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Whether we will forget the multiplication table?

- Petrov, so how many will be seven eight?

the Boy clings the small eyes to the second school desk of the third row. He does not even breathe, trying to consider something.

- So, seven eight? - monotonously the teacher continues.

- Five … desit...

- is good, continue.

- Eight … Fifty eight! - with relief Petrov exclaims. the Teacher hard swings

-headed …


Little shchuplenky Petrov with fists steps on the fat schoolmate. That scaredly moves back to a window.

- You what showed me? - offended hisses.

- the Calculator knocks, - tries to come true secured to a window sill. - My figure “shest“ is similar to “eight“ …


When they were not, nothing remained how to consider orally or if it is possible, in “column“ on a piece of paper. Sellers usually used scores. I so from school lessons also did not understand how scores can accelerate process. Subsequently the computer seemed to me much more conveniently and more simply. Now almost you will not meet the seller with accounts. All have calculators - and in mobile phones, and in any computer facilities.

Even people try to make the elementary actions on them. The more you use them, the it is more difficult to collect thoughts for the elementary oral account. The order is transferred not to the head, and to fingers which are ready to find quickly the necessary key and to set the corresponding arithmetic action. “Input“ - and everything is ready - on the screen the necessary sum. There is no need to strain brains and to think, was mistaken or was not mistaken.

Earlier the persons able to make fast calculations in the head were very much appreciated. It accelerated their work, orientation in numbers, especially in accounting. Now everything was nullified by the calculator or the computer if calculations rather difficult. The program in seconds will find all necessary data, will make actions over them moreover and will give beautiful listing.

It is so asked why to study division in a column and extraction of a square root? Whether it is simpler to leave this knowledge to professional mathematics? All the same we can count not all by means of a pen. In the twelfth degree we will hardly build number, and from it we will not calculate a root and even less so. We in everyday life do not use Fourier`s ranks and Galerkin`s heritage! And time should not be considered in a column, why to spend time for the multiplication table? The indignant reader, perhaps, will flare up: “How so? It is a basis of bases! Without it anywhere“.

Do not worry, I also so consider. In any case, to draw conclusions still early. But the future with extreme speed leans the all-powerful equipment. It is possible to learn a lot of things and to know well, but never in life to apply. There will be no need. Even the multiplication table, as well as many bases of arithmetics, can become archival material in the most remote back streets of memory. We do not study the become obsolete technologies of the past. Some of them are even lost forever.

And, in general, what part received at school and at institute of knowledge we use? You reflected? Scanty. And why to us the rest? For the general development? The nobility, where both what lies and what it in general exists? Reasonably.

One is clear: the account in a column is not actual now. Almost always near at hand there are computing means. And oral? the Oral account

It is divided

into two categories: exact and approximate (approximate). Exact - already precisely became obsolete. Unless someone has a hobby to train brains. Approximate - another matter. It is often necessary to estimate quickly the opportunities upon serious purchase or in business conversation. What you will spend that will go to taxes and, at last, what net profit. Here it is not necessary to accuracy. A rough, rough estimate - and it is clear how to run business further. Here just both arithmetics, and the multiplication table will help.

At institute our teacher of mathematics possessed ability to quickly estimate result in the most difficult examples. On a board the polynomial which each element has both numerator, and a denominator is represented. Those, in turn, are speckled by fractions, square and cubic roots. The lecturer, without straining at all, roughly counted result where rounding where throwing back fractional part. Classmates noticed that the number received in such a way always met with the answer to within unit.

However, and approximate calculation it is possible to make by means of the calculator too.

That all - further?

of Anything terrible. Everything will be solved in the natural way. There will be a need, will count also in a column. But I doubt that will be, - almost always nearby the calculator. If is not present, then the mobile phone for certain is present. Also the laptop will approach. Why, it is asked, the head at such equipment? But we, of course, will hardly forget the multiplication table.

I finish the next article. Three pages. There is no printer. I go to the next Internet - club and I give a flash card. The cost of one leaf - forty kopeks.

- Me two copies, - I say to the girl. That the fulfilled movement takes the calculator and enters “six to increase by four“.

- From you … - she puts on glasses. - Two forty!.