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How the atmosphere at Red Square for the last two decades changed?

Red cheeks of the smiling portly girl cause in me valid delight. Not without reason in the people noticed: “The maiden all right! is red“. And correctly did! It - as the sun, pride of the village, the enviable bride, future hostess of the country yard. And there is a wish to fray it for red cheeks.

The Red Square in Moscow is very similar on Russian “to a krasn the maiden“. The one who visited it, will never forget it only because it really one such red. I often was here in the childhood, and later at all nearly an every day as studied at institute in a two-three of hundreds of meters from the Kremlin on Nikolskaya Street!

Heels of days back I was surprised, having purposefully paid attention as far as the atmosphere at the Red Square changed and as people were changed that she is visited. I compare it, present, to that that was earlier, nearly twenty years ago. I admit, behavior of some people at Red Square which I saw in May, 2010, struck me because it was impossible nearly two decades ago. It is impossible!

I shoot a look through time at the contemporary history. The beginning 90 - x years. We with my friend and two classmates, students 1 - go (or perhaps and 2 - go) a course leave Istoriko - archival institute on Nikolskaya and we stamp again on Red Square. The same warm month looks May in windows of citizens. Those years lines for products and cigarettes according to coupons were business habitual and universal. Not to surprise us with it. But what we saw at the Red Square struck even our young, but strong imagination.

Like a supernatural, antique python - a hydra streamed, coiling, line of gray people on a gray stone blocks. The head of a python - hydras disappeared in the mausoleum. I remember, all “python“ looked faceless, one-color. Then the choice of clothes was still small in our shops, and people carried improbable quantity of gray and dark things. And I put on then dark trousers and a mouse jacket from factory of men`s Bolshevik suits, known in the USSR. So, we, students, joined a turn tail.

I remember how there was a soldier of protection from GUM much. Along turn militiamen in darkly - blue shirts and peak-caps also strolled. All of them - both soldiers, and militia, and secret agents in plain clothes - watched closely us, that is Muscovites and guests of the capital that came to look at the embalmed Lenin`s body. Gray clouds that day heavy weights hung over a gray stone blocks, over gray people in gray clothes. Nobody made a din, laughed loudly, talked smut. We in the depth of a brain hid thought that a step to the right, a step to the left - execution. If was tired to stand - suffer. Or come off a body of “python“ and blow home.

Around correspondents of the western TV companies with huge television cameras darted about. What was remembered: operators! These overseas fops, as ill luck would have it, got on on themselves spacious, bright clothes. Easy multi-colored windbreakers, high sneakers with white laces. And maidens - reporters caracoled in the flying dresses, sharp-nosed shoes and bright boots on a thick platform nearby.

One of them then approached us, to young students, and began to ask questions: “And why you came here?“, whether “You understand that you stand in a queue to look on a body long ago at the died person?“ and other.

We began to wave away from the Frenchwoman and her bright operator (they were a staff of some national French TV company), as from an overseas fly. You never know where the policy in the country could turn, again! And here we with the interview. Still “vypnut“ from institute. Not for this purpose we crammed Talmuds that on the political line to be deducted. So, when we waved away from annoying natives of the homeland of Napoleon, militiamen and soldiers with disapproval looked at our moves because any excess movements on the Main square of the country were not welcomed, to put it mildly. Then we waited in line, saw Lenin and quietly left a gray stone blocks of the area. Everything became quietly, slowly.

There passed nearly twenty years. Second half of May, 2010. I at Red Square. For the last years I, of course, here was more than once, but for some reason did not pay special attention to changes in its atmosphere . And here bright, dazzling day was given. The heat is abnormal. Any dullness, as twenty years ago! Crowds of Muscovites, guests of the capital, foreigners. All are dressed in bright, motley summer clothes. Women in the flying dresses with deep decolletes, some at all in translucent topics.

Pass - skirts honor at every second, on men white trousers (I also in them). I got accustomed: and as these maidens from naked, esteem, a breast allowed on the square! And here still madcaps: obviously students of an initial course (as we twenty years ago!) were insolently filled up on a stone blocks and have a rest, chew something, drink “Coca“! They lie on a stone blocks also bliss out that was strictly forbidden earlier! These youths are afraid of nothing any more: machine gun fire over the head to be detained and hidden in “monkey house“. Kids flop on the Red Square covering buttocks and parents continuously take a picture of them!

Young little girls and young men bawl in everything (!) some songs and nobody to them a hand twists a throat, writes out penalties. And one more company from children struck me at all: they lifted the smallest companion and directly on the Main square of the country began to throw him in air and to catch, that is to swing! And at the same time made a din all around! I was surprised: and where militia? And militiamen seemed even more unearthly: not only that they are dressed in bright and pure shirts now (it is not dark - blue as 20 years ago!) so still they became democratic! Type: “You rustle, children, roll, chew, tourists. Only do not disturb the public peace!“

I similar loyalty in heart of Russia! Oh, times! Oh, customs! And still - a heat and everywhere fountains. Some and are not present - many irresponsible citizens climb in fountains in the same Aleksandrovsk to a garden of the Kremlin! And nobody fines them for it, drives! Approach is democratic, type: “Hot, children? Freshen up in fountainlet! Same your country and your water beats from - under lands through fancy sculptures to present with a cool in this hot day“. We such relation also did not hope twenty years ago. Offensively!

With a swarm of the above opening I was standing directly on zero kilometer of our immense country. It absolutely near the Historical museum at Red Square. From there is a counting of all main thoroughfares. It is very symbolical. From the Kremlin, from Red Square, Gorbachev`s reforms began with “zero“ kilometer. We and move now historically from the marked “zero“ point. And from Red Square. Where - will show the future. But for present Red Square to me it is joyful - its spirit exchanged . Other became on it the atmosphere . Bright people, loud, shumlivy, laughing. Everything well and festively, it seems, but …

But nevertheless whether it is time “to wrap nuts“ and to hit with law force to violators for hubbub and strongly frank decolletes on the Main square of the country? And that is a pity, however, that twenty years ago everything was much more strict for us, same young and merrily. I - not the reactionary, but want - to tell all to the maiden that with deep cut sunbathes on the Kremlin stone blocks, lines from Leonid Filatov`s fairy tale “About Fedot - a Sagittarius“:

And you will get on rozhon with

I Will take out a saber from nozhon!

You though to me and the girlfriend

But an order has to be!