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VISA and the additional card - councils Luda - 7 troubles one answer.

I Read comments “The ATM “ate“ a card. What to do?“ and I undertake the head.

the Mat (curses) - is possible - but is not effective.

Bricks is impossible - will find and will fine - 95% of chlenovreditel find. what I all this write

K to?

Dear readers, I want to share council:

1. Get a top the card, for example if your VISA get also MasterCard. You will not be left without money :)

2. Before “suvat“ the card in the ATM look at its validity period 07/10 - it means that it is valid till July 31, 2010.

3. If the card was eaten or the sum is not completely given, or not given at all and money was written off and the ATM did not give them - you were not lucky - resolve this issue only in bank (with 9 to 18 arm with the passport and INN with a code). Was in such situation what to do - equipment. You treat everything quietly. Even if money the last - keep balance. Remember: time, the required sum, the answer of the ATM, also do not forget to take the check (at failures it it will be obligatory) - this information to be necessary for you, for registration of “disputable transaction“.

4. If at you on the card always the last - get a credit card (not a big limit of $100), and in case of such problem use it, two days hold on.

5. Use “acquiring“ - pay services with the card. Why to remove cash? And if you are afraid of ATMs - withdraw cash according to the card in bank.

6. It is possible to block the card by support service phone free of charge from a home telephone number. For mobile short numbers - if of course are.

7. Pay attention to a condition of the ATM - malfunction usually (90%) is visible visually. And also pay attention to devices, unusual for the ATM (a slip or that that unusual) - now a lot of “phishing“ - frauds. In the instruction on the card it is described - when obtaining the map demand similar things - they are, they are obligatory.

I Hope to you helped, the summary:

the Additional card, a credit card (emergency), it is possible to be served in a network of non-cash payments (acquiring), keep calm, block the card from a home telephone number, you remember danger of a phishing, you watch card expiration date.