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How it is correct to choose a parrot?

you decided to get houses of a parrot. What to begin with? I think that here hackneyed phrases, that purchase of any pet in general and a parrot in particular - a step serious, much more serious, than, for example, purchase of fashionable shoes or the new TV are excessive. It and is so clear.

In the house the new living being, almost new family member appears. And, as any living being, the parrot will demand due leaving, the corresponding food, at last (can be, the most important!) just good, kind attitude.

So, first of all, it is worth thinking well: whether you are ready to give all this to the pet? And suddenly, in several days or weeks to you will bother to potter with it? Then, maybe, it is better to leave this invention? And money at you, I will also scare better...

If your intentions are serious, then first of all it is necessary to decide what parrot of breed you will buy. If you have no experience of keeping of birds, then you should not get large parrots. It is the best of all to stop on one of two breeds: korella or wavy parrots. Parrots of these breeds are rather unpretentious, differ in tender, mild, sociable temper, easily get used to owners, it is simple to look after them.

Korella - parrots about 30 cm in size in length from a beak to a tail tip. Have colourful, multi-colored plumage and peculiar “cop“ on the head. A sort from Australia. Live in bondage till 15 years. Korella not too well imitate the human speech though they can quite be trained in several words or simple phrases, but they perfectly imitate various sounds, such as a call of phone, an alarm clock and so forth.

Wavy parrots have the size about 20 cm in length, most often green with yellow colors (though also popugaychik turquoise, yellow, white meet...) with dark wavy strips in a back, a neck and wings. As well as korella, come from Australia. Life expectancy till 15 years, however the wrong feeding can reduce their life more than twice (to 6 - 8 years). Wavy parrots are perfectly trained in the human speech, especially capable (as a rule, it is “volnistik“ of a green coloring) remember on some hundreds of words, learn quatrains, songs and difficult phrases!

By the way, korella and wavy popugaychik perfectly get on among themselves, especially if one of them «the boy“ and another - “girl“. Cages for their contents have to be different, but birdies can quite be let out from cages “on walk“ together in one room.

To what it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase of a parrot? In - the first - age . It is the best of all to buy a parrot (both wavy, and to a korell) at the age of no more than 5 - 6 weeks as the young bird rather easily gets used also to the new dwelling, and to the owner. In - the second, it is necessary to pay attention to appearance a parrot. It is better not to buy a bird who inertly sits on a pole with the tousled feathers and the muddy covered eyes. Such bird, most likely, is sick. Also, for certain, the parrot is unhealthy if his back pass is smeared with a dung or reddened - it can speak about an intestines inflammation. Besides, the bird has to be well-fad and full-chested - if the breast sticks out at an acute angle, then it speaks about exhaustion which, as a rule, is a consequence of any disease.

And one more moment to which it is worth paying attention: the disease “the French molt“ sometimes occurs at wavy popugaychik when at a bird feathers drop out of a tail and wings. Therefore upon purchase of a parrot pay attention to existence of all swing feathers: if they are absent, then such bird it is better not to buy as feathers at “the French molt“, as a rule, are not restored.

And finally. Both korella, and wavy parrots well breed in bondage. So if you buy not one, and at once to steam of parrots, then at the correct contents you will be able to see how your pets lay eggs, remove posterity and care for it. Progress to you!