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How is more handy to ruin the parent for inheritance? The short story

- Listen, Ksenia, of course, is sorry for me that your mother Elizabeth is so strongly sick, but you and me understand! I have the whole lots of its debentures, and I will demand anyway their compensation. We would solve our financial problems with it in the future, but it, I know, is absolutely bad. And money is necessary to me, and I do not intend to lose them, - with a pressure Galina Stanova spoke to the young girl opposite. - We are girlfriends with Elizabeth for a long time and, but friendship - that friendship, and money - business special!

Ksenia Evseeva, though worked the accountant - the trainee, but already perfectly understood that not return of debts is fraught with powerful troubles. She listened to Galina Stanova - old girlfriend of mother. Stanova and Evseeva - younger Ksenia sat in kitchen of the city apartment, and in the distant room Elizabeth Evseeva &ndash suffered from pain; Ksenia`s mother.

- It is not really pleasant to me to ask it, but who specifically is her successor? - Stanova asked.

- Well, in general our family - having many children so, besides me, two more of my elder sisters, the senior and younger brothers have the right to inheritance. And, also papanya - but they with mother long ago divorced, he will not begin to demand anything. And these four - two brothers and two sisters same successors, as well as I.

- is clear, - after a short pause Galina, &ndash said; but you I are sure, understand that if to share inheritance into five equal parts, then it will be not inheritance, and so, “to everyone - something“, but - anything serious? And from whom to me then are long to demand?

- Yes I understand, I it, understand. But where to put these sisters and brothers - that? - Ksenia let out a smoke ring.

- Yes, you will not put them, especially in such quantity anywhere! And what if your mother on you the will issues? What then we have?

- Well... Then brothers and sisters from inheritance are cut, and I take control of all property: the four-room apartment in Moscow, near the subway, the dacha in the quite good place and with a good site, numerous and expensive gold jewelry, jewels, bank accounts, money, actions and so forth. All of you also know it.

- I Know. And in this case you will be able to satisfy my monetary claims? - seriously Galina took an interest.

Ksenia rummaged in papers that was spread out before it by the guest. The trainee - the accountant, she looked at figures in copies of debentures, the total amount of debts of mother, quickly pondered over outputs - the credits and surely grunted:

- Without doubts! But this nasty law saying works that all children get inheritance equally. As you will cancel it - that?

- Me a situation is clear, - Stanova took a business form, - our task in the following: the will has to be issued on your name. And the quicker, the better. I will ask a direct question: how many to Elizabeth remained?

- That you so roughly tell it, - Evseeva zakanyuchit, but the guest resolutely repeated a question.

- Generally, at any time there can be terrible! - Ksenia gave up.

- So, my dear, we should hurry! It is necessary to prepare the will on you. Give - to me the passport data, copies of certificates on property on real estate of mother, and other papers. I undertake the notary, your task, Ksenia what Elizabeth would hold on to the moment of signing of her last document. Differently, it is necessary to divide inheritance into all your brothers and sisters!

- And suddenly she becomes stubborn to sign the will? - Evseeva - younger squinted an eye.

- Yes, it can be. But you try its medicine not to give it! To it it will become worse and she will sign everything. Just try to minimize a dose, but be attentive!

- But same is not humane! - you Want

humanely - divide into all the brothers and sisters! And them at you - as bees in a beehive! Also you will remain without portok as a result! You want it?

Evseeva was silent.

- Then do as I told, and everything will be in chocolate. Understood? - Stanova sharply rose from a stool.

there Passed week. Elizabeth`s condition worsened, improved. But in recent days sharply exchanged in the gloomy party. Drugs did not help any more. Or lost the efficiency. Anyway, pain and cough at the woman amplified. Sometimes she for a short time fainted, water in lungs all stayed, and from drugs, for some reason, simplification did not come. At one of such moments there were Galina Stanova, Elizabeth`s daughter - Ksenia, the unfamiliar man “very clean“ dressed with accurate the daddy in hands. The gaunt elegant lady of average years accompanied the gentleman.

- Mother, you should sign this paper. I to you will help to get up now. This man - our friend. So and yours - too, - Ksenia began to chirp at the patient`s bed.

Evseeva - senior has hysterically a fit of coughing again. The man patiently waited. Galina allowed to take to the sick woman medicine and asked:

- the Lassie, sign this paper. This man - notary. That woman behind - Anna - his colleague. She wishes well to you too. Sign! In papers here everything is competent, everything is correctly told.

Unfortunate Elizabeth took medicine. Through some time her consciousness finally cleared up.

- Who this man? - she asked.

- Well, I told you, mother, it - our friend. It brought you documents for the signature. It should be made. It is easier for you? I can give you still drugs.

- I was very tired. Everything hurts me. I will have a rest? - the oncological patient proshlepat dry lips.

- Of course! Here sign only papers, and I to you drugs still of ladies, and soup hot will bring. It is a lot of drugs of good ladies! It will become easier! - the daughter with a squint looked at the become gray face of mother.

The tired, exhausted Evseeva - senior waved a hand. The man quickly opened the daddy and began to read quickly: “ I, notary of the Moscow board of notaries... “. He continued to read, and the new wave of faintness rolled on Elizabeth`s consciousness. The notary did pauses during fits of coughing, but continued to pronounce unclear words methodically. Elizabeth fainted again. Ksenia began to bite nails from a nervous tension, but Galina suggested to act resolutely. It began to part forcibly the insensible former girlfriend.

- She Will sign, wait slightly - slightly! - Stanova calmed a beginner to show signs of impatience of the notary.

the Patient, it seems, recovered.

- We still will give medicine to you, - Galina, &ndash began to chatter; but paper should be signed!

