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On a visit in the German house. How it will be pleasant to you?

of Libe lezerin, Lieber lezer, guten tag. Dear readers, good afternoon! We will lead our today`s Berlin reporting “from guests“. Also we will go on a visit to the sweetest seven western Berliners. Or rather, the head of the family - really the Berliner, the engineer, and his spouse - the typical “inhabitant of the German Far North“, that is, lands Shlezvig - Holstein, the Slavist and as likes to call himself, “the naive Chukchi girl“. However, whether often to you cynical Chukchi girls met?

So, we gather on a visit. The fact of visit in itself is rather remarkable - if you are invited to the western Germans home, especially to a dinner, this sign of sincere and long-term sympathy to you and warm trust. Usually meetings take place in cafe behind a cup of coffee with cakes or somewhere outdoors - to pogrilit, drink beer or white wine, to have a talk... Business this usual and very frequent. Visit home - quite another matter.

The invitation becomes solemnly and very and very in advance. “You come to us last Friday this month, by nineteen o`clock, Jacqueline will prepare absolutely tremendous duck with raspberry sauce“, - it is said to you at the very beginning of a month that you managed to like thoroughly and to plan everything properly. Refusal in case of the invitation to the house for lunch or a dinner in Berlin is impossible.

That is if there is an earthquake on Prussian plains, to a tsunami to Spree or a volcanic eruption where - nibud near Potsdam or directly on Aleksanderplatts, you, of course, will be able to cancel visit. But if the swagger - mazhor is not expected, the invitation by all means needs to be accepted even if for the sake of it it is necessary to transfer less important issues and visits. If you are zvana with children, it makes a reservation in advance if children are not mentioned in the invitation - means, you are invited together, and it is necessary to think of that with whom there will be this evening children in advance.

If you are zvana “on a duck“, “on aysbayn“, “on fruit pie“ - it means usually that in the menu will be only a duck or aysbayn, or pie. One dish - but in enough. As a rule, this dish - “the culinary fad“ of the hostess of the house. “Ńņīļčń˙ņļ˙ņü“ than vases with mayonnaise salatika, snack - is hotter - sweet as it is accepted in Russia, will never be present here.

What pertinently to bring with itself if you are zvana for dinner to the Berlin house? Here discrepancies are it is unlikely possible. The bottle of rather expensive French dry wine and a beautiful bouquet of flowers, is better than light roses on long stalks. And all. More than anything. For God`s sake, no exotic is necessary. Our ladies, especially from the generous Ukrainian earth, like to bake an intricate house cream cake of kilogram on one and a half or a heap of pies, and men - to take with itself a big bottle “Smirnoff“. This you should not do. The house pastries brought with itself if you are zvana for dinner, are inappropriate and can strongly offend the hostess of the house. And vodka... Well, it is conversation special.

It is not accepted to be late. Five - ten minutes of delay are that maximum which you are able to afford. If it is necessary why - or to be late slightly longer, it is necessary to call and warn, having referred to a good reason.

You will be met by the host, as a rule, will offer slippers (so it is better to take providently with itself shoes and replaceable boots), aperitif and survey actually at home. All questions of planning, admiration of an interior, an okha and an akha are absolutely pertinent, the main thing to praise what really is pleasant to you. And then you will be invited to a table. As a rule, very beautifully served. Berliners attach to beauty of laying great value, everything will be sustained in one color scale; if it is a dinner - that there are candles at beautiful candlesticks.

The ceremonial dinner is a certain solemn action. The duck, raspberry sauce, is a little wine in high thin glasses - and conversation. Slow, detailed, quiet, as a rule, on a neutral subject. Attentive owners listen to the guest. And it is rare when happens differently. The guest sets a conversation subject, the guest develops this subject, the guest is practically the soloist, and only when the subject sputters out, conversation is slightly slowed down, the hostess of the house an unostentatious question recovers it, sends to other course, and further - again listen to guests.

Germans “from good families“ study art of a table-talk since the childhood, are able to bypass in the most delicate way all acute angles and to smooth involuntary misses and awkwardness. During a dinner follows by all means two - three times - no more - to admire culinary art of the hostess and grace of laying.

But here the dinner is ended. If you smoke, and owners do not, it is necessary to think of cigarettes in advance. If any of owners smokes, cigarettes or cigarillos will be offered you. And now, as a rule, there comes your time to listen. You ask questions of the house - both the owner, and the hostess excitedly will tell you about how they bought or rented this house as they equipped it - well and so on. Questions of a hobby, of school and student`s days, of parents, of the hometown, of children are very pertinent.

Political subjects in conversation can be touched only at the initiative of the host. And in any way differently. If conversation on policy in the Berlin house did not come, guests never begin it the first, as if seductively was to discuss the last statements of Frau Merkel.

This lovely conversation is interrupted by the hostess of the house, offering dear visitors of coffee. To coffee usually serve cream, sugar and small cinnamon or macaroon goods.

Coffee - final part of visit. Usually couple of cups of coffee - that necessary and enough adequately to finish both conversation, and visit. After the second cup of coffee is drunk, passes minutes ten before a ceremony farewells.

All necessary warm words are told, all delights are expressed. Evening is complete. And now your turn to invite already to itself home. And too strongly in advance, and too only on one dish.

No surprises in ceremonious, dullish visits to the worthy Berlin house should be expected - and thank God. But fully you feel what it is accepted to call “modest charm of the bourgeoisie“: charm of tradition, good education and worthy, not for show, quiet, convenient burgher way of life. Very much and very attractive, it is necessary to tell.