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Cockroaches: how to get rid of the most ancient inhabitants of the planet?

Are possible, you heard a cheerful song about the company which sits at the grandfather at an oven?

“Have supper amicably and Four unseparable cockroaches and a cricket lay down on a flank


A song - that cheerful, and here that who lives in the neighbourhood with cockroaches is not enough pleasure. And you know that it is one of the most ancient insects? Its age of about 300 million years. In the nature, by the way, two and a half thousand species of cockroaches. Several tens “breeds“ of men with a big mustache chose house conditions. In the territory of the former Soviet Union about ten types were registered. In the people, fortunately, the rumor only about two representatives - red and black goes.

Cockroaches - one of the most “hardly uneradicable“ insects on the planet. War with them is complicated first of all by the fact that they are night inhabitants. The whole day of “usatika“ is spent in shelters and only in darkness go to “hunting“ behind food. People struggle with cockroaches many centuries, the most various ways and means. Now counters of shops dazzle with bags, syringes, tubes which producers promise death to uninvited guests.

The big arsenal of store means helps to choose the most suitable method of fight. The aerosol irrigates a surface and provokes an exit of the moustached neighbor from a shelter. Gels and syringes are effective too: a droplet about a rice kernel - the deadly weapon against cockroaches. Especially as by means of the syringe it is possible to leave poison in inaccessible places. To cockroaches it is convenient and cozy even in loops - veils. As all live gets used both to good, and to bad, and “usatik“ develop resistance to preparations. Now means of the fourth class of toxicity are widely used: they are less poisonous for the person, and accustoming to preparations goes more slowly.

It is only at first sight a cockroach - only a little and harmless insect. Actually they are mechanical carriers of infectious diseases which activators concentrate at them on pads, and then get on food. So quite often there are dysentery, tuberculosis, poliomyelitis. It is proved that at people with bronchial asthma attacks become frequent if in the neighbourhood with them there live cockroaches.

They come to houses without invitation and at once become “owners“. Shortcomings of repair by it only on a hand: our workers did not learn to putty plainly walls, and someone for certain unfairly glues wall-paper. And in them it is possible to arrange the warm and cozy cockroach dwelling moreover and to part huge posterity. By the way, at black cockroaches about 20 individuals, at red - about 100 are born at a time. Having seen guests in the apartment, we poison them with dust, we feed with “Mashenkaya“, we draw magic zigzags and circles a piece of chalk. Wash to you council: remember always Korney Chukovsky`s heroine Fedora whom purity helped to expel cockroaches. If you decided to start extermination of “lodgers“, surely make clear-out in the beginning. Then your efforts will definitely not be vain.

As post scriptum I offer two national recipes.

Bait : To mix 10 percent of boric acid with 90 percent of a filler which can be mashed potatoes, a biscuit crumb, porridge, an egg yolk. This “delicacy“ is deadly to cockroaches. Well, and if to add to it yeast, moustached insects will surely try food.

Trap : in bank (200 grams) on a bottom to put a piece of the white loaf moistened with beer - cockroaches just it is crazy about this smell. To tie a neck banks with bandage which end too to moisten with beer. To deliver to bank on a floor, and to lower the end of bandage on a floor. Cockroach, having felt a beer smell, gets on bandage in bank, and cannot get out of it. For this purpose the neck needs to be greased with a thin layer of vaseline. Only be not overzealous: a thick layer - rescue of a cockroach from captivity. This method well works if there is a lot of moustached guests.

Very much I hope that my councils and recipes will forever relieve your house of red insects.