- Medicine? - inertly Elizabeth asked.

- Yes, yes, medicine, and you will become easier! It is necessary to sign paper only! It is necessary! Elizabeth translated to

a view of the daughter. That peeped:

- Is necessary, mother! It is necessary! Evseeva - senior made by

over herself effort, rose on a bed. To it right there put some papers for the signature, Anna vividly rushed to a bed to support a back dying. The notary dictated, and unfortunate slowly began to remove letters in documents. Nobody dared to break the arisen silence. When all bureaucratic formalities were executed, all visitors at once jerked from the room, having forgotten even to give to the patient the promised drugs.

- Well, for you! - Galina Stanova gave a toast with expensive champagne. She sat with Ksenia at restaurant. They drank champagne, fir-trees of lobsters.

- As is tasty! - Evseeva - younger admired. - Where still the accountant - the trainee can so tasty and expensively eat? Ah, charm!

- is good that we settled all our financial affairs. What you will do farther on real estate? - Stanova sent a piece of a lobster to a mouth.

- Well, in the apartment - that the brother remained is registered: here I do not know yet how to arrive. Perhaps I will move him where - nibud. Though in a communal flat. And all my apartment will be. - Watch

, just like that you will not carry out it! And it will not be possible to move him. He knows laws. As, by the way, about giving: brothers, sisters, it seems took offense? They all with children small, and you got everything. And all of you grew up &ndash there; at the dacha. On my eyes, esteem. That is, family nest, as if.

- And what it you, Galina, such scrupulous became? - Ksenia bristled up. there is no

- Yes that you, just I argue. Look: you are all the same not married, childless. On which to you giving? A family nest the general - on which?

- Well, in - the first, I now rich. Who will refuse the woman with the big apartment in the capital, with giving that nearby and moreover with money, accounts, stocks, with jewelry! Will take now in marriage! At least local what. Will surely become interested. And that I all of foreigners “ kadrila “ them executed whims, flew as soon as call... Bezpoleznyak! These assholes only used, and in marriage did not take. I after failure with foreigners switched to our men. And these - to walk - walked, and in marriage, reptiles, nobody took! Now - absolutely other calico! I am a notable and rich bride to a noncha! And these brothers - sisters … Took offense, did not take offense... You know, Galya, on “ offended “ water is carried …

Stanova languished from the most tasty and luxurious lunch paid by the daughter of the died girlfriend. A certain warmth woke up suddenly for an instant in her soul:

- You to brothers and sisters though would throw something, perhaps, from mother.

- And I solved everything, - Ksenia tasted champagne, - I will give service in a box to the elder brother, it at mother for years stood. It all the same is not pleasant to me. I will present couple of chains and brooches to elder sister, serebryashik, values have no. Moreover ware to them I will pour out. I will give to the Menshy brother old furniture, but not all, of course. I now rich, will be a husband, the new furniture will be necessary to both him, and me! But also from old I will keep antiquarian.

Galina turned sour smiled. They kept silent. It was visible that both feel all the same ill at ease. - Listen to

, Ksenia, my opinion! - Stanova became serious. - Main thing now - to keep the mouth shut! If we strengthened treatment, Elizabeth could recover after signing of the will and, who knows, rewrite it! And then you would remain the poor accountant - the trainee, and I would receive hundred rubles a month from each successor on account of debts. And money extremely as was necessary to me! But now we with you - “in chocolate“! Why to divide inheritance into five? Then nobody would be happy! And so - to at least two us it is good!

the girl agreed With this statement. And Galina continued:

- And now we will remember your mother, my old friend, Elizabeth Evseeva. Let the earth it will be down! They drank

without clinking glasses. Galina advised:

- You these services, old furniture, brooches and polzovanny ware about which you spoke to me, them to your sisters and brothers, nevertheless do not offer! People will ridicule! This uniform mockery! Better, then at all report nothing to them! Hold the ground: in total supposedly the late mother of one bequeathed to me! And keep our secret until the end of the days, Ksyukh! Also I will keep it “under seven seals“ and I. We are with you in one boat, so to speak, forever now! We now not just girlfriends, but also accomplices, isn`t it?

Ksenia was twisted, but restrained from expression of indignation and began to eat again with concentration lobsters. Stanova was bent forward and is damp whispered to the daughter of the died girlfriend:

- You are silent? Look, now if that not so, both we will sink! I as required will not be silent! Everything will emerge upward!

- Yes girlfriends we, girlfriends! But - not accomplices. It - is rough! - the evil was confirmed by Ksenia. - Only I on myself will not allow to press: and I will not begin to be silent if you to somebody superfluous blurt out“ and the truth about Elizabeth`s death will come up on a surface!

“ Girlfriends “ with hatred in eyes for a second looked at each other. Only for a moment because soon masks of their persons exchanged on benevolent and smiling. And, at both at the same time.

- And of what to us to be afraid - that? Who what will guess now? The mummy in a grave carried away secret. The main thing, you, Galina, wholly received the debts and still from above, and I became the individual successor of all state. - Ksenia Evseeva with appetite sent a piece of a lobster to a mouth. - Let`s close this subject forever?

Galina readily nodded and exhaled a thin stream of a smoke from a graceful cigarette:

- I at you in the apartment, Ksyusha, an interesting floret in a pot saw. In a drawing room, in a corner. At a flower still small, numerous butonchik orange hang down. You will give shoots?

- About! It - not just a flower! It - handsome! Of course, I will give! About what conversation! And I still have an excellent hydrangea at work … from outside it seemed to

that two respectable fellow workers, different in age, or maybe even mother with the daughter, conduct heart-to-heart talk about technologies of a flower cultivation in house conditions.