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What it is possible to construct of a brick?

A we will try to construct mentally (once it was in practice) this court yard a brick behind a brick now. Literally this word.

Because in the majority domestic construction consists of an ordinary red brick. What it is possible to make of it? This question is really actual. Our life is “decorated“ by not “paradise“ problems - from where to take money, where to find the place for construction and whether there will be enough forces and ability to construct everything? Now, looking at accurate, even compact domestic extension, I can tell with confidence - will be enough.

Money and the place can be found, and to gain skills. All horizons, but within his possession are open for the bricklayer - the fan.

It is necessary to begin with something simple and to master a laying gradually, step by step, the brick behind a brick is more right. - to see quite fascinating occupation as there is a structure made with own hands, finished. As in the childhood to build it of cubes, only become serious. Interesting ideas for construction will always be much.

For example flower bed. It it is possible to recover a court yard literally for one evening. Any boring and uninteresting yard can change if in it to place several such flower beds. And if in such bricklayings to plant violent, pyshnotsvetushchy plants, the decorative green hedge will turn out. Behind flower beds much less leaving, than behind houseplants. Its basis needs to be made of a friable stone or brick fight for water drainage. The flower bed can be filled with any soil, even bought in shop by compost.

The brick and concrete blocks are ideal material for an ustrystvo of small decorative ponds. Depth of such pond can be small. It allows to consider the small fishes floating between water plants. If to put on the bank of such pond of a bench, the ideal vacation spot will turn out. Looking at water, well you calm down and you relaksirut. Well than not rest after labor everyday life?

For all these constructions a brick, of course, material number one, but not only. The artificial stone and natural boulders are not worse at all and in many respects is even closer to wildlife.

The most important element at construction of a pond is its waterproofing. If not to cover internal walls of a pond with any water-repellent structure (only not poisonous not to exhaust fishes), then water will leave a pond. It is possible just to put dense polyethylene with which cover greenhouses on a bottom. In a pond it is possible to start small fishes. The beautiful improvised aquarium will turn out. Frogs will lodge in such cozy vodovem.

It is possible to put also tables and chairs. Curbstones represent tables above, is lower - benches if to put a convenient board on curbstones. The sizes and types of garden furniture depend, clear, on its appointment. Under too long bench. always it is possible to bring an excess column that boards did not cave in. If a bench and a table nearby, it is important to sustain ratios of their height and distance between an edge of a table-top and edge of a bench.

In general, such furniture does not need too big delicacy. Anyway the furniture is pleasing to the eye and is very convenient for rest after day of work. And if from a brick to lay out a small summer kitchen and to start up any climber or grapes on its walls - rest and lunches in summertime will be simply magnificent. Labor everyday life then will seem less tiresome.

The summer is a small life as it is sung in the song. Davyte we will live her with pleasure.