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Saint Gabriel: why the monk is considered the patron of shooters? “You can reach

the kind word and the gun bigger, than just kind word.“ (Al Capone)

For two thousand years of Christianity, seemingly, did not remain any profession which does not have the patron saint. Any is not enough - the malsky solid professional shop gets own heavenly defender.

Recently I learned by the way that the patron saint is available also for shooters. To kill and cripple - not a so charitable profession. And here just imagine, they have a Saint boss too! However, so far informal. Vatican for some reason hesitates, but fans to do some shooting already united in association and want to see the representative before the God`s throne of Saint Gabriel.

Unlike Catholic Saints who lived in immemorial times Saint Gabriel was ranked as passion bearers quite recently. He was a monk. Gabriel - the name accepted at going into convent. And in mortal life called its Francesco Possenti (Francesco Possenti) (1838 - 1862) .

He was born in the Italian town of Assisi known as the homeland of other Catholic Saint, Franziska. Continuity of generations: little Francesco was christened in the same font in which in 12 - the m hosted a century Saint Francis`s baptism.

Soon after the son`s birth Possenti`s family moved to the neighboring town, Spoleto where the father became the judicial official. In the same place, when the boy was only 4 years old, his mother died.

One cannot say that spiritual life strongly attracted Francesco. On the contrary, he carefully watched the appearance and did not refuse participation in parties and holidays. Among city youth of Francesco got the nickname “dancer“. He was also good equestrian and the shooter. And character the fellow differed not in humble. Happened, it was covered by wild attacks of anger, and it is good that at these moments in Francesco`s hands there was no weapon.

At that time in Italy schools and colleges of an award of Jesuits gave the best education. Francesco studied in city college of Jesuits in Spoleto and finished it with honors. Generally, the young man was quite ready to become the successful official or the military.

And here life began to push Francesco on the God`s path. In 1851 he almost hopelessly got sick and in case of recovery promised to become the monk. Recovered by miracle. But, of course, forgot the promise.

Another time during hunting it nearly got under a stray bullet. And again Francesco decided to devote the life to God. But promised again did not constrain.

Several brothers and Francesco`s sisters died for a short period, and in 1853 and he seriously got sick. And again doctors doubted whether the young man will survive. When doctors are powerless, it is necessary to entrust itself in angelic hands. This time Francesco was pulled out from a grave by recently beatified Andrey Bobola. As A. Bobola was a monk - the Jesuit, having recovered, Francesco decided to enter an award of Jesuits. And again further the decision and initial steps business did not go.

And here during epidemic of cholera the beloved sister Francesco, Maria Louise who actually replaced to him the died mother died.

When upon termination of epidemic Spoleto`s citizens organized religious procession to a city cathedral where there was the known relic, an ancient icon of the Mother of God, Francesco did not participate in a ceremony, stood on the sidewalk. But when by it carried by an icon, he suddenly clearly heard the sister`s voice: “And you for what remained in this world?“

Enlightenment forced Francesco to enter monastic order. In September, 1856 it accepts a name of Gabrielle and becomes the novice, and in a year - the monk. In 1859 he with group of monks settles in Abruzzky mountains in the town of Izola of del of Gran Sasso.

Here, despite abundance of fresh air, the first symptoms of tuberculosis were found in Gabriel. Those years it meant the death sentence. But the young man showed fair strength of mind and to the death, on February 27, 1862, kept rare self-control. Canonized him in May, 1920, having declared the patron of Catholic youth.

Whether there was in this life a place to a feat, from - for whom shooters apply for Saint Gabriel`s protection? Was, of course.

The matter is that monks with an ulterior motive got over in 1859 in the deaf provincial the small town in the middle of high mountains. In Italy war for association of the country raged. And - that can be only in Italy - this war was waged by two military leaders at the same time. The king Victor - Emmanuil II was officially recognized applicant for a throne of future country united from the North to the South. But hardly it would manage to lift Italians on war for unity of the country. It is necessary to know character of these people and its absolute unwillingness to be at war for any abstract principles to understand Giuseppe Garibaldi`s value. Thanks to the charisma, he became truly the national leader and the national commander. It moreover huge popularity of Garibaldi around the world, forced to be reconciled with the hero even of the French allies of Italy disliking him.

In 1859 Garibaldi conceived a campaign to Rome to overthrow still existing Papal state. With great difficulty the king managed to dissuade J. Garibaldi from a campaign to Rome. That dismissed “guerrillas“, but ordered them to be always on call and not to disarm.

Would be a mistake to think that these children orderly returned to houses and fields (which many just never before did not have). They did not want to work and were not able, and therefore went on small towns and settlements, being engaged in robbery and violence. Garibaldiyets concerned to monks and priests as to soldiers of enemy army, and did not take prisoner. Therefore the group of monks considered for the best to disappear far away in mountains.

But you run from war, and war comes to you. One of such predatory groups captured Izola. Higher, in monastic monastery, they did not go to mountains, and were engaged in a robbery in the town. Having heard from below shots, Gabriel Possenti asked for permission to go down in Izola from the prior. Perhaps, it can will be able to help someone?

Having appeared in the town, he saw on a central square of two marauders trying to rape local girls.

Apparently, the explosive character of Gabriel which is not restrained by monastic life made itself felt here. The young monk ran up to the tyrant and snatched out at him from - for belts the revolver. Having seen the “colt“ directed to it, the soldier obeyed to Gabriel`s order to release the woman. To the aid of the companion the second tyrant rushed, but it was disarmed to the same manners and too released the victim.

To the area other soldiers ran, being eager to be quit with the very young monk seeming an easy mark. In spite of the fact that Gabriel was armed with two revolvers now, the monastic dignity forbade to shoot at people to him. And marauders, though not kind, but, undoubtedly, Catholics, knew about it.

Perhaps, Gabriel Possenti could die for two years earlier if... If he did not notice the lizard sitting on the earth between it and the approaching soldiers. When enemies came nearer on sufficient distance, Possenti shot on a lizard. The well-aimed bullet demolished reptiles the head. Gabriel directed two revolvers to the soldiers who surrounded him and loudly asked who wants to be the following? Persons interested did not appear. Robbers abandoned the weapon. Moreover, by order of Possenti they extinguished the house which is set on fire by them and left the town, promising nevermore to come back here.

All residents of the town were witnesses of this true miracle created by the young monk. The exulting crowd saw the hero to the monastery and awarded with a rank of “Savior Izola“.

Yes, to overcome one shot the whole group of bandits, at the same time without having killed anybody, - a feat more abruptly, than to finish off some mythical firedrake...