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Modern myths: knife fight.

For a start, we will disclose symbolism of a knife:

knife weapon of the hidden carrying and sudden application;

tool of robbers and hitmen.

the Knife,

in difference from a noble sword or a sword,

is not intended for the dug-out duel.

I, was applied to self-defense (historical digression) against unaided (not in time to bare the weapon) the aggressive opponent who designated the hostile intentions.

A, otherwise, to what this argument knife, as not for obtaining advantage.

Was used by commoners who were forbidden to carry (to own) the noble weapon (a sword, a sword, chekan, klevets, a mace, a shestoper).

Therefore, the term “knife fight“ - - is insolvent,

and seminars and trainings on “fight at daggers points“ - - deception of the consumer;

in the best case version of the sports meets,

which do not have any relation to real application of a knife.

I Suggest the reader most to make calculation of time:

1) conflict phase;

2) phase of making decision on application of a knife;

3) phase of disclosure (exposure) of a knife;

4) phase of application of a knife.

Each of these phases will involve the time expenditure from an individual;

and which of opponents will have a gain in time, at least on a fraction of a second to the fourth phase, that also will get decisive advantage: will strike the first blow with a knife. And, the person who received blow a knife, it already “the wounded person“. And that? That, at seminars learn: how successfully to conduct a battle at daggers points, being a wounded?! Perhaps, fatally - the wounded. I doubt that such situation can be simulated and ottrenirovat …

At “knife fight“ seminars is considered absolutely - an unreal situation when two opponents get up on distance safe from each other, get the (same) knives, on command approach and reproduce that identical stereotype which to them is taught by their adored trainer (by the way, the controlling process).

As will look this duel, we will tell in the platform of an electric train …

Four swaggering, hammer - push one. The fifth, not in time “to put in a snout“ so angry, gets “feather“ and sticks to the killed and demoralized single … Here and all “fight at daggers points“ …

of Any practical advantage, the person who passed “knife fight“ seminars in this situation will not be able to take since a stereotype absolutely other!

Situation “in private“? Please! And, there are so much collateral factors here what just cannot be considered at a seminar on “fight at daggers points“-.

Here to you offhand: - - suddenness of attack;

- - existence of an illness, fatigue, alcoholic intoxication;

- - presence of the child, woman;

- - density space, crowd …

I, each of these factors, is capable to increase considerably and irreparably time for implementation of necessary four phases! And, this-fatal result.

of the Summary: modern nowadays, for brutal men and the emancipated women, “knife fight“ seminars - - a kind of sports hobbies (for those to whom sport is interesting). Or deception of the consumer, the one it is really important to whom to receive real preparation according to the address and application of a cold weapon (in particular - - a knife).

P. S. Reality such is that the probability of a case of a home accident at the inhabitant is higher, than probability of attack on it with application of a knife.

It is enough to compare statistics of road accident and assaults!