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About what the zavalinka rustles? Rustles about that, about this...

I Played a cunning trick in heading - the zavalinka does not rustle already. It just does not exist more. Unless only at the lop-sided lodge of the lonely old woman...

From the rough working word “fill up“ was born i soft, tender “zavalinka“. It was so fallen in love to the people that by it began to call folklore ensembles, competitions and festivals, cafe and coffee houses, newspapers and the websites. However, vodka too: Zavalinka vodka - soul of the company (advertizing). There was on TV a New Year`s Zavalinka program, however in a novogodya on a zavalinka the fifth point can be freezed. But in the summer - ah, as well on a zavalinka!

The zavalinka is an earth embankment - a heater around a rural log hut. If one after another, then it looked so. At first the framework - a timbering wreath high at two and width from half-meter became. Some owners knocked together it from boards, but generally braided from Oreshin - as a wattle fence. Oreshin in the wood probably - it is invisible, and though during that time of the wood foresters still protected, to allow to cut it on a zavalinka - sacred business.

Then the formed space filled who with what: sawdust, straw, peat. But in most cases covered with earth. And, though on the lower wreaths used logs from especially strong breeds of trees, at the end of spring disorganized a zavalinka, that is threw out the earth outside, - the measure was directed to drying of a bottom of a log hut. In the fall when coped with ogorodno - field works, buckets waited, shoveled the earth, dried and returned back.

There was a zavalinka and in the subfield - for the same purpose. It was taken away too by boards that the earth was not showered. Put pumpkin on a zavalinka, in a corner stuck bottles with kerosene for lamps. Happened that women dug in in it banks or bottles with moonshine. I remember, years already passed twenty five since disappeared “Moscow special“, and one grandma at us in the village dug out of a zavalinka in the subfield on a wedding of the granddaughter the whole box of this veselitelny drink! I just arrived to holiday - in the village to so many conversation was about this miracle! The box as a museum piece, stood in the alley while young people went to the Village Council, and all village came to have a look at it. And the grandfather was afraid around and sentenced all: so as it I? Kazhonny year corrected this zavalinka! And the grandma whether forgot, whether the konspiratorsha such was … The case is this as the same grandfather spoke, “time fell on a tyshsha, and even on milyyon“.

was valuable a zavalinka at the house the fact that it from spring to fall served as a promenade, a disco, a sit-round gathering.

I undressed, the raskomarivala,

On a zavalinka sat, talked!

To a herd prigon on a zavalinka scarfs and podozhka, later - sunflower seeds, an accordion, and absolutely in night - whisper, kisses …

Oh, my dear settled down, felt valenoks,

I Will sit with you on a zavalinka!

Yes, by the morning it became cool. But:

On a window the floret loves to a polivanyitsa, children love

On a zavalinka to a tselovanyitsa!
Many chastushkas are sung by

both about a zavalinka, and on a zavalinka. Nadezhda Rumyantseva in the movie “Girls“ at the same time here with this pripevka is For some reason remembered:

I filled in big does not love me to a malenk. Wait a moment

, big is filled in, I will climb on a zavalinka!

Only such brisk little girl could jump on a zavalinka that one growth to be with a zaletka.

Interestingly from the opposite side of the street to observe a picture: the old people on a zavalinka walk, there is a person by, the heads sitting as if on command evenly turn behind it. Passed - a subject for conversation. Lo and behold, still someone goes. And again a fizkultminutka - a neck turn in other party. When the movement more intensively, some no comments it was necessary to miss - were not in time. And passing by this jury low bowed and told cheerful greetings. And who poboychy, could also Pripyat:

By a droliny zavalinka I go and I do not breathe,

Is afraid his mammy - and suddenly I will charm!

the window Sometimes opened, and sitting received from the hostess of the house a dish with soaked apples or perzhenets.

We had in the village one harmful uncle who hated that on his zavalinka sat, be though his wife, and youth at night - to evenings - and do not can to think! To spite of the enemy did zaplt high, and filled lands, as well as it is necessary, on two wreaths: to sit down you will not reach and to sit, actually, there is nothing. Guys revenged it for it: will bind over a window a kartoshinka on a thread and tap, and at some distance.

At the most convenient zavalinkas and where owners are more patient (what, such were!) the earth was trampled down as asphalt. And on holidays exactly there took place all-rural dances and dancings.

On a zavalinka as if the place was available for everyone, but couples in some time moved on lateral face of the house where windows were not.

Well with you, a milenok, on a zavalinka to sit, What to the darling mother with you to watch

at us?

the jealous parties Clashing, more precisely, took seats on different zavalinkas, but in a zone of audibility and competed: that arranged loud laughter, sometimes forced, but that amicable, poisonous were thrown by chastushkas:

the Competitor red from a zavalinka I will survive,

Therefore I will survive - I hate red!

It is interesting that not all age categories used a zavalinka. Children, of course, ran, played kulyukushka (hide-and-seek). And on a zavalinka young women did not sit.

Days the last otgulivat my golovushka,

Soon, the girl, will not be on a zavalinka me...
ended with

of the Party - the husband near by, and with seniors - not on a rank was to sit. They also could ask: a pier, from affairs it was beaten out? That is redid all affairs? Yes unless when you will change them? So what on a zavalinka to sit?

The zavalinka did a log hut stocky, and when in the spring the earth was left, the structure was as if straightened. It was necessary to see in northern areas as highly there lift log huts and cages (economic constructions). Ugly look - as herons. The zavalinka is not necessary - skyscrapers do not happen to zavalinkas.

And we, in a midland when there came dear visitors to the house, after a feast had all to a zavalinka: and it is convenient to talk, and “have a look what guests at me!“. And if the host on pleasures touched, he was stacked on a zavalinka on a fufaychonka - and aside, and in people.

Except the keeper of the heatpreserving earth force, the zavalinka is a habit, custom, tradition. In a word, it as “rooftop of mine“:

I Will return to a lodge small, I will remove grief from soul,

I again on a zavalinka is not close to anybody...

I Played a cunning trick in heading - the zavalinka does not rustle already. It just does not exist more. Unless only at the lop-sided lodge of the lonely old woman...