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How to make the man ideal?

Millions of women, look for the answer to this question. And answer here, absolutely nearby... Just ourselves not always know how the ideal man has to look. For a start ourselves have to understand ourselves, define accurately that it is necessary to us and as it has to look.

And here, that day when came, I understood myself, reconsidered the outlooks on life, on the husband, on children. And here a problem, it not how not to become ideal. He continues to scatter the socks again, anywhere, does not wash for itself(himself) the dishes, constantly howls on me and on my small children, does not want to meet my mother and just does not digest my friends. And here from that day, I begin to understand and I need it and whether all this hassle is necessary to me....

One fine day, having woken up early in the morning, I understand that as it is heavy to me not - was, I am simply obliged to get rid of this person, once and for all. From it all the same you will not achieve an ideal but only to the minimum you will kill the and so killed nerves. And here then, each of us begins to act and goes on the most desperate acts, just we do not see other way out or we do not want to see. We collect documents and run in court, we give on part the alimony. And at that time in thoughts only one: Now, my dear, I will revenge you on - the full program, I will remember to you all shabby nerves, my tears, failures etc..

Here, from this point, the man to become ideal, still any man could not reconcile to the fact that he is thrown. Every day it is better and better to become, it has new interests, he more often does compliments and is not sorry any more to spend the last money for flowers or for expensive gift for the beloved wife. Begins to show excessive care of children, the ambassador of work hurries home and on the road itself several times will call to ask what should be bought in shop and whether his wife was tired. At last that having reached the house he surely will take an interest in your health, health of children (though when it left for work nobody was ill and he perfectly knows it), will embrace, will kiss also itself will suggest to make a dinner.

Only not clear one why so it turns out when we love the person, perfectly we treat him, all are ready to make for it, he just does not notice us, constantly offends and humiliates or quietly hates. But only it without understanding the man, the such actions we are just pushed away. After such actions we begin to reflect and whether this ideal man is necessary to us, but not to leave somewhere and just to be forgotten about everything. And here then this fear, fear to remain one stops and at this moment there is a wish to be one and about whom to think, be oneself.

The inspiration comes to this moment to us and we understand that the world did not agree a wedge on this person and around us men curl so much. Of which earlier we could only dream and as it is not strange to change them in ideal it is not necessary, they are already ideal. And they for us are ready to make all and at once. And our husbands (or ex-husbands), just now begin to understand how the world is cruel and as it was heavy to us to be measured with his behavior, only for it it to become sad and sad.

And now at us choice time comes: remade, but the ideal man or initially ideal man in everything.... And as it is pleasant that this choice remains for us WOMEN!!