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How to help the sick child?

I not the psychic it, tells everything anatomy, everything is explainable. Everything speaks on a body it is visible. Here, tells skull bones, here vertebras, sheaf muscles, and and so are connected. Here to you and pain reason. Four months treated the daughter, now everything is all right.

The marine serving insurance company . Several years, I suffered with the son. From teachers at school listened to pleasant little. From reasonable proposals of the school psychologist who gave many useful tips to roughness of the secretary of the director “why you here were only brought.“ A hyperactivity, such is there was a diagnosis as a sentence. And he speaks. “Your boy is sick, it is necessary to treat. And not to cry, not to sob, and to tell thank you that rages and breaks lessons, and that and was not known that your Ilyyusha is sick.“

A I to it that thanks means to tell, and at school abuse, and my forces are absent to fight against it any more. And he put Ilya on a couch. Sang some song. And put hands under the head, and, it seems, did nothing. And Ilyyusha calmed down, and minutes twenty lay down quietly. After procedure we long talked about that as that was during pregnancy as there took place childbirth. And here I remembered that as the obstetrician told “Give vacuum.“ He explained to me what is vacuum - traction, and its consequences. About that as can be shifted, at this procedure of a bone of a skull as blood outflow is complicated. Here and children suffer, without understanding what occurs. It was necessary to carry to us Ilyyusha in this clinic. He at first resisted, did not want. Then got used, we received medical treatment and now all problems with school behind. No who swears, all are happy. Here it is only strange - all see result and such hyperactive children there is a lot of though who would take an interest and where and how.?

Dina, cosmetologist . My daughter Esther the first steps in the life in its clinic. She was nearly two years old, but could not go. Though the diagnosis was established precisely. To me to lose was not what when we began to be treated - all doctors spoke, your Esther can and will not be able to go in general. Long we were treated, almost months six. And now we continue to be observed time in at a month we come.

Now remain to show the &ndash cards only; about whom there is a speech to whom drive to treat children. This is Aaron Gilman an osteostalemate from clinic “Doctor Social Revolutionary.“

Aaron Gilman - the comment to the stories told in cafe - This is true - as it cannot seem strange. But these lovely ladies work in one of high-rise buildings in the business center near the Diamond exchange. And sometimes occur in cafe at an entrance to the building. Dina was very first, and it others came from her easy hand to us. To women, in my opinion it is easier to transfer information. Turn attention, for work into telemarketing, the advertizing agent most often invite women. And in structures of network marketing most of employees of the woman. In our clinic, we gave help to many children having various illnesses, here both a hyperactivity, and lag in development and and many other things. All problems of health of children and adults, we with the God`s help solve by methods of a kranialny osteopathy and classical homeopathy.