibiotic. Tetratsiklin, for example. In three days everything will pass.

And finally - about prevention. Yeast, misters, yeast. The benefit, they are available in capsules, with various vitamin supplements now. Also give you God that the barley misfortune avoided.