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Homosexual discourse in the Soviet cinema.

Series: analysis of a discourse of the Soviet cinema.

Pseudo-scientific article, imitation V. P. Rudnev.

Author: Klevtsov Dmitry.

Movie “Adventure of the Electronic Engineer“,


• Scriptwriter: Evgeny Veltistov

• Director: Konstantin Bromberg

• Director of photography: Alexander Polynnikov

• Art director: Vladimir Lykov

In leading roles:

• Volodya Torsuyev is an Electronic engineer

• Yura Torsuyev - Sergey Syroyezhkin

• Nikolay Grinko - professor Gromov

• Elizabeth Nikishchikhina - Masha, the assistant Gromova

• Vasya Skromny - Makar Gusev

• Oksana Alekseeva - Maya Svetlova

• Maxim Kalinin - Reguluses

• Zhenya Livshits - Siskins

• Dima Maximov - Smirnov

• Valeria Soluyan - Cuckoo

• Nikolay Karachentsov - Uriah

• Vladimir Basov - Stamp

the Introduction phrase - the preface:

“Makar Gusev case of the Soviet homosexuality?“.

Summary of the movie.

a Film story about adventures of two teenagers, one of which … the robot - the android.

of the Event occur in the large city, the end 70 - x began 80 - x years. Stability, free high-quality training at school, does not do well to the boy by the name of Sergey Syroyezhkin. Inspiration of character brings to a meeting with the phenotypical twin robot the Electronic engineer who is properly obsessed with crazy idea: “to become the person“.

the Person Syroyezhkin enters into a collision to the Electronic engineer which right there includes it in the nonsense.

the Movie comes to an end utopian - fantastically: the public opinion brings Electronics of the proof of his participation in people (to initiation “into the person“); therefore the psychotic disturbing depression of the Electronic engineer is stopped and psychosis passes on following, parafrenichesky, a bredoobrazovaniye stage …

the Analysis of a film discourse.

In this parody to the American tineydzherovsky movie, is the interesting character schoolmate of Sergey Syroyezhkina-«vtorogodnik»Makar Gusev, by nickname “Goose“.

This “Goose“ - - the ordinary hooligan of the Soviet school “on duty“.

70 - - 80 - x was recommended years to the Soviet hooligans:

1) to be cocky - pugnacious;

2) to extort “twenty kopeks“ from those who are more modest (but is not weaker at all);

3) to talk smut;

4) to smoke cigarettes;

5) to take alcoholic drinks (777 port - - “hatchets“);

6) to have a self-made discharge knife in a pocket (“the brother from a zone sent“);

7) “to install a woodpecker“ in a thorax of schoolmates;

8) to be rude to teachers and parents (and in general all adult);

9) to wear a shirt without red tie (“a collar, mlya!“);

10) to be enough the bum of the most beautiful schoolgirls;

11) to decline to sexual contact of the most ripened schoolgirls …

Externally, the Soviet hooligans, were dressed provocatively;

of the person adults; look impudently; spit out - through teeth.

All these attributes are present also at the cine hooligan of “Goose“ …

All and not all!

That rushes at once in glaza-Gus shows unhealthy, male interest in Seryozha Syroyezhkin (the pretty boy with female curls) … Instead of oblapat sexy (even on pro-procession of thirty years from the moment of creation of the movie) the blonde, the Goose to aspire to corporal (it seems “friendly“) to contact with Syroyezhkin. Literally: instead of “to run for little girls“, he runs for the boy. And, having clamped in a corner, gently touches for buttocks and sentences by the getting-off voice: “You who? Damp - ushkin or Damp - popkin?“ - - jokes so …

When there is an absolute authority Electronic engineer, the Goose is forced to replace tactics: showing friendly sympathy, joins in the company of twins. And, continues to feel Seryozha already on the friendly basis: “Well - stop!, we will count pulse … we will bend a hand … we will check a leg“ touches, and Gusev`s enclasping follow all three series of the movie. At the same time, “the cool blonde“, having received signs of sexual attention at the beginning of a picture, from “normal“ hooligans - - all remained time misses. And fruitlessly plays the card of “intellectual interest“ - - boys are not interested in the blonde any more, and with enthusiasm continue the man`s games.

Is created the main triangle: Elektronik-Syroyezhkin-Gusev; with the jumping nearby, juvenile and undersized males.

That is interesting, the classical formula “the man makes all feats for the sake of the woman“, does not work at this stage of the movie any more, boys are involved in “the real man`s communication“. Where there are both an offense, and quarrel, and jealousy, and love, and treachery, and tears …

Thus, at this three, the Electronic engineer-asexual leader fixed on the crazy idea;

of Syroyezhkin-biseksualen, is inclined to concede to Gusev`s “courtings“;

Makar Gusev-is homosexual is the focused teenager - the repeater.

If to track an associative array: “goose“ - - “chicken“ - - “rooster“, will become obvious interpretation of this film discourse as “homosexual“.

Further succession of events, leads us to acquaintance to a foreign (“strange“) gang of Stampa-zhelayushchikh to kidnap the Electronic engineer.

A, “strangeness“ of a gang in what consists only of men. Have you ever seen anything like it (“The meeting place cannot be changed“, “Crew“, a newsreel of the Kazan group), that bandits did without women?! In a gang Stampa-zhenshchin we do not see even close. Stamp, walks up and down in a picture dressed in the fitting, white, women`s trousers.

Carries out the plan for taking of the Electronic engineer, the fighter by nickname “Uri“. It manages to pack the robot into a special suitcase: in process the Electronic engineer plaintively groans when Uri stacks (“puts“) it in (“unnatural“) pose, unnatural for the person.

further, the android will revenge Urri-sam will put that in a suitcase (“will put in an unnatural pose“) …

In a culmination episode - - a robbery in the art museum, the Electronic engineer is the witness of the act of group “sodomy“, with participation of Uri. Bandits on - turns, having used restriction of mobility of Uri, thrust (“push“) the stolen pictures curtailed by a roll - in a hollow subject (in a form the reminding gut piece) which the disguised Uriah holds in hand. On this scene, the Electronic engineer reacts extremely tensely, is disturbing rolling eyes.

Then bandits “force“ already the Electronic engineer, again having pushed that in a suitcase (The electronic engineer again plaintively groans and asks: “it is not necessary!“) …

From a suitcase - violence (“tyrants“) it is released by Uri. In gratitude for it, asks to give (“to be given“) to it very valuable pictures which they stole from the museum. - - The electronic engineer it is proud refuses, with words: “I do not need your millions!“

we will remember classical interpretation of S. Freud Here: “callas = money = a gift = a phallus = the child“ …

Finishing the analysis of the text of this movie, it is possible to designate it as the “homosexual discourse“ (ustar. “paederasty“) which filtered into the Soviet cinema 80 - x years, having bypassed censorship Over - the Ego of party functionaries.

March, the literature Used by 2010


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