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Our younger friends of

Each person knows that under the name “our younger friends“ I mean animals.

Since the childhood, the child loves them, respects. All know that “if near children there lives an animal - obviously, children will become kinder“.

could not be hidden - many years I dreamed of these of charming creations. but everything depended odes of a surrounding situation. sometimes week “loved“ hamsters, then the whole year chased popugaychik. (by the way, so far this only animal in my house).

when we go to shop, we reflect: “And whether I will cope?“ you will cope, expensive!

but... It is possible to want, but not to love - or on the contrary, to adore, but not to wish. what for strangeness human?

one million people keep houses of dogs in the world. the last as nobody understand the person, support. we have a work, friends, the family - at dogs is only mi.

mi have to look behind the nature and its children.

gold words:“ if the dog begins to speak, then mi we will lose the last. (...) “

mi we can sit for hours in front of the monitor, we will stop looking for information on younger brothers - but then mi all this.

having come into shop, we notice a puppy which watches at us with hope that it will be taken at last in kind hand, will look after him also other.

and that? mi without the slightest pity we are developed, without ironing on small creation. mi left it to unfamiliar and cruel men, same as mi.

main for the person - it will learn to understand and love. as our own mother, the earth, a family loves us. to us it is good

, and an animal - it is bad. mi we have fun, riding cheerful attractions. while the little puppy or still someone sits in the dark room.

but is people who are able to address animals, as to itself. and I very much hope that this article is read by such.

if was not pleasant to you what I wrote, excuse. I wrote it with love. also it is a pity if someone had same cold heart.

you treat an animal, as friends. it - too creation of our Earth. all equal, brothers and sisters.

think - there are things which our favourites do - after all better. parrots - see all country from height of the flight, and an evening enjoy already sleeping sun, and at night - cold, but some romantic moon. nobody is able to pomurlykat

so as a cat that sleeps at you on a lap.

the good dog knows you not as strict trainer and as the loving owner and it is ready to make for you everything. remember

how you, having brought home now the dear friend, tenderly looked in his blue eyes. as worried when saw that to it it is bad. as rejoiced when he put out pink tongue and even with some coquetry looked at you.

but you knew that all this can will come to an end without your efforts and obstinacy. and you did everything that could. with what pleasure you buy

an animal in the manufacturer! now it completely belongs to you. but so only you think. the dog cannot belong to someone to it, you have it, at your family and at the mother. and you, for certain, never reflected - and how his parents? whether they miss it? whether remember it? but at once you drive these thoughts away and further you play with a puppy.

and my last word: buying by itself the favourite whether do not wonder“ and worthy he me?“. ask only: whether“ and worthy I am it?“