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How to increase overall performance of employees

Effective work pleases not only the chief, it increases quality of life of the employee. To each person the feeling of satisfaction of not in vain lived day is important. If you perform work which is pleasant to you, is interesting, it affects overall performance.

In the 20th century ability to accurately carry out objectives was criterion of efficiency. On it the system of training was built - you study 5 years, deeply study a subject and then put the knowledge into practice. And now it also remains dream of many chiefs - the employee who is carrying out the duties. However recently, in force constantly changing external conditions, technologies, crisis and t. d, such model is suitable for business development less. It is more and more HR - managers begin to be watched not only at knowledge, but also at ability of the person to training. The employee has to be not only effective, but also initiative, motivated, clever, capable to introduce the logic in the solution of objectives.

What allows to reach motivation in work? Certainly, interest in business, work in which you are engaged. However, for realization interest important criterion is emotional safety of space at work - the friendly atmosphere, acceptance of an initiative of employees. Abraham Maslou in the work “Samoaktualization of the personality“ described the principles of emergence of interest in the child. In a case when nearby there is mother, and mother at children`s age is a guarantee of safety, at the child interest spontaneously wakes up, and he is ready to investigate world around. If to the child it is unsafe, he will not begin to play excitedly, it will not appear in the safe place yet. Certainly, at adults, this communication from safety becomes dull, and often just is not realized. But it is not casual, more than 33% of the respondents interrogated by us, on a question - “What promotes effective work?“ the main criterion called “friendly atmosphere in collective“.

The following on a mention in poll, but even the quality, big on the importance, influencing efficiency is self-organization. About 25% of respondents put this quality on the first place. As if you were not motivated to receive big payment, or to hold a high position, without the organization of the efforts it is difficult to promote somewhere. And here too on the first place there is a motivation and ability to overcome internal resistance. Self-organization is connected with active living position, with understanding of work as important part of own life. From as far as you connect the work with the vital purposes, there is so much you and you will put in improvement of at work.

The following level of effective work means management of the of time and planning. And here everything depends on your warehouse of character - parts of applicants an opportunity to plan the time and the tasks (19%), and parts - to receive accurate recommendations and tasks from the administration is important (19% too). Both in that and in that case effective work means effective planning - you can independently do it or by means of the head.

Effective work consists of many factors, and their set can be individual. All people different and motivation can serve the most unexpected things, but it is worth looking for that work where these factors will be most considered, and then work will be argued and bring satisfaction.