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In what charm of the French cinema?

Ya think, quite often it happened to you to hear about somebody charm and refinement of all French including cinema. There is a certain charismatic and unique note there. At once it seems what only French so could make. Their sense of taste and style admires. So in what a secret?

Let`s consider the matter on the example of several movies of the famous French director Jeanne - Pierre Jeunet. We, of course, will not be able to construct an exact picture, but we will see important details.

By the way, about details. Small and, apparently, the imperceptible details which are skillfully noticed by the author amuse to a shower and to them rejoice as the small child. It is also the main style of work of Jeunet and much other French authors. To notice at first imperceptible, but painfully familiar.

It pretty often occurs in the business card of Jeanne - Pierre - the movie “Amelie“. Small pleasures, the director so calls them. Small, but together make happiness picture. Also and in its new movie “Losers“ (by the way, very much I advise), everything is constructed on the trifles weaved into a uniform chain.

We move further. Skill. Any director wants to shoot exclusive film, worthy the good viewer. Are exchanged for a pop-music for the people only in the conditions of the conveyor when the cinema appears more as business. The real cinema is an art! Art demands the master knowing the business. The French director always to trifles thinks over a plot, a plot, composition, a cast further according to the list. He attaches great value to the work, bears huge responsibility. He gives all the best completely. Jeunet, for example, after parts collected more than 20 years ideas to create such masterpiece as Amelie. But it was worth it! Here also the master`s hand is felt. The French cinema differs in perfect skill, it appreciates the viewer.

What emotional influence without music? Here one more secret of the French movies. Directors attach to music the extreme importance, on an equal basis with a plot. Sometimes we do not notice it. But it is worth presenting, all as if looked without it, even the best scenes will become faceless and boring. Jeunet some time worked with Jan Tirsen who, undoubtedly, is a great composer of the present. Having listened at least to music to Amelie, it is possible to be enraptured. Its music has that, primordially French charm.

Style. As it was told already many times, French possess exclusive sense of taste and style. If there is a wish to allocate something, then it always becomes moderately. Plasticity, simplicity.

In general, I told very little. The French cinema is the greatest school of art checked by time. Movies are verified not only on these points, but also on many others. Of course, in France there is also quite bad cinema, but we speak not about concrete exceptions, and in general.

But all - next time when you watch exclusive French movies, pay attention to those small details, to skill of authors and a film crew, to music and exclusive style.

Pleasant viewing!