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What is fear?

What is fear?

A signal that I approach border -

to border to other chain of development,

to transition to other plane of perception.

Why transition to other plane causes

feeling of fear how negative definition, and

feeling of delight how positive definition?

Any consciousness at the heart of the flat.

More precisely: it is rolled in rocking the planes.

Here system of coordinates:

Axis of twisting (development).

the Antidirected vectors:

Destruction (it is conditional: minus) and Creation (it is conditional: plus).

the Center of their branching - Sokhraniyeniye.

Restriction axis.

the Antidirected vectors:

Denial (it is conditional: minus) and Recognition (it is conditional: plus).

the Center of their branching - Abstraction.


Infinite creativity and admiring infinity.

It also formed the conditional center of preservation of abstraction.

Consciousness out of time.

In space and time define consciousness:

estimated function and the becoming isolated sequence.

Estimated function - definition of degree of comfort

in a relative point of the plane of presence.

Estimated function keeps the continuous analysis

of all recorded options of development of presence

and a possibility of detection of other options of development.

Realizing the presence at a common ground

of all opportunities, the consciousness nullifies the estimated

function in the presence plane.

All allowed opportunities become reality.

What shakes or bends the presence plane, -

are the waves of estimated function formed by influence

of the becoming isolated sequence.

In my perception such process creates

effect of the movement of the caused point

in it and a certain system of coordinates.

As it is that fear is not present.

Arise various estimates of succession of events at change of events.

Why transition from one development to another is sometimes not noticeable,

A sometimes causes strong experiences?

It depends on concentration of attention.

If attention is disseminated, then all it seems not clear and a lot of things frighten.

If attention is concentrated on direct presence,

that in consciousness everything becomes clear.

Pay attention to the attention,

not to its separate moments,

and to attention in general.