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To mosquitoes yes to midges - a cloth a path?

As are pleasant warm days! It is possible to spend more time in the open air, enjoying bright beams of the sun, reveling in easy whiff of a breeze. Everything is good and together with us insects who quickly reacted to blossoming of the nature like to luxuriate on the sun also. Slightly became warmer, and importunate here.

It is thought, many will agree with great Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin:

“Oh, glorious summer! I would love you,

When not heat and dust and mosquitoes and flies“

All of us passed test importunate mosquitoes and midges. Especially in the evening, when there is a wish to enjoy luxury of a decline, these ruthless insects attack in all power. Satellites of warm days appear in April - May and disappear in September - October.

It is sure, everyone felt on himself “delights“ of stings of mosquitoes and midges. Involuntarily you think: some midges, and in a moment deprive of you a normal dream, prevent to have a rest quietly in the fresh air. Entomologists assure: stings of these flies not only are unpleasant, but also bear with themselves big danger - it is possible to ache with malaria, a tulyaremiya, anthrax, arbovirusny and other infections. Not incidentally all blood-sicking - mosquitoes, gadflies, midges and mokrets - neatly were christened “midges“. The dictionary of Russian of Ojegov treats: “Midges - the small flying insect, midges, and also any being doing harm“.

By the way, the abundance of snow and a spring flood created very favorable conditions for development of larvae. Therefore the forecast of entomologists does not please us. This year “mass meeting“ of midges is provided to us. Mosquitoes and midges attack usually in evening and morning hours, in the afternoon they prefer to have a rest in shady places.

Why we do not notice the sting moment? Yes because in saliva of a midge there are anesthetizing substances. Yes, the mother - the nature is cunning. When the midges were sated and departed, here then - that is available burning, an itch, pain, hypostasis. At a set of stings even temperature increases, there is an allergy.

Not to sadden the life, it is necessary to stock up with “ammunition“ of knowledge for fight against uninvited guests. This subject is especially actual for foresters, fishermen, hunters, mushroom pickers, collectors of berries, tourists - all admirers of open air. Apply the most different means to fight against mosquitoes - from branches of trees which sometimes help “to misguide“ an importunate insect, to expensive import preparations.

Good defenders from midges and mosquitoes - repellents - the means which are frightening off bloodsuckers. The benefit, now at us is their great variety for adults and children, in shops and drugstores. They can be chosen for every taste: cream, spray, an aerosol - that the soul will wish, for every taste and a purse. Well, and if you the adherent of traditional medicine, use recipes which my familiar entomologist shared with me. They do not allow blood-suckers suit “having a snack“ by means of your organism.

It is not so difficult to make broth of a Labrador tea and a tansy and to wipe with this lotion open parts of the body. Properties of some plants “to frighten“ wreckers are known for a long time. Not on temper to them essential oils - mustard, laurels, an anise . The candles made with additives of essence of a citrus , - natural means for scaring away of insects. Nice “medicine“ for stings can be prepared, having glanced in a kitchen locker. should make broth of carnation, to add cologne and to rub itself.

It is possible to prepare also such house lotion : to mix in equal quantities 9% vinegar, sunflower oil and shampoo.

And here to remove an itch, weak solution of potassium permanganate or soda - 0,5 teaspoons on a glass of water is necessary, and it is possible to use the liquid ammonia divorced water in a proportion 1:1. Well remove an itch juice from leaves of a thyme, parsley, mint, a bird cherry, a chistotel and compresses from grated crude potatoes. Use all these means carefully to avoid an allergy.

It is worth to remember also about juice of a chistotel. This plant always near at hand at the dacha will also reliably relieve of unpleasant feelings. If reaction from a sting went beyond all limits, it is necessary to accept antiallergic preparations, but only under control of the doctor. And all - it is better not to allow mosquito stings at all, than to fight against their consequences.

P. S. You, probably, noticed that to some mosquitoes do not even fly up? Do not grumble. In the people connect this feature with “delights“ of character of lucky persons. Mean insects in certain cases will not contact seriously sick or weakened by a serious illness persons. “Pishchalka“ at distance distinguishes quality of blood. The smell of sweat and, of course, the bursting forth health are attractive to them.

So if you were bitten by mosquitoes, - be glad to an excellent condition of the organism!