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How to be a censor to the child?

you were revolted by article heading? You are convinced that your child has to grow free and itself to choose what to him to look and read? Well. But let`s think, and the choice of the child is how independent? I will give an example. To most of parents obviously that and vegetable purees are necessary for the small child of a squash, and sweets - are undesirable. But there will always be an adult who, wishing to be pleasant to the kid, will give him the first candy.

After that “race of uslazhdeniye“ will begin. Grandmothers and grandfathers, uncles and aunties will endow it with sweets at least not to lag behind others. Then advertizing will undertake the little consumer. Also she will call not for vegetables and porridges at all. And now start the grown-up child in a supermarket with the offer to choose that wants. For certain vegetables and grain in its basket will not appear.

Besides that sweets are more tasty, so they also wrappers have brighter and beautiful. Also lie on a counter so that the child directly was absorbed in them. As you can see, the law of the market such is that interest in the least necessary things is most actively stimulated. And the little man is just not able to resist these incentives. And if you allow it to choose always food, he will soon receive problems with health.

Therefore revolts nobody that parents define the menu of the children. Let`s return from food to education now, and we will see in these processes much in common. Health happens corporal and sincere. Health of a body depends on material food. And health of soul depends on spiritual food. That is - from the fact that the person reads that he watches what plays.

In biographies of the famous people it is quite often said that they grew up on books and movies such - that... To define on what your child will grow - no more authoritatively, than to control his menu. A censorship essence - control of information. Life experience shows that if you do not control the child - others will be engaged in it.

That feeling of pleasure when you put the child in front of the TV is for certain familiar to you, you press the button, and in the house there comes the silence. Little fidgets whom neither requests, nor terrible hails could calm a minute ago sit in front of the screen without moving within an hour or more, and disturb nothing you. But ponder as animated films powerfully work if they manage to capture attention of children so strongly. And not only attention, but also consciousness. Observe, and you will see that children aspire to all that they see in animated films. Try to imitate heroes, to repeat their words and acts.

So, they have one more tutor. Which can become the main thing if parents get used to calm children the TV. It is good when this tutor teaches what you also want. And if is not present? And so, it is necessary to give up a habit to get animated cartoons, just asking the seller: “To me something for the child“. And also with a habit to turn on to children the TV and to be removed on the affairs. If all this already was, I recommend to make audit of what they watch.

Sit down near, or see a children`s videoshop alone. But surely set aside far away the beer and be adjusted on serious viewing, but not on the weakened rest. Remind yourself that when it is looked by the kid, he will absorb in himself everything that will see. It is quite possible that you will feel ill at ease, after such viewing.

In modern animated films (especially western) it is possible to meet violence scenes, promotion of sex and homosexuality, disgust for a child-bearing, hostility to parents, foul language and many other things. Noticed such moments even in animated films which to me were recommended by good acquaintances. Remember that there are big differences in perception of the adult to which the movie can seem the cheerful parody (a striking example - “Shrek“), from perception of the child.

The little viewer has no accurate moral and social guidelines yet. And he will not apprehend the parody per se. Children take everything in all good faith. Remember classical fairy tales, and you will see that there good and bad, the good and evil very brightly are shown and are accurately divided. The different people, independently from each other, throughout the millennia kept understanding of need of such approach.

In modern works very often everything is mixed and put upside down. For example, honoring by children of the monsters (monsters, in Russian) conflicting with people is very widespread. While former generations read heroes - the people fighting against monsters. It is unlikely such revolution will take place in consciousness without consequences when present children grow up.

Approach when the adult always looks through previously all that it is going to show to children is quite reasonable. An exception are unless the Soviet animated films. I came to a conclusion that any of them can be shown to children safely. Such movie can be boring or ordinary-looking, but not badly acting on the child.

On staginess the Soviet animated films strongly lose to modern. But on educational influence, on the contrary, win more often. For an example, compare the animated films about Ilya Muromtsa which appeared in 1957 and 2007. On my supervision, when viewing the old version children ask those questions for which parents often wait from them. About the homeland, about respect to we frighten also others. Children watch the modern movie with open mouths, but ask nothing and do not specify.

I suggest to begin with old animated cartoons and to prolong this period longer. Then at least the foundation of morality of the child will be laid obviously qualitative. And from new movies to it all the same not to leave. Sooner or later, the child will inevitably get acquainted with all samples of a video production. Among them there will be many good tapes. But will be also such which form consciousness of the child not as it you would like.

It also is that not always useful candy which by all means somebody will palm off on children. And after the child already himself will demand “sweet“. So be not afraid of that, as if it what did not pass from your restrictions. Already in kindergarten children communicate who that watches what he plays also what favourite heroes at whom. And tutors quite often indulge children animated cartoons, thereby having received rest. Farther the school, friends in the yard etc. of

as a result your child will have all fashionable movies and computer games. But if the foundation for education was laid by you, it is already not so terrible to allow it. Children of school age very much are afraid to be rejected by social group. And they will go counter to parents, than peers rather. Here any more there is no sense simply to forbid.

Now it will be more reasonable to designate the position concerning undesirable repertoire. Can buy the grown-up child only those games and movies which you approve. And about the others - directly to say that you do not wish to give it bad of the hands. Do not doubt, it will get them. But already knowing your relation. And, most likely, will ask a question: “Why parents want to buy this to me, and it - refuse?“. Though sometimes and without strong-willed decisions not to manage.

Still we did not speak about printed materials. Traditionally trust it more. And it is possible, you are waited by not really pleasant opening after attentive reading children`s magazines. Books are more conservative, but also there it is already possible to find examples of poor quality.

So, when reading to children of one modern collection of the Russian bylinas I as if stumbled about words and itself could not catch sense. There was a feeling that a half of words of the text was just cleaned. And then found the old book with the same bylinas (in I. Karnaukhova`s statement) and at her reading derived pleasure already from how beautifully and melodiously the speech flows.

As for the TV, there for certain even more undesirable to you influences. Approach at which in the presence of children the TV is practically not turned on is justified. It is checked, it is possible. And nothing terrible neither with children, nor with adults from it becomes.

Certainly, on TV there are a lot of good and developing transfers. But you do not know that the TV will give out to your child in a minute. Today, when almost in each house there are a computer and a videoplayer, there is a set of worthy alternatives to the developing television programs.

And let not all in your hands, but all of you can make something. So try to make it for the children!