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What can improve an education system?

The fact that our education system became outdated and it is not effective many will agree with me. But just to tell

about it, and to offer nothing concrete is a generation of noise.

If you criticize, then criticize structurally! Constructive criticism often comprises an innovation element. Therefore we will dare to dream up, think up a little something new, but at first we will criticize.

The five-point system of an assessment of our knowledge is known to all since the childhood. She is convenient for teachers, it is easy to estimate the choice from five figures and takes the place in the cool magazine a little.

But this system has a big shortcoming - it comprise abstract figures. Yes, yes, you did not mishear us half-lives estimate in abstract figures, and then when we go to work and get paid, we are estimated already specifically height of our salary.

Learned the poem! Sit down five! And what`s next? What is concrete, practical, favorable to himself the pupil received? Praise? Why it? How the praise will help to provide it itself in the future? whether at least one teacher Will give to

a guarantee of success of the pupil in the future? NO.

From we will draw a conclusion here, the abstract assessment concentrates attention of the pupil on the abstract purpose but not on concrete. It is very bad, only achievement of specific goals does people successful.

And now we will dream up and we will imagine that the five-point system was cancelled, and instead entered Praktogramota. What is praktogramota?

Praktogramota - the Diploma, the missive issued by educational institutions for practical achievements, for skilled knowledge. Comes from two words: “Practice“ and “Diploma“ that speaks for itself.

It is necessary to pay attention that` ``praktogramota``` are not given for theoretical achievements but only for practical result.

the Practical result received by the pupil can be from simple to difficult.

Here to you example of simple practical result: “Has experience with a soldering iron. Duration - 100 Hours. Braque`s percent - 1,2%....“

Or here example difficult practicians: “Has experience in statements and achievement of the purpose. Purpose: The passive income of ˆ5 000 a month. Term - 5 years. Result: ˆ6 700 a month. Actual time expenditure: 3650 hours.....“

` of ``Praktogramota``` can be followed at will by documents, photos, and other certificates confirming their presents an origin. They do not comprise abstract figures, contrary to score system at schools. Only real data, who? what? how? how many? where? All this is written in a free form in the field of a praktogramota.

Now it is possible to assume safely, it turn out we on the place of the potential chief that it would be more important to us to receive from the employee, praktogramota or diplomas and characteristics. Of course the first.

I even moreover, at presentation praktogramot, most likely will become optional to show other documents on education, just in them there will be no sense.

And what pupil, future employee, or future chief, businessman or artist? Such system is better for it? Yes.

will become more interesting and more useful to Study, and not only for the pupil, but for his parents.

From the clumsy the son or the daughter to turn into the expert, the expert what parent will refuse?

He will not ask why to me trigonometry having pronounced musical bent.

I dreaming to become the guitarist or the singer. He will not ask

why to me literature having pronounced technical bent.

I thinking only of computers.

The excessive theory is not necessary, time to spend is not necessary on it. They will just study

in the area which was chosen and to receive praktogramota for the practical skills.

Remember! Skills are more valuable than theoretical knowledge!