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Heroes of fighters are on sale? Sometimes. And it is very expensive...

the actors Loved by us often act in movies which suit not all. Or do not arrange all.

The last happens much less often, but if it happens, then risks to spoil image of the cool guy for a long time. These mighty pillars of a genre are not fated to play Hamlet (at best to parody). They are known absolutely for other movies. However in each soup there is the fly:

1. Dwayne “Skala“ Johnson . The professional wrestler Johnson decided that to him any mountains on a shoulder. Probably, the star role of Will Ferrel in the picture “Elf“ haunted him. Otherwise how to explain its aspiration to participate in the silly family comedy under the name “Tooth Fairy“? But if Ferrel as the elf looks quite organically (because the role of the idiot to him is congenial), then “Rock“ in similar role looks like the overage Robin Williams representing Peter Pan more. Dwayne Johnson in a silk pizhamka and leggings? Not a sight for the faint of heart.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger . To say scurrilous things about the head of California current (for the present) - a taboo. Nevertheless, there are movies in which roles I cannot forgive it in any way. About pregnant Schwartz in the tape “Junior“ I will not remember, it as a dreadful dream which there is a wish to forget somewhat quicker. However the failure of “Junior“ did not save Iron Arney from further attempts to show “versatility“ of the talent. What absolutely unhumorous, slow and frankly boring comedy “Gift for Christmas“ was result of. But even not it became the last blow in the most fan heart, and the “Betmen and Robin“ who left a year later. Let`s note also that each of the above-stated roles brought to Schwarzenegger 5 mln. dollars bigger previous, and as a result for all three “masterpieces“ he earned, neither more nor less, 70 million.

3. Bruce Willis - “Die Hard“ - long steered clear of doubtful, but so sweet opportunity to cut down easy money only on the star status. Nevertheless, dollars do not happen much. In 2000 - m to year Bruce agreed to participation in the fenteziyny comedy “Kid“. Not for just like that, by itself. Willis`s fee made 20 million. No, I do not call comedy talent of Bruce into question at all. Remember at least the “Moonlight“ which brought popularity to the actor a TV series. Or “Death to it to the person“? Even its voice in the tape “Look Who`s Talking!“ costing to producers of 10 million was more ridiculous and more various, than continuous mutter and a chewing of remarks in “Kid“. There is an impression that Willis every time before a double was awoken from a dream.

4. Sylvester Stallone . It is possible to argue long on what stone legendary Slay stumbled. Stallone looks tired already in “Rocca 5“. Then two comedies for which the actor was showered with rotten vegetables followed. He endured, but did not begin to experiment any more and returned to a big mochilovo. Up to the beginning zero he acted in projects not awful, but close to it. If “Rock-climber“ still was cheerfully, then “Destroyer“ and “Expert“ cast boredom and asked a brick. “Judge Dredd“? “Daylight“?

The only light spot in this series of roles on 20 million. apiece there was a movie “Hitmen“. And that thanks to the fact that in couple to the aging macho put ambitious and bright Antonio Banderas. The tape “Kill Carter“ in 2000 became deification of the slow movement under a hill. The remake of the tape of the same name of 1971 with Michael Caine frankly smells slightly of the transaction, unsuccessful, but profitable for Slaya. These 20 lyam were given it hardly - if attentively to watch Stallone on the picture course, apparently, that it is under hypnotic influence. Or it is called sleepwalking?

5. Vin Diesel - “A black hole“, “Forcing“, “Three X“. It seemed, to stop this powerful power source and rage not in power to nobody. And then made the owner of appearance of the hitman with voice of the severe maniac the proposal which he could not refuse. Diesel decided to have a rest from the image of a star of movies an action and, without thinking twice, agreed. Result in the form of a tape “Bald the nurse: A special task“ it is known to all. Nevertheless, the picture went off with a bang and even decently earned in hire. But Vin Diesel, thank God, did not begin to try spectator patience more.

6. Jet Li . The Chinese robust fellow Jet Li who promptly rushed into Hollywood movies “Deadly Weapon 4“ and “Romeo Has to Die“ never shunned to play negative characters, despite quite peaceful character. However producers of the guy deceived, having played on his patriotism and having palmed off on it the scenario of the third Mummy. The Chinese as the Chinese emperor - what can be simpler also than autentichny? Alas, movie “Mummy: The tomb of the Emperor Drakonov“ comprehended an unenviable fate of the majority of the tapes finishing the trilogy. The wise woman Rachael Weis, having read the scenario, at once understood that it is better to avoid this movie. Jet Li could not resist temptation of the eight-digit fee.

7. Antonio Banderas - from “Desperate“ (Desperado) to blank despair. Banderas`s career in general changed in time very fancy zigzags. At first it represented intellectual homosexuals at Almodovar. Then from an easy hand of Robert Rodriguez it suddenly incredibly twisted and turned into the long-haired macho covered by guns and so hot Latin checks. “Desperado“ was followed by “Hitmen“, “Zorro`s Mask“ and “13 - y the soldier“. And then Rodriguez decided to remove something for kids. Also invited the star to the picture “Children of Spies“. And you still are surprised how Banderas turned in thick red a tomcat in recent “Shrek forever“? It is worth stumbling … with

8 once. Mel Gibson . I precisely know why Mel decided to finish the actor`s career. A star of “Mad Max“ and “The deadly weapon“ decided not to die as the actor in the face of the admirers. Not everything it manages to be made in time. Gibson was in time. Almost. If there was no tape “What Is Wanted by Women“ where it in a shot shaves legs and tries to try on chulochny products. Do not misunderstand me, I do not refuse to it expansion of the creative potential, but, it, I`m sorry, already too. He agrees, it is perfect in style of a genre. But at the same time at all not in Gibson`s style. Thank God, you will not spend on drink talent, and Mel beautifully left on other side of a chamber. In 2010 it for a while returned in the picture “Punishment“. To pleasure of fans, in habitual role.

9. Jean - Claude Van Damme . It is possible to argue long about the last participant of this list. The matter is that actually Van Damme never was also a star of fighters. It promised, he long and diligent operated the image in sample actions of category B … yes and remained there forever. Many consider as peak of his career “A difficult target“ together with which in the States the maestro John Wu debuted. Then Van Damme fell into oblivion where stays still, having spent the remains of the talent for absolutely imperceptible tapes, the majority of which came to DVD at once. Recently Stallone offered it a role in the new movie “Uncontrollable“, however Van Damme made a knight`s move and refused, having referred to a weak portrayal of the character offered it. Well, Jean - Claude, you made the choice …

of Show - business - only half show. Therefore the aspiration of actors to improve the welfare can be understood. Eventually, it is their work. To someone to death bothered to scorch infinitely from the weapon and there is a wish to fool about on the screen. Someone just did not grow to that star status owing to which it could choose quietly roles, without being afraid that impatient producers will be tired to satisfy its whims, for the 100-th time rewriting the scenario. To us, the audience, it is only necessary to hope that the quality mark will not turn into a quantity sign over time.