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Children`s Day. From whom we protect them?

the Holiday Children`s Day is founded in November, 1949 by the solution of session of Council of the International democratic Federation of women and is celebrated annually on June 1.

If to reflect on Children`s Day, actual is the most interesting work of Lloyd Demoz “Psikhoistoriya“.

It is possible because reasonings of the author of “Psikhoistoriya“ and his analysis of historical events corresponds to reality, or, maybe, because the author described events and customs not only the dark Middle Ages, and and the our present, but “Psikhoistoriya“ made rather gloomy impression on me. With it - that freight from the childhood yes in adulthood... Here it it is possible to heap up, it is visible, and we move.

Even saying of the main character from the well-known series “Doctor House“ was remembered: “All of us are crippled by our parents“. One generation of cripples is replaced by another - and so indefinitely?

Well, continuous some hopelessness. Following logic and the analysis of the author of “Psikhoistoriya“, all wars on the earth is a consequence of the birth. At the birth of people gets such irreversible stress that it already nothing cannot be compensated or corrected in adulthood. From here and all our troubles. But as all live on the earth should be born in “torments“, in any case, even the sprout hardly makes the way in life on the Earth`s surface, prospects of development of our civilization, considering the conclusions of the author, not really joyful.

Of course, the reasons of wars of mankind slightly others, and here the fact that the last end is put in this case by collective unconscious is possible and will agree. Everyone can remember an episode from the life when the agony was artificially piled on and everyone waited and wished an outcome of events. It is thought that the same mechanisms which were created at the birth so work.

Whether it is possible that the behavior stereotype imposed in the childhood to us by our parents repeats us in our adulthood? In “Psikhoistoriya“ examples of interrelations between conditions of the childhood and methods of government of some heads of the modern states are given. Probably, something in it is! And all the known expression that the people elect such head of state whom he deserves, testifies to mass character of the phenomenon. But, if the mankind begins to guess it, not everything means it is lost. Means, unconscious it begins to be realized. Means, the person is capable to change. A question only in whether all realize and all are ready or want to change?

What miracle there is a shift of a human paradigm? Each individual? What has to occur in human lives and mankind and to be postponed in genetic structure what it would begin to treat the life and life of the children consciously?

Lloyd Demoz wrote the vision to history of evolution of the childhood in 70 - e years of the twentieth century. The author - our contemporary (Lloyd Demoz is born in 1931, the American social philosopher), and his messages can be found in communities on Google. In its book events and certificates of recent time are considered. Cruelty and wildness concerning the childhood impresses. But it cannot be advertized unless on June 1 - in Children`s Day.

The mankind does not like to wash the moral dirty linen in public. But, seemingly, that Lloyd Demoz is not unfounded. The reasons of so barbarous relation to own future to me are unclear. Whether it means that the instinct of self-preservation and rivalry is stronger than a reproduction instinct?

There is an opinion of men of science that the culture is defined by a mankind gene pool: “The nature and culture are two madly difficult control systems of information. Both submit to the same law: to the law of natural selection“. What is represented thus by our culture concerning the childhood? The author of “Psikhoistoriya“ tried to take up this question.

It is thought that emergence of a large number of children - indigo - a merit of the adults who managed to change themselves and the relation to the childhood contrary to everything otherwise indigo just would not survive. And initially all of us - indigo.

At all the relative carelessness the childhood - a responsible time in life of each person. In it we receive the most part of skills which we use in adulthood. The greatest opportunity to be trained in something to the person gives the childhood.

Probably, it is really difficult to little men to survive in this world. But not to become similar to adults and to go the own way - even more difficult. Difficult, but quite feasible task faces adults - to periodically remember that all of us it is from the childhood and to seek to make in every way this period of life joyful and happy. He defines the future of a civilization.