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How not to frighten off good luck?

Are a bearded joke how the daughter calls mother and sobs: there is no husband supposedly long from work, it is visible, brought the mistress. And mother calms her: “Well you think of bad at once? Perhaps it just had an accident“ … The laughter laughter, but only about bad and the truth is for some reason easier to think.

Perhaps water some special, or perhaps we eat something not that, but only far more willingly most of people models negative outcomes of various situations. We are anxious in the most different occasions eternally: Whether “It will be possible to receive a prestigious position?“, whether “I will be able to earn enough?“, whether “The husband will stop loving?“, whether “The wife will change?“. We wait for a dirty trick, are eternally strained and internally collected. The feeling of danger lives in us constantly, we cultivate it, we let grow as we hair, carefully foster.

Probably all the matter is that still in detstveto inspired in much of us: the easy way will surely bring to a curve path! Here we also try - we do not look for these easiest ways, we do not try to act by the principle of the smallest resistance. Because we know well: only the suffering improves our souls, and all life - fight. And willingly we believe that obstacles surely have to meet and if they are not - something here not so, suspiciously!

We are convinced that the road to successful career surely lies through fire, water and copper pipes. And that happiness in marriage - a thing rare, difficult found and ephemeral. As my father likes to speak, prepare for the worst, and the best will come.

And we live in pioneer readiness, we perceive life in tragic, gloomy paints. “I do not know whether we will be able to go to holiday - for certain money will not be“, “How to plan the second child?! It is unknown still as there will be relations with the husband...“ and so forth.

From this also our life consists - counting on bad, we are afraid to rejoice to good. Firmly we believe that in a honey flank surely there is a tar spoon. Remember at least signs: to laugh much - not to good, to tears; everything develops smoothly and well - soon something precisely happens, wait for trouble.

Why does that happen? Psychologists explain this phenomenon simply: drawing itself terrible pictures, the person counts various risks and morally trains himself for failure that it did not become blow. Something like the protective mechanism.

Logically, but if to go too far in it, then it is possible to begin to program constantly himself on bad, here in what piece! The aspiration to safety, desire not to injure the gentle mentality can lead to the fact that the person will bring up from himself the loser. You wait for a failure - the failure happens. You are adjusted that all men goats and traitors, - receive and undersign!

Then if too carefully to prepare for the worst outcome, the best will precisely avoid. And that the most interesting when bad occurs, the person does not understand that he programmed the failure. Paradoxically, but he speaks to himself: well, here, I and knew …

But, notice, it happens not to all. Thoughts many just do not assume that something at them can go not so. Such usually call luckies, at them everything develops successfully: by itself there is a good work, money, is found in a family - the world and rest., It seems, they do not make any efforts, and everything at them turns out.

But, probably, it only seems because all of them put one effort - forbid themselves to think of bad. They do not “yakorit“ themselves on negative emotions and draw only positive results and pleasant pictures in the imagination. It is possible to call it somehow - positive thinking, optimism or belief in success, but an essence one: not to frighten off good luck, it is necessary to believe in it.

We will try?