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How to choose wedding rings? Five councils of

Before beginning our conversation, I would like to tell several words about the one to whom this article is addressed. It is addressed, of course, future newly married. But first of all - to grooms because, on traditions, wedding rings future spouse buys. But - about everything one after another.

So, allow to congratulate you: you met the person with whom you decided to cast in the lot! You are happy and do not represent the life the friend without friend. Business goes to a wedding. It is a high time to choose wedding rings. By the way, a little bit about the term.

Historically, wedding and wedding rings corresponded to different concepts. Exchanged wedding rings at engagement, and wedding - at a marriage. But eventually the difference between these concepts was erased, and now they, actually, designate same.

To what it is necessary to pay attention at the choice of wedding rings?

1. The design of rings

Purchase of a wedding ring is a purchase once and for the rest of life. You will carry this ring and in 10 years, and through 20. Therefore - it is elementary: the ring has to be pleasant to you. Think, consult to the bride: from what metal she wishes to have a ring? From white or from yellow gold? Or perhaps at all not from gold? Now some young couples get wedding rings from other metals, for example, from platinum or from the titan. Also the design of rings can be various - classical or decorated, flat or rounded in a form, with one or several jewels, or absolutely without stones. And still: it is not obligatory at all that the groom and the bride had identical rings.

2. The price of rings

Yes, of course, such happy and unique minutes does not want to remember about terrestrial and low at all, however... If you have no the multimillion bank account, then your budget can just not sustain very expensive purchase. It is worth talking tactfully to the bride about the sum which you are ready to spend for a ring for it. It does not matter, if it is not too expensive - eventually, the power of love is measured not in the rubles or dollars spent for a gift!

3. The ring has to be convenient

I Will repeat once again that you buy a wedding ring once and for the rest of life. It is not a knickknack which it is possible to wear few weeks and to throw out! Try on a ring, you resemble with it several minutes, feel whether conveniently it sits on a finger? Besides, think of that it did not create to you inconveniences in everyday life. If for example, you work hard as hands, then the massive ring will disturb with a stone for certain you in work. It is better to get a ring more simply. Perhaps, you have an allergy to gold or some of its alloys? Then it is necessary to buy a ring from platinum - the allergy to it almost does not happen.

4. Quality of rings

Buying by

rings, you have to be sure that sold you qualitative goods. Therefore it is impossible to buy wedding rings privately at all. In - the first, you can be deceived easily, having sold a cheap fake instead of precious metal. In - the second, it is possible to transfer wedding rings to only by inheritance - from parents to children. To carry a wedding ring from others hands it is considered a bad sign. Buying a ring, it is necessary to examine its internal surface attentively. There the markings designating test (percent of precious metal in an alloy of which the ring is made), type of metal and brand of the producer have to be surely put down.

5. And the last moment - an engraving


to give to wedding rings the special sense clear only to newly married, it is possible to put on their external or inside an inscription - an engraving. What is written on rings? As a rule, something that has special value for future spouses; something that at only one view of an inscription will revive the best and bright memoirs. Perhaps, it is an oath in love and fidelity or a line from some song, or, at last, just names of the groom and bride. But it is necessary to consider that the engraving can be applied not on any metal. Best of all for this purpose platinum or gold 585 of test approach. And still. An engraving - process quite long. So if you want to make the wedding rings one and only, then it is necessary to take care of it beforehand.

And most important. Remember that not the ring decorates the person, and the person - a ring. Happiness to you and long years of joint life